9 of the best Coinmarketcap alternatives to use in 2020

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When it comes to checking out new cryptocurrencies, looking into which crypto exchanges trades which cryptos or checking the price of a coin or token then we often use Coinmarketcap.com.

And for all intents and purposes, it does the job fairly good I’d say when it comes to UX and ease of use.

However, there have been reports that much of the trading data on Coinmarketcap.com is widely overstated.

That’s why we wanted to spend some time and share with you all my favourite Coinmarketcap alternatives to use in 2020

In fact, this fake trading data problem is serious. And it exists across the entire crypto industry. But reports are stating that the problem might present on CMC than some of their competitors.

According to a Forbes article, the data shown on CMC is very inaccurate and overstated (learn more here from a Forbes article).

Even if the data on CMC was not better or worse than some of the other options we thought it would make sense to look into what are some of the best alternatives to Coinmarketcap?

As with trading cryptocurrencies using a few different options is always smart. So that you get less reliant on using one source/exchange/site.

My 9 top alternatives to Coinmarketcap

1 ) Coingecko

Coingecko trading information site screenshot one of the top Coinmarketcap alternatives

This is one of the most popular Coinmarketcap options and competitors out there. Coingecko has similar features as CMC, with real-time updated prices for all the coins and tokens listed on exchanges.

You can get the same type of information at Coingecko as on CMC but using different data.

It also has other useful features for crypto traders and investors such as comparing cryptos against each other, yearly reports and crypto widgets.

What makes the data from Coingecko more interesting and useful is the company’s efforts in providing us with data that is correct and trustworthy.

Coingecko has worked hard on bringing more trust to the crypto space. And they have added a Trust score to their data tables. This adds another layer on top the data that they collect. And users can make use of this to see what, if any differences there are.

2 ) CryptoCompare

CryptoCompare guides on their website screenshot

The second option on this list is CryptoCompare. And perhaps one of our favourites on the list of best alternatives to Coinmarketcap.

Similar to CMC and Coingecko it lists all the coins and tokens. Additionally, it boasts some useful resources and information about exchanges.

With open exchange data APIs, exchange reviews and guides.

CryptoCompare also has guides, a forum, crypto widgets and open APIs for other crypto and blockchain sites to make use of.

CryptoCompare provides data on 5,300+ coins and 240,000+ currency pairs.

  • Visit CryptoCompare to learn more

3 ) *Go CryptoMarket

Go CryptoMarket real-time prices and price alerts screenshot

Another interesting site is Go CryptoMarket. It has like the ones above also real-time price tables for all coins and tokens. But it also has some other useful and interesting features.

For example a price table and price comparison for the most popular cryptocurrencies.

This lets you find the cheapest prices for your favourite coins and tokens using a range of popular crypto exchanges. You can also set price alerts so that you can act quickly when a cryptocurrency, for example, drops in price.

It also lists ICOS, has some handy cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency exchange comparison tables and reviews for both coins and tokens.

It also has some crypto guides for traders and investors.

*Go CryptoMarket is our sister site, but something that we are proud of and hopefully can be seen as a worthy alternative for Coinmarketcap.

4 ) Live Coin Watch

Live Coin Watch provides real-time data for more than 2700 cryptos screenshot of first page

This is another site with a nice UI that lets you check the prices for your favourite coins and tokens in real-time. It has live prices for more than 2700 coins and data from over 170 exchanges.

So there is a lot of data there, the question is how reliable is it all?

Additionally, Live Coin Watch has like many other price widgets, news and exchange tables.

5 ) CoinCap

CoinCap price table for cryptocurrencies screenshot

These guys are a part of the Shapeshift group. And it does the main thing of providing real-time data for cryptocurrencies and exchanges. But it has a much smaller selection of both crypto assets and crypto exchanges.

CoinCap also has other features such as trading charts and open APIs for others to use and build on.

  • Visit CoinCap to learn more

6 ) Coinlib


This is another real-time price table site where the focus is on simplicity. It has a nice dark mode theme and a start page with a cleaner look than some.

It also has price widgets, comparison tables, a news aggregator that grabs crypto news from other sites, and price tools.

You can also use Coinlib to set your price targets similar to Go CryptoMarket.

7 ) Go CryptoWise

Go CryptoWise live prices for cryptocurrencies screenshot

And of course, we wanted to mention that we at Go CryptoWise also provides real-time price data for cryptocurrencies.

We offer like CMC price list and coin lookup.

You can find and use our price tables for all listed coins and tokens with the data taken from Coingecko!

Additionally, at our site, we have lots of crypto guides, other price tools, reviews of wallets and exchanges.

8 ) Nomics

Nomics price data for cryptocurrencies with added trust features screenshot

This is very much a price table site like the rest at a first look.

The first page comes packed full of price tables, price widgets, and tools. They wanted to make sure that any type of information that you might have been looking for is available right there on the same page.

For good or bad.

However, one thing that seems to set these guys apart from some of the others is they provide information about how transparent and trustworthy some of the data is.

Nomics provides information about both cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges about how transparent and trustworthy the data is. This is work that they are doing themselves.

It is not 100% clear though how their trusted data work on separating non-trustworthy data with trustworthy data. They talk a bit about their methods but they don’t give us the full information.

So I guess is up to us if we should trust their trusted data or not?

9 ) Coinpaprika

Coinpaprika price data table screenshot

Coinpaprika is another site that has price tables for cryptocurrencies, exchanges but also ICOs. And perhaps one of my favourite Coinmarketcap alternatives.

Their full name is actually Coinpaprika research platform. And as the name indicates research is a key part of their offering.

With added focus spent on finding out and presenting trustworthy data to its users.

A key problem in this industry is fake data, especially fake trading data. Lots of wash trading, bots and other issues are plaguing the crypto industry.

So it’s good to see efforts from the likes of Coinpaparika and Nomics focused on bringing accurate data to everyone. So for me, Coinpaprika is an interesting alternative to Coinmarketcap with this approach.

Otherwise, Coinpaprika also has a crypto wallet app. Which is available for iOS here


I hope that this list of popular alternatives to Coinmarketcap was useful.

Maybe you have used some of these sites before, but not all of them? We also wanted to add a few sites with some interesting differences to CMC.

So, tell me which is the best one?

Ah, yes you maybe want me to share the winner, or the best one? I have to admit that picking a favourite is hard.

But what I do like is elements from each, for example:

  • I like that Coinpaprika, Nomics, and Coingecko are working hard on providing us with data that is truthful and transparent
  • I like handy features and tools such as the comparison tables and price alerts from Go CryptoMarket and Coinlib
  • Overall my top pick might be Coingecko for the overall experience. From the UX to the work on providing trustworthy data to the full set of tools and widgets they have.

If there is anything in this guide that you are wondering about then let us know! You can leave a comment here below and we will get back to you.

And when it comes to picking a good Coinmarketcap alternative I think there are a few interesting aspects to consider:

  • How trustworthy is the data?
  • How good is the UX and how easy is the site to use?
  • Does it have other interesting features, such as compare, setting price alerts, etc?

If you enjoyed this article then please make sure you share it with others!

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