27 great examples of blockchain tech making a difference

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There are so many doubts and confusion about blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies supporting the tech. What difference can it actually make? Are there any genuine real-world examples of it being used today? And where can it make the most difference? Here we have listed 27 examples of where the tech is/has been used so far. And made a tremendous difference.

  1. My Story by VeChain and DNVGL puts wine one the blockchain. Showcasing the provenance, methods and story behind the wine (additional link)
  2. Taipei City Hall Waste Management POC, a testing POC with IOTA that will measure the fill levels of their waste bins in real-time. These IoT sensors will use the Tangle network to store the data collected by the sensors to a secure and tamperproof ledger to help collection and waste management
  3. IBM Food Trust uses blockchain technology to create visibility and accountability in the food supply. It connects growers, processors, distributors, and retailers through a permissioned, permanent and shared record of food system data.
  4. Power Ledger live in Fremantle city of Fremantle has started a trial that will allow about 40 residents to trade solar power on a blockchain-based platform provided by renewable energy-focused crypto startup Power Ledger.
  5. Medicalchain in October last year was used for the first time for medical services in London. Patients can easily buy medicine-related services using the Medicalchain native tokens, MedTokens (MTN). And doctor’s report can be recorded sooner on a digital ledger and shared with peers
  6. Verisarti is using blockchain to verify the authenticity of artworks. Together with software developer ArtSystems, they offer galleries blockchain-based certificates of authenticity that are embedded in their art inventory management systems.
  7. Rocket Lawyer has launched Rocket Wallet where legal services and contracts are created, executed and stored on the blockchain.
  8. Brave Browser which has been live for some time now has more than 5.5million monthly users. The browser rewards users for browsing and giving their attention to advertisements, giving them BAT as an incentive to view ads and content.
  9. The sub-brand of H&M Arket trialed a blockchain solution together with VeChain that gave their customers the chance to scan an ID on a beanie and find out more information about the products.
  10. Acronis blockchain solution with Ethereum. The cyber protection company Acronis has launched started to incorporate blockchain technology for data protection. They are extending its data storage and file sync & share solutions with blockchain technology to monitor data integrity and guarantee validity at all times.
  11. Saatchi & Saatchi together with Toyota use blockchain to optimise their programmatic advertising by adding blockchain technology.
  12. TE-FOOD the “farm to table” blockchain solution is today used by more than 6000+ companies and put up numbers of 400k transactions daily. All to better improve fresh food traceability, transparency and operations.
  13. WWF using blockchain to fight illegal fishing and improve food standards. “With this initiative soon shoppers can scan of tuna packaging using a smartphone app will reveal where and when the fish was caught, by which vessel and fishing method”.
  14. Taiwan hospital of Taipei Medical University uses blockchain to improve medical records. So that patients could easier access their records, and the records to be shared to other relevant parties easier.
  15. MIT uses blockchain to record diplomas. In a pilot program, 100+ graduates were the first to have their diplomas recorded onto the blockchain and available in an app which they could share to future employers, schools, family and friends, and to further secure the service MIT had the service use an online identity provider service called Touchstone.
  16. Al-Hilal and Jibrel has successfully piloted putting Shariah-compliant purchase and settlement Sukuk transaction on the blockchain.
  17. Helperbit a peer to peer fundraising service is utilising the blockchain to give the donators and others involved full transparency on what happened with their funding.
  18. Everledger has put 2.2million diamonds on the blockchain. The London based company is already shaping the diamond market. By making individual and unique diamonds available and recorded onto the blockchain to prove authenticity, origin and detail each step of the way from mining to consumer open for all parties.
  19. KodakOne is putting images right on the blockchain. The image assets, rights, license and ownership is being recorded onto Kodak’s blockchain platform. With their own cryptocurrency token being used to transfer value.
  20. 5500 PundiX crypto POS devices has been shipped around the world to enable cryptocurrency payments. The Asian startup with its light way crypto POS devices has for racked up more than 40k transactions.
  21. In 2017 Start Network a NGO piloted the use of blockchain to track and follow the delivery of humanitarian finance. With the goal of proving that it could be used to speed up the distribution of aid funding and trace exactly how it is spent.
  22. SAP works with for example Modum for a supply chain tracking system that it believes will bolster visibility and ensure the authenticity of goods such as food and drugs.
  23. Blockchain for zero hunger. WFP piloted a cash and food assistance project in the Sindh province, Pakistan, and later in refugee camps in Jordan. “Using UNHCR’s biometric identification system allows Syrian refugees to buy food from local shops using a scan of their eye, instead of cash, paper vouchers or credit cards. Their transactions are recorded on the blockchain”.
  24. Brooklyn Microgrid has developed a system called Exergy. Which is a localised energy marketplace for transacting energy across existing grid infrastructure? Where neighbors and locals can easily buy and sell energy to each other.
  25. Bitland Global is a digital registry for land ownership, using blockchain to record the current and past owners of land in African Ghana as a means to fight ownership frauds.
  26. Harvard & Levi Strauss uses blockchain to provide a look into the conditions inside their factories and workers’ health through surveys answered by the workers, built on a public health index developed by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Harvard University.
  27. Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance has succesfully completed a blockchain POC, applying the technology to support the marine cargo insurance claims process. This took place in 8 global sites (Europe: Germany and Netherlands. Americas: US and Chile. Asia: China, Taiwan, Korea, and Thailand.

Which example is your favourite? And do you know of other great examples where blockchain has been used and made a difference? Please share your thoughts and comments.

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