13 best Bitcoin Cash wallets for safely storing BCH in 2020

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Bitcoin Cash is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies but also one of the most debated ones.

It is a fork of Bitcoin that was created back in 2017 after a long debate within the Bitcoin community about where the future development of the innovative technology should head to.

As a result of the difference of opinions and the power of open-source decentralised technology, Bitcoin Cash was born.

Fast forward to 2020 and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the fourth biggest cryptocurrency in the world in terms of market cap by using Coinmarketcap.

So the conclusion is that Bitcoin Cash is one of the most used and popular cryptocurrencies. So when it comes to buying and storing BCH I will do my best to share our findings of what are the current best Bitcoin Cash wallets in 2020.

In order to help you navigate the different available BCH wallet options, I have created this top list of 13 of the best BCH wallets. And I have created this list with the idea of adding a few different types of BCH wallets:

  • Hardware wallets
  • Mobile wallets
  • Web wallets

Other very important aspect of choosing the right Bitcoin Cash wallet is:

  1. How easy is the wallet to use
  2. How safe and secure the wallet is for protecting my BCH
  3. How compatible is the wallet with devices, operating systems, etc
  4. Is it a BCH only wallet

The 13 best Bitcoin Cash wallets are:

  1. The Ledger Nano S (hardware wallet)
  2. The Ledger Nano X (hardware wallet)
  3. Trezor One (hardware wallet)
  4. Trezor Model T (hardware wallet)
  5. Edge (mobile wallet – open-source)
  6. Electron Cash (desktop wallet – open-source)
  7. Neutrino (Mobile wallet – Android only – open-source)
  8. Bitcoin.com (mobile + desktop wallet)
  9. Atomic wallet (mobile + desktop wallet)
  10. Jaxx (mobile wallet)
  11. Freewallet (Mobile + web wallet)
  12. BTC.com (Mobile + web wallet)
  13. Exodus (Mobile + desktop wallet)

1 ) The Ledger Nano S (hardware wallet)

Ledger Nano S leading Crypto Hardware Wallets

To start off this list of top BCH wallets I have one of the most popular hardware wallets the Ledger Nano S. It is the first hardware wallet from the Ledger team.

And today is still does a great job of accessing your cryptocurrencies safely on the blockchain.

Hardware wallets are often considered the most reliable and secure crypto-wallets. As they can access your cryptocurrencies on the blockchain safely without ever having your private keys leave the device.

You can access many of the most popular coins and tokens on the Ledger Nano S. And of course, Bitcoin Cash is one of them.

To use the wallet you can download the Ledger Live application. It is an app available for both mobile and desktop which you can use to interact with your BCH-

2 ) The Ledger Nano X (hardware wallet)

Ledger Nano X

The other popular hardware wallet from the Ledger team is their new version, called Ledger Nano X.

The Nano X is an upgrade to the S version. And it comes with additional storage space and Bluetooth enabled. This means you can store more applications on your device and access it with your mobile device.

For both the Ledger Nano S and X you can manage your cryptocurrency wallet using the Ledger Live application.

It is a nice user-friendly application in which you can handle everything you need. Such as viewing your portfolio balance (checking value in USD, EUR, etc), and of course, sending and receiving cryptos.

3 ) Trezor One (hardware wallet – open-source hardware)

Trezor One

The third hardware wallet is Trezor One. It is the original crypto hardware wallet from the Trezor team. But also the first-ever hardware wallet. So in many ways a pioneer.

The team behind the Trezor devices is called Satoshi Labs and they have a long history in the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin space. With team-members mining Bitcoin back in 2010.

So obviously these guys know the crypto space fairly well. And with the Trezor One, they have created a device that still does a great job today for protecting your cryptocurrencies.

The devices are both running on open-source software. Giving the advanced user a chance to modify their devices to their needs. But for the most common users that are not wanted or necessary.

To access your Trezor One you can use the web browser interface called Trezor Wallet. Here you can first set up your device and then use it to send, receive cryptos and check your balance value.

  • Learn more about Trezor One here
  • Buy yourself a Trezor One here
  • And access the Trezor Wallet here

4 ) Trezor Model T (hardware wallet – open-source hardware)

Trezor Model T

And the second and latest version of the Trezor hardware wallets from the SatoshiLabs team is the Model T.

It looks similar to the One, but it comes with a lot of new upgrades.

Such as an SD-card slot, a touchscreen so you now don’t have to use the two buttons as one the One. In this way, no information about is entered on the device from you when interacting with it. O

Other than that the two devices are like the Ledgers fairly similar and both do a good job for protecting your cryptos!

With the Model T, your private keys are only entered on your device, which for some adds another security layer. As with the One, they are entered securely using the web interface.

  • Learn more about Trezor Model T here
  • Buy yourself a Trezor Model T here
  • And access the Trezor Wallet here

5 ) Edge (mobile wallet – open-source)

The Edge app for BCH is another popular option. The Edge wallet is slick and comes packed with a lot of useful features.

