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Digital Marketing specialist

We are currently looking for a Digital Marketing specialist that can help grow the Go CryptoWise brand across all digital channels. We are looking for someone who’s passionate about cryptocurrencies and blockchain and with a strong drive to create a better tomorrow. We are looking for the right candidate and for people in all experience levels.

Job description

The Digital Marketing Specialist’s role is to design, create, and deliver marketing efforts for Go CryptoWise.  

This may include:

  • Writing content for our blog and social media channels, also securing new ways of finding content and writers 
  • Generating new clients. A big part of your role will be focused on generating new clients, we provide a range of services; Sponsored Posts, Press Releases, ICO Post, Product Reviews, etc and we want you to help us attract and gain new clients
  • Securing new partnerships across all sectors, including media agencies, news outlets, other blogs, cryptocurrency and blockchain companies, startups and more
  • Link building, as we are a small startup your main duties will always be focused on driving traffic to our site and thus link building will be a crucial part of your everyday job.

What we want you to help us with

Help Go CryptoWise become a global force within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Find new and improve current ways of driving traffic to our website and social media channels. Create news ways of securing funding and marketing for our brand. 

We want to attract people that are not afraid to get started, wants to learn and can get things done. It’s important to get someone with the right passion for the space we engage in and wants to make it more interesting, fun and informative for all users. We want someone who can take a startup to become a household brand in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world.


We use a compensation model based on performed tasks. For example writing content you will be paid approximately $0.02 per word. For generating new clients we pay you a commission of 30% (ranging from $30 to $390) based on the service you manage to secure. We also pay you for securing new (follow) links. Important to note we don’t want any paid for or Black Hat backlinks. Meaning no backlinks bought or created via Private Blog Networks or in other shady ways. Any link created in such a way will immediately terminate our partnership. 

There is no limit to what you can earn, it all depends on the work you put in and how efficient you are in generating content, new clients, partnerships and traffic.

Contact us if you are interested and for further details and inquiries at [email protected] or use the form here below.

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