The 6 Best Coinbase Alternatives For Buying and Selling Crypto [2020 edition]

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If you are reading this article then you probably have a good understanding of what Coinbase is, but you want to find out if there are any similar crypto sites like Coinbase out there? (learn more about what Coinbase is here).

Or maybe are you tired of using Coinbase today? And you are looking for alternatives that are better?

I think that these 6 listed Coinbase alternatives will prove to be useful for both scenarios!

These 6 options are sites/exchanges that I use myself. I do have my favourite amongst them, but I can definitely say that all six of them are very good alternatives to Coinbase.

Finding the best Coinbase alternatives

My top 6 favourite Coinbase Alternatives

After putting the above requirements into perspective, it is time to check out several alternatives you can turn to. Below are some alternatives to Coinbase you can use.

1 ) Binance

Binance logo

  • One of the world’s most popular exchanges
  • Have one of the best selections of cryptos (BTC, LTC, XRP, ETH, etc)
  • Great trading liquidity and volume
  • Lots of payment options (card purchases, bank transfer)
  • Very safe exchange with a user reimbursement fund
  • Cheap trading fees, with additional BNB discounts
  • Reports of Binance wallets being offline for long times, delaying withdrawals
  • They have been hacked before (but reimbursed the users)
  • Their customer support has had some complaints in the past

Binance is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. They have since its launch has grown to become a crypto powerhouse. With a great selection of coins, Fiat currency on and off-ramp and a famous CEO in CZ they tick lots of crypto boxes.

So with Binance, you will have what you get from Coinbase with Fiat gateways, but plenty more cryptos to buy and sell. Which makes it a great option is to use its work on adding a lot of cryptos for trading, and how they work to create a secure crypto platform.

Binance has added a SAFU fund that is in place to repay users in the case of a hack would happen. This extra security layer makes Binance a very attractive choice on our list.

Other Features Of Binance

  • Great selection of cryptocurrencies available for trading
  • Leading crypto trading volume, making it easy to enter and exit trades at any time of the day
  • Leading crypto exchange when it comes to security, especially with their SAFU (fund)

Check Binance’s fees here

Read our guide to Binance here and detailed trading guide for Binance here

How to get started with Binance:

  1. Go to and create a new account with them by clicking on ‘Register
  2. And then fill in your email, password and any referral id (if you want to support us you can add – ‘10787692’).
  3. Verify the email that gets sent to you
  4. Enable 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) to secure your account
  5. Done, now you can use Binance as your Coinbase alternative

How to open a free account with Binance

2 ) Kraken

Kraken cryptocurrency exchange

  • The oldest Bitcoin exchange in the world
  • Cheap trading fees (0.16% maker fee and 0.26% taker fee and downwards)
  • Cheap deposit and withdrawal fees
  • Very trusted and secure
  • Decent amount of cryptocurrencies and liquidity
  • No card purchases available
  • Better now with the new website, but not as beginner-friendly as Coinbase

This is another favourite exchange of mine, and I would also say it’s one of the best Coinbase alternatives out there.

It was founded in 2011, and this San Francisco-based exchange is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges still around today. They are one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in the world in euro volume and liquidity.

The U.S exchange was one of the world’s first to have its trading volumes displayed on Bloomberg terminals, and passing a cryptographically verifiable proof-of-reserves audit.

Kraken investors include Blockchain Capital, Digital Currency Group, Hummingbird Ventures, Money Partners Group, and SBI Investment. For more information.

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell has often been speaking to the public and the crypto community about the risks of keeping their funds on exchanges. This including Kraken themselves.