And the wallet is open-source, so the code is available for anyone to inspect and build on if they like. The Edge app is also non-custodial so you are in control of your private keys.

The Edge app has multi-currency support, combined with features such as exchange-swap and in-app trading built-in.

Another interesting aspect with the Edge wallet is that they employ a zero-knowledge security architecture for all your personal information. Meaning none of it is stored when you create your own BCH wallet.

The Edge app is available on mobile for both iOS and Android.

  • You can download the Edge wallets for BCH here

6 ) Electron Cash (desktop wallet – open-source)

Electron Cash desktop Bitcoin Cash wallet

Electron Cash is one of the most famous open-source wallets for Bitcoin Cash. If you are experienced crypto users then you might recognise the name and logo.

Which draws inspiration to the Electrum wallet, and the Electron Cash is a forked version of the previous Electrum wallet.

And it comes packed with a lot of useful security features that made it so popular. Such as cold storage environment, multi-signature, offline-watching and easy export of your private keys.

The Electron Cash is an SPV wallet. Which stands for Simplified Payment Verification. And it is a technology that enables users to download a ‘light-weight’ version of the blockchain.

That means their version doesn’t do a full check but allows you to only validate your own transactions by comparing chain records for new blocks. An SPV connects to other nodes to make sure that the blocks are correct.

  • Download the Electron Cash as your BCH wallet here

7 ) Neutrino (Mobile wallet – Android only – open-source)

Neutrino BCH wallet is a mobile wallet, Android only

The Neutrino app is a light-weight Android app for BCH. The Neutrino wallet is created by some BCHD developers (https://bchd.cash/), with a clear goal in mind of creating the most advanced, private and fast BCH wallet on the market.

The Neutrino wallet comes with a range of interesting privacy features. To help you secure your own data and keep your transactions with the wallet hidden from the rest of the world.

With the Neutrino wallet, you never download a full version of the blockchain but only a light-weight version that is connected to a server with the full version.

The Neutrino wallet has secured the waller further than other SPV wallets by being able to use any of the Neutrino-enabled nodes on the BCH network as their used server.

  • Download the Neutrino wallet as your main BCH wallet here

8 ) Bitcoin.com (mobile + desktop wallet)

Bitcoin.com, mobile and desktop BCH wallet

The Bitcoin.com wallet is one of the most popular BCH wallets in the community.

This has a lot to do with the wallet itself of course, but also the fact that Bitcoin.com is closely tied and affiliated with the BCH project and vision.

With Roger Ver in the lead, it is a pro-BCH team that stands behind these popular crypto wallets. The wallets are available for desktop and mobile.

Bitcoin.com with Roger Ver and the team is one of the most influential players in the BCH space. With the website, media, wallets and one of the biggest BCH mining pools they are controlling big parts of the Bitcoin Cash scene today.

  • You can download the Bitcoin.com wallets here

9 ) Atomic wallet (mobile + desktop wallet)

The Atomic wallet is a mobile and desktop application that you can use for free and it is fully compatible with Bitcoin Cash.

The Atomic wallet is a multi-currency wallet in which you can securely access BCH but most other popular cryptocurrencies.

You can use the Atomic wallet from both your computer (Mac and Windows, and Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora) to your mobile device, with apps available for both iOS and Android.

With the Atomic wallet, you can have one of the best Bitcoin Cash wallets to use for transactions, but also checking balance and even buying cryptocurrencies straight from the wallet application interface.

Atomic wallet is partly open-sourced, learn more about what parts are open here.

  • Download the Atomic wallet for BCH here

10 ) Jaxx Liberty (mobile wallet)

Jaxx Liberty wallet for BCH

The Jaxx Liberty wallet is another good option for storing your BCH safely on the blockchain and having them handy with you on a mobile device or your desktop.

You can use it for BCH but 90+ other cryptocurrencies too.

The Jaxx Liberty comes with everything expected to handle a modern crypto wallet. With a nice UI and third-party apps like Changelly and ShapeShift built-in.

So that you can buy more BCH if needed (or other cryptocurrencies too).

Jaxx Liberty wallet is not open-sourced but code available for review.

  • Download Jaxx Liberty here

11 ) Freewallet (Mobile + web wallet)

Freewallet popular BCH wallet application

Another popular option amongst crypto users is the Freewallet app. It can be used for Bitcoin Cash but many other popular cryptocurrencies. It is available as a web wallet and mobile application. It is a custodial wallet provider.

With the Freewallet application, you get anything you want from a good mobile app.

And also a good range of security features. With added 2FA, pin-code, fingerprint support, multi-signature confirmations, withdrawal limits and coins that are held in cold storage

So that means your private keys are stored on a central server. Which adds the benefit of you being able to restore your account in the case of lost private keys.

But the downside is that you don’t own your private keys. Which comes with additional risks.

So it is important that you realise the distinction and difference between custodial and non-custodial wallet providers.

