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Everyone in the world is looking into different ways of how they could earn some extra money. I mean who would say no to that?

And also what if you could combine that with one of your biggest interest? Then that would be a perfect combination for most us. I know I would be interested in that. So what am I talking about? Namely Bitcoin faucets.

A way for you to engage in fun ways to earn some extra BTC. These faucets works a bit differently depending on the site that runs them. But most of them are super easy to use and a fun way of earning extra BTC for free!

So I though I’d spend some time to share my list of the best Bitcoin faucets to use in 2020!

What are Bitcoin faucets?

It is impossible for a person who has even a little bit of know-how about cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrency, in general, to not be familiar with the term Bitcoin.

It is the most popular digital currency around the world and even those not associated with cryptocurrencies, blockchain, or tech will probably have heard about Bitcoin at some point.

Bitcoin has come a long way from the initial launch back in 2009 to now being one of most touted alternative investments in 2020.

Trading with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, or Litecoin can be a daunting method for newbies and not all new cryptocurrency enthusiasts want to invest their savings in Bitcoin right away.

This is where faucets swoop in.

A faucet is a website that offers a free method of accumulating Bitcoins.

These methods are different tasks that the user must complete on those websites. Just like a regular faucet drips some water if its knob is a little bit loose, in a similar way a Bitcoin faucet drips small amounts of bitcoins over a set period.

All Bitcoin faucets vary in the number of bitcoins they drip, and each has its own intervals of distribution, however, usually, they range from hundreds to thousands of satoshis. One satoshi is equal to a hundred-millionth of a Bitcoin.

Table of Satoshi to BTC conversion

Currently, 0.00000100 BTC is worth $0.0091. It is not a huge amount, but if we keep visiting the faucet frequently, we will eventually have a good amount of Bitcoins to play with.

We will get into this in a while that why these faucets give away bitcoins for free.

How do Bitcoin faucets work?

There are a few different common models in the Bitcoin faucet world. And I will explain the most popular ones and how they work here below.

Ad-based faucets

Online ads

The more traffic the website attracts, the more money they make. An even better scenario is if the visitors spend some time on the website and click on some ads.

A good example of such faucets is the Moon faucet.

The revenue that they get from advertisements is much more than the we receive in the form of satoshis. In the earlier days of Bitcoin, faucets used to give away as many as 5 bitcoins.

In order to increase the number of visitors on their websites, many faucets have referral programs in place where bitcoins are earned for referrals.

These bitcoins can then be used to get extra rewards.

Many of these webpages are designed in such a way so that it is hard to tell where a user is supposed to click to make a claim.

Many faucet websites also offer gambling and lottery games which can be played using the cryptocurrency which they just claimed. By doing this, the majority of the times the user is returning a small amount of the crypto back to the website. 

An example is freebitcoin.

Mining Faucets

Mining Bitcoin faucets

Some bitcoin faucets that along with the above mechanism also use a user’s CPU for the purpose of mining.

The amount of electricity that is consumed by the computer during mining is way more than the number of bitcoins received by the faucet.

The 15 Best Bitcoin faucets in 2020

We will now discuss some of the best Bitcoin faucets to look for in 2020.

Bitcoin faucet list

1 ) Cointiply

Cointiply is currently amongst the leading bitcoin faucets, due to its huge payouts and a good array of tasks one can carry out to earn satoshis. 

The faucet has paid its members over $450,000 since its formation. But what we believe sets it aside from most of its competitors is its highly innate dashboard and friendly user interface.

To get started we need to sign up and then login. A 1% bonus is given for each day a claim is made. The site’s faucet allows you to claim an average of 200 Satoshis per hour.

Once a minimum of 35,000 satoshis is accumulated, we can withdraw our earnings to our cryptocurrency wallet. 

Cointiply a faucet service for Bitcoin

Other than the facet, users can earn Bitcoins by more than 20 ways; playing browser games, get paid by clicking ads, watching videos and doing surveys etc.

The site also contains a coin multiplier for those who further want to test their luck. Once we have more than 100,000 satoshis, they can be directly transferred to our Bitcoin wallet.

Cointiply how it works

2 ) Bitcoin Aliens

Bitcoin Aliens has one of the very best paying averages within the industry, averaging a payout of roughly 9,000 satoshis every five minutes.

Currently, approximately 2.5 million users are registered on the website. It also claims to have given away 1090 Bitcoins after its launch in 2014.

Bitcoin Aliens also provides ease of access as we can simply download 5 different faucet apps that it provides on our smartphone, play them on the go and earn bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in the process.

Bitcoin Aliens a faucet service for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash
Free Bitcoins via Bitcoin Aliens faucet platform

3 ) BonusBitcoin

BonusBitcoin is one of the oldest faucet websites on this list.  It asserts of currently being the highest paying faucet i.e. a possible claim of 5000 satoshis every 15 minutes by a user.

On top of that a 5% bonus is added each day to the user’s account, provided that they have made at least one faucet claim in the previous day.

A withdrawal without any fee charges can be made anytime if the current balance is minimum10,000 satoshis. It also consists of a coin multiplier and offer/surveys section to increase earnings.

Bonus Bitcoin earning free BTC via faucet platform
BonusBitcoin faucet service

4 ) Moon Bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin has a unique selling point – the user gets to decide how often or how little they claim.

Moon Bitcoin claim your faucet earnings when you want

However only two limitations are applied. Firstly, there should be a minimum 5 minutes interval between two claims per account or per IP address. Secondly, the user needs a CoinPot bitcoin wallet to claim their rewards. The claimed amount can be increased by 500% by utilizing various schemes provided by the faucet.