Features Of Kraken

  • A good selection of cryptocurrencies (as good or better than Coinbase)
  • It has fiat gateways (bank transfers)
  • It is US based and open for US customers
  • It is very secure and trusted by a majority of traders and holders

How to get started at Kraken:

  1. Go to Kraken’s website and sign up for a new account by clicking on ‘Create an account’
  2. Then proceed to add your name, email address, date of birth and address + phone number
  3. Then verify your account by the email that got sent to you

Then you’re in. To add fiat (bank transfer) option you will need to verify your identity

Register an account with Kraken

3 ) OKEx

OKEx logo

  • Good selection of cryptos
  • Decent fees (0.100% fee & 0.150% taker fee downwards)
  • Has fiat (card purchases) + crypto
  • Fairly easy to use
  • Problems with fake trading volume
  • Reports of issues with its support
  • Not as good liquidity as Binance and others

OKEx is a popular crypto exchange and leading crypto exchange when it comes to; trading volume, a wide selection of available cryptocurrencies, and Fiat gateways.

OKEx provides crypto traders with over 100+ cryptos, margin trading, 100x leverage, Futures contracts and much more. Making it an obvious choice on this list of contenders.

Features Of OKEx

  • Ambitious cryptocurrency exchange that continuously pushes further their development and crypto offerings
  • Good trading volume and selection of cryptocurrencies
  • Fiat to crypto trading

Check OKEx fees here

To get started with OKEx:

  1. Head over to and click ‘Sign Up‘ and enter your details
  2. You get an email code sent to you that you need to enter in the sign-up process
  3. After entering the code you can proceed through, and there are some handy guides available to you – if you’re a beginner (you can proceed through if you click on the “I’m experienced” button
  4. They then have some guides for OTC trading and more – but you’re in congratulations ?

4 ) CEX

This digital exchange is based in London and has been in operation since 2013. Bitcoin and Ethereum are supported on CEX.

This exchange is operational in almost all the countries in the world, thus earning it a lot of respect and consideration from industry players. Many more countries are also keying into this digital exchange.

Other Features Of CEX

  • It supports trading in US dollars, British Pounds Sterling, Euros, etc.
  • It gives traders the opportunity to trade using an app.
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum can be bought using credit or debit cards. It also supports Visa/MasterCard.
  • They offer an all-round the clock customer service.
  • CEX possesses a 2-factor account authentication system that guarantees security and safety.

Check CEX fees here

To get started with CEX:

  1. Go to and click on ‘Register
  2. Create an account either via email, Facebook, Google, Telegram, etc
  3. Confirm your account with the email that gets sent to your account
  4. Verify your identity at CEX to get started buying and selling cryptocurrencies at CEX
  5. Done, now you can get started using CEX as an alternative to Coinbase

Register at CEX

5 ) Changelly

Changelly Crypto Exchange

  • It is very easy to use and beginner-friendly
  • Quick transfer and purchase of cryptos
  • Has both bank transfer + card purchases available
  • Good selection of cryptos
  • A bit high fees
  • Has had issues with withholding funds, and issues concerning Monero funds
  • Questionable support

Changelly is a unique and super handy crypto exchange. They make it possible for users to buy cryptocurrencies instantly with just a few clicks. Often new crypto-users can find it overwhelming to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. So what Changelly does it make it super easy for even the beginners to get into crypto.

This has become a very welcome addition to the crypto market. With Changelly fast becoming a very popular place to buy crypto at and a very good option, with similar features like Coinmama.

So overall when comparing sites to Coinbase Changelly is one that deserves your attention. It is easy to use and with a nice UI. Like others on this list, it has similar fees for instant-buying of cryptos.