  • Download the Freewallet for free here

12 ) BTC.com (Mobile + web wallet)

BTC.com as a BCH wallet

Another option you could go for using as your BCH wallet is BTC.com. It is a web wallet and mobile app (iOS + Android).

It is non-custodial so you have access to your own private keys to your BCH wallet.

The BTC.com website and wallet is from the Bitminer team. The ones who are behind most of the famous mining products for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. And the biggest mining pools in the world.

So as long as you know that and are comfortable with that you can definitely use the BTC.com as another option for a good Bitcoin Cash wallet.

  • Download or create/access your BCH wallet with BTC.com here

13 ) Exodus (Mobile + desktop wallet)

Use the Exodus wallet application as your main BCH wallet

And lastly, on this list, I have included Exodus. Which is another a non-custodial (you own your keys) wallet. Similar to Jaxx Liberty and Atomic wallet.

It is also a multi-currency wallet, so you can use it as your main wallet application for most of your cryptos probably.

It supports more than 100+ cryptocurrencies today. So a good chance most of your cryptos are supported.

You can use either the desktop app or mobile app. But either of those two is integrated with the Trezor devices for easily accessing your cryptos using the nice user-friendly interface of Exodus but from the safe place of a hardware wallet.

So last on the list but definitely not least, Exodus is a safe and modern wallet application that got everything you need as it surely is one of the best Bitcoin Cash wallets out there.

Exodus is not open-sourced (find out more here about their response regarding this question).

Best Bitcoin Cash wallets

Where can you buy Bitcoin Cash?

As BCH is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies around today, it means that it is more commonly available on different cryptocurrency exchanges and broker sites.

FAQ on Bitcoin Cash wallets

Which Bitcoin Cash wallet should I choose?

You should choose a wallet that you like and fits your needs.

  • Do you need to access your BCH often? Then maybe a mobile application wallet is your choice. If that’s not necessary then maybe a good reliable hardware wallet is the best choice for you.
  • I myself am a hardware wallet kind of user. As I don’t trade or buy many things with my cryptos so they can sit safely on the blockchain with minimal access. So that I expose them to fewer risks.
  • Maybe you are a hard-core supporter of truly decentralised projects and open-source wallets? Then there are few good options on this list for you (Electron Cash, Neutrino and Edge).
  • And do you plan to use the same wallet for all your coins or is that not a big thing?

Is one BCH wallet safer than the others?

Good question. One thing that is easily comparable which is if you own your private keys or not.

The private keys are the most important thing you will ever need. With it, you can access your BCH or other cryptos from any device or wallet interface supporting it. Remember your cryptocurrencies are stored on the blockchain and not devices themselves.

And if you don’t own your private keys then you risk losing control of your wallet in the case of a hack or perhaps a dispute between you and the wallet provider. This could happen with custodial wallet providers like exchanges.

So I recommend that you never leave your cryptocurrencies on an exchange for too long. There are far too many risks for that being a good idea.

  • Learn more about how you can protect your cryptos here

Bitcoin Cash wallet phone

Does Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin use the same addresses?

To alleviate confusion between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin the BCH developers created a solution called CashAddr, which changes the format of the BCH addresses. So that it becomes more easily identifiable for BTC and BCH users.

The CashAddr function adds a pre-fix to the addresses so each BCH address starts like this “bitcoincash:” followed by a long string of numbers and letters.

But the CashAddr function only adds this format to a Bitcoin Cash address. It doesn’t change the public or private keys and each address has its legacy format which still works as usual.

  • A CashAddr BCH address could look like this: bitcoincash:pp8skudq3x5hzw8ew7vzsw8tn4k8wxsqsv0lt0mf4u (don’t send BCH to this address)
  • And the legacy BCH address would be for that same CashAddr address: 38ty1qB68gHsiyZ8k3RPeCJ1wYQPrUCPPp (don’t send BCH to this address)

You can use either of these block explorers to track all BCH wallets and transactions:

Are Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash the same?

Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin

No these are two separate and different cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Cash was created during the hard fork of Bitcoin back in 2017. From that event, one became two. And the new one was named Bitcoin Cash.

They are in many ways similar of course but they have different teams, developers, users and opinions for a lot of things. So in some regards, they are very different from each other.

And then we have the technical aspects where Bitcoin Cash, for example, have bigger blocks compared to Bitcoin (BCH’s of 8 MB compared to BTC’s of around 1 MB)


I hope that this guide to the best Bitcoin Cash wallets was helpful. I have covered a range of different types of wallets in this guide. For example:

  • Hardware wallets vs web wallets vs desktop wallets vs mobile wallets
  • Non-custodial vs custodial wallets

So that you can make the decision for yourself which suits your needs the most.

If you are unsure about anything when it comes to Bitcoin Cash wallets or these ones I have listed in this article then feel free to reach out. You can either leave a comment below or get in touch with us via this page.

I am always happy to help!

If you liked this article then make sure you share it!

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