Moon Bitcoin faucet image

5 ) FreeBitcoin

Win Bitcoins via Free Bitcoin faucet

A relatively new faucet that lets people earn bitcoins drawing a number once every hour.

The same can also be done by playing games, betting and weekly lotteries. Presently, there are more than 37,800,300 registered users according to its website.

It allows to earn up to $200 every hour in bitcoins. 

Play Bitcoin game to earn free BTC

A bewildering amount of 200 bitcoins has been paid to users till now by this faucet. Once $1 amount of bitcoin has been reached it can be transferred directly to a user’s bitcoin wallet.

A sign up is required to start playing.

6 ) Blockchain Poker

Blockchain Poker as the name suggests, is a Texas Holdem single-table cash game without any limits. Sign up is not required thus anonymity can be preserved. New visitors are given free 100 satoshis to start playing.

The minimum withdrawal amount is however 100,000 satoshis, which is higher than many of its competitors. 

Once a player drops to 50 satoshis, the faucet can refill the amount once every 3 minutes. Either of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Satoshi Vison or Bitcoin Cash can be used to play with.

Blockchain Poker a Texas Hold'em cash game
Blockchain Poker get free BTC when starting

7 ) Satoshi Quiz

This faucet is one of my favorites as it is more captivating for me than others. One’s random trivia knowledge can be put to good use in this faucet.

It is basically a timed game that resembles “Who wants to be a millionaire”. After signing up, the player is awarded satoshis if he gets the answer to a question right.

Three types of game modes are available – faucet, roulette and solo challenge. Bitcoin payments are processed once in every week with the minimum withdrawal limit being 1100 satoshis.

Satoshi Quiz show facuet
Earn free BTC via Satoshi Quiz

8 ) Free Faucet

Free faucet allows one to earn bitcoin or any of the 17 available altcoins after signing up. So it’s not only a service to earn free BTC but also a crypto faucet to earn altcoins from!

Bitcoins can be earned by performing a variety of tasks on the website such as completing surveys, signing up on websites, joining mailing lists, and more. People can also participate in Airdrops.

Free Faucet Bitcoin and crypto faucet

9 ) TimeForBitcoin

A bitcoin faucet where one can get free satoshis every 5 minutes by entering their bitcoin address and captcha.

It doesn’t have the fanciest of websites but it is another crypto faucet platform to add to your list.

TimeForBitcoin faucet for Bitcoin

Claiming free prizes using the same IP address but different accounts is not allowed. The claim rates increase gradually from 5 minutes up to 1 day. Minimum satoshis that can be withdrawn is 20,000.

10 ) Bitcoinker

One can earn bitcoins in Bitcoinker by interacting with advertisements and solving captcha. Like TimeForBitcoin, only a bitcoin wallet address is needed.

Bitcoinker faucet service

The bitcoins earned keep accumulating into the Bitcoinker user account and upon reaching 20,000 Satoshis, they are sent directly to the bitcoin wallet address.

The faucet claims to dispense up 100,000 satoshis every 5 minutes and a maximum of 120 claims can be made in 24 hours.

Bonuses are also given on payouts depending upon the frequency of user activity.

11 ) BitFun

Gamers can opt for this faucet as bitcoins can be earned in BitFun by playing a wide variety of fun games and watching ads in between.

A claim can be made every 3 minutes after a user signs up on the website. 10,000 satoshis is the minimum withdrawal limit.

Since it is owned by CoinPot and Moon Bitcoin, hence it is reliable.

BitFun faucet site to earn free BTC

12 ) GetYourBitcoin

GetYourBitcoin’s interface and working resemble TimeForBitcoin. 3.31 satoshis can be claimed every 5 minutes by entering a Bitcoin wallet address and solving captcha.

GetYourBitcoin free Bitcoin faucets

13 ) PentaFaucet

A simple faucet like GetYourBitcoin and TimeForBitcoin where only the bitcoin wallet address is added and satoshis amount varying from 5 to 25 can be claimed every 5 minutes after solving traditional captcha.

PentaFaucet faucet to earn free BTC screenshot

14 ) DailyFreeBits

With Daily Free Bits we can claim our rewards every 1 hour and earn between 5 to1200 satoshis.

When a payout threshold of 100 satoshis is reached, Daily Free Bits makes an immediate transfer to our Bitcoin address through Only the bitcoin wallet address is needed to be entered. No sign up is required.

DailyFreeBits Satoshi giveaway

15 ) SatoshiLabs

By using this faucet, users can claim from 5 up to 15 free satoshis every 5 minutes.

Earnings can either be accumulated in FaucetHub or directly to the address of your bitcoin wallet after you sign up and reach the payout threshold of 5,000 satoshis.

Users are required to register on the website. Credits can be earned by performing simple tasks.

SatoshiLabs faucet website


Faucets serve an important role in the bitcoin ecosystem as they enable a newbie to get a taste of the cryptocurrency without spending any of their own money and without having any technical knowledge of it in the start.

Once they possess enough know-how, they can make serious decisions such as investments.

It is always recommended to move your funds eventually to a much securer and flexible wallet where multiple currencies can be deposited.

One must also not forget that we don’t have to restrict ourselves to just one faucet. In fact, multiple faucets can be opened in different tabs while you are waiting for that average 5-minute interval to be over.

If you want your earnings to be withdrawn instead of the amount withdrawn, you can opt for faucets that have minimum withdrawal limits like DailyFreeBits, Satoshi Quiz, FreeBitcoin or Moon Bitcoin.

Those who don’t mind the high withdrawal limit can wait till they have a huge amount to withdraw from their faucets like Cointiply.

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