Other Features Of Changelly

  • Super quick buy and sell trading
  • Changelly has more than 150+ cryptocurrencies available for instant trades
  • Easy to use widgets and interface makes it a very user-friendly crypto exchange

Check Changelly fees here

Read our review of Changelly here

To get started with Changelly:

  1. Go to and either you click on ‘Sign up’ or directly via their crypto widget you can change one cryptocurrency for another or buy / sell cryptos directly from the widget
  2. If you would go via the widget you can swap lets say BTC for ETH immediately if you held some BTC. Or you can buy crypto with a bank card from their website
  3. When buying crypto you need to provide them with your card details and ID verification

Use Changelly as a Coinbase alternative

6 ) KuCoin

KuCoin logo

  • Very good selection of cryptos
  • Very good trading fees (even negative fees = a rebate is available for high volume traders)
  • Fairly easy to use and trading interface
  • Lots of useful features, soft staking, KCS, etc
  • Decent trading volumes
  • Have had issues with the customer support
  • Missing options for downloading trade history files
  • A bit confusing with the two types of wallets (trading and main wallet)

KuCoin is a new and very popular crypto exchange. KuCoin have grown to become a popular altcoin exchange. That means they are listing a lot of new altcoins (coins that are not Bitcoin and Ether). And they have also added these new altcoins very early.

Besides their great selection of coins, KuCoin is a very easy to use exchange with some additional interesting features to it. With their KCS token providing holders with a revenue share model and their newly launched soft staking features.

Other Features Of KuCoin

  • Revenue share model with their KCS providing users with a greater incentive to use the KuCoin exchange
  • Soft staking making it possible to stake your cryptocurrencies and earn rewards super easily from their exchange
  • Great selection of coins, especially their wide selection of altcoins

Check KuCoin fees here

How to get started with KuCoin:

  1. First you head over to and click on ‘Sign up
  2. Choose either your email or phone to be used to verify your account
  3. After you have verified your account we suggest you enable 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) to secure your account
  4. Now your are done and ready to use KuCoin for trading cryptos

Sign up at KuCoin

About Coinbase

Since the launch of Coinbase back in 2012, when founded by Brian Armstrong and Fred Erhsam Coinbase have grown to become one of the biggest platforms for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Statistics show that Coinbase has served over 10 million users and facilitated the buying and selling of over 50 billion dollars’ worth of digital currency.

With that huge interest in Coinbase it brings two things:

  1. People that love Coinbase and want to find equally as good alternatives
  2. People that have grown tired of Coinbase and want to find better options (perhaps for their track record of going down during key moments)

No matter which side you stand on I think this list of popular alternatives to Coinbase could provide you with something new and useful.


Coinbase photo - in this article uncovering new Coinbase alternatives

How to find a good Coinbase alternative

When I was researching the best Coinbase alternatives on the market I wanted to include a few key things that Coinbase does well. As I think these core aspects of Coinbase is what attracts so many users to it:

  1. Easy to use – buying, selling and navigating should be easy for beginners and experts alike
  2. Lots of payment options. Buying with a bank card, bank transfer or other payment methods is of importance
  3. A very secure platform. As always a key reason for all our recommended crypto trading platforms is that they should be very secure. This is extremely important to us, as it should be to you.

With those three key elements in mind, I went out to research the alternatives to Coinbase on the market. And these are the 6 top recommend alternatives to Coinbase that I found.

I will give you a summary of each trading platform/exchange and a recommendation on why you should look into it.

crypto trading guy in front of computer

In Conclusion – which is the best Coinbase alternatives

I hope that this guide on some of the best Coinbase alternatives helped you find some good options.

How do you pick the best option for Coinbase?

  • I would say if it’s ease of use go for Binance
  • If it’s for new exciting altcoin go for KuCoin
  • If it’s for buying cryptos with a card fast, Changelly or Coinmama

Using more than one exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrencies is always recommended. This way if one exchange went down temporarily or permanently you had options.

Another reason for using more than one exchange is that they often are great at different things.

Some are good for their lower trading fees. Others are great for their wide selection of cryptocurrencies. And others are popular for being platforms with perhaps staking or lending options.

If you want to find more crypto exchanges in the world I recommend you read this article on the best cryptocurrency exchanges to use right now.

Coinbase isn’t the only intermediary that facilitates trading in digital currencies. Ensure you go for these Coinbase alternatives I’ve outlined for you and do not be left out in a rush to embrace digital currency trading.

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