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One of the most commonly asked questions from crypto investors is, which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in now?

How can I find the next Bitcoin or Ethereum? Should I diversify and invest in several cryptos or only 1 or 2?

I wanted to give you all my top list of some of my favourite cryptocurrencies out of the 5000+ coins and tokens available.

You can take this list of top cryptos as informational guidance to some of the listed cryptocurrencies out there.

Some people love Bitcoin. Others love Ethereum, others want to buy only new altcoins. There are so many investors and cryptocurrencies flooding the market so that it becomes overwhelming to find the right crypto to buy for you.

How do I pick the right cryptocurrency to invest in?

I can’t pick the cryptocurrency to invest in for you. I can share this list of my favourite cryptos for investing.

However I can also share with you my thought-process for deciding which to invest in.

I tend to ask myself these questions, and if I can’t find a good answer for them then I either need to do more research or I just skip investing in them myself.

Maybe this could help you pick one for investing in?

  • What value is this blockchain driving?
  • Is there a genuine reason for the cryptocurrency to exist?
  • How well is this blockchain coping with the competition (from other blockchains or non-blockchain companies)?
  • Do I believe in the team behind this blockchain?

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My 8 favourite cryptocurrencies to invest in right now list (2021 edition)

Bitcoin logo

1 ) Bitcoin (BTC)

For me you can’t ignore Bitcoin. You can argue about its purpose. The fees. Lightning network or what have you.

But Bitcoin is for me a no brainer and it most definitely will be on my list of top investment picks for 2021.

Bitcoin is more than digital gold, a store of value, p2p currency. It has withstood several ‘crashes’, attacks from media, banks, governments, etc.

It’s still here. It still fills several different purposes and it is rising and stronger than ever.

Right now BTC is soaring, hotter than ever and it is of course named here on my list of top cryptos for investment.

Where to buy BTC: Binance, CoinBase, Binance US, etc

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VeChain logo

2 ) VeChain (VET)

Second out on this list is of top cryptos to invest in is VeChain’s main token VET.

Right now in VeChain is probably one of the leading, if not the leader of new blockchain startups tailor-made for enterprises that are looking to capitalise on this new emerging technology.

VeChain has realised the need for easy-onboarding and business-focused products and services.

With its unique ToolChain platform, VeChain has attracted some serious heavyweight partnerships and collaborations.

VeChain is targeting several industries with its product management blockchain. The supply chain industry often mentioned as a core sector, but the expansion and opportunities of VeChain is much wider than so.

This and the fact that they are live and kicking is making me think that VeChain and VET has some serious room for growth.

I could also add its sister token VTHO to this list. Which is the token used to pay for transactions on the VeChain blockchain.

If VET grows so does VTHO. And when transactions are ramping up the need for VTHO gets bigger and so can it reflect in the price.

Current VTHO and VET ratio is signalling a real investment opportunity for VTHO.

You can stake VET to earn VTHO for passive income, learn more here how it works.

Where to buy VET and VTHO: Binance, OceanEx

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Cardano logo

3 ) Cardano (ADA)

With its recent launch of the Shelley mainnet Cardano has shown it can go from hype and promise to delivery.

It is the first step of many though. But it has shown that now Cardano is here and should be taken seriously.

We don’t want to kill it an Ethereum-killer because that’s just a bit silly. But it most definitely is in the Ethereum-mould and a serious contender for the DApp and DeFi space.

That’s all very understandable because of the ties between Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson and Ethereum.

The non-profit organization that is responsible for Cardano actively assembles a wide variety of scientists and academics from diverse universities.

Among these universities is the University of Edinburgh, as well as the Tokyo institute of technology. They review the protocols of Cardano before they are launched to users.

Now Cardano have its PoS (Proof of Stake) algorithm in place, and Ethereum’s is in test phase still. For both of them they are just in the beginning and have lots to do before either could really be labelled a true success.

But the tech is there. It will be interesting to see how the staking pools and the decentralisation topic for Cardano develops as staking becomes much more common.

I can’t predict the future but I am personally going to keep a close eye of Cardano and I think ADA is a highly interesting crypto to invest in right now.

Where to buy ADA: Binance, Kraken, etc

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Ethereum logo

4 ) Ethereum (ETH)

As given Bitcoin is on this list of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in right now, so is Ethereum or Ether.

As in January 2018, Ethereum’s price was said to have skyrocketed a little bit closes to one thousand six hundred dollars in the course of the most powerful crypto bull market.

Also, the Ethereum market capitalization was about one hundred and thirty-eight million dollars. Additionally, Ethereum is not just a virtual coin; it is referred to as a much more developed Blockchain technology than the popular Bitcoin.

Ethereum have single-handedly created a whole universe of new altcoins and blockchain startups.

I can’t think of another blockchain that has had such an impact than Ethereum.

Ethereum debuted fairly early, and has since risen and fallen. But it still remains one of the top investment picks of all cryptocurrencies.

It is the second coin to be highly adopted right after Bitcoin, and judging from Weiss’s algorithm, Bitcoin is a bit safer to invest in than Ethereum when it comes down to the risks and even rewards ratio.

In the case of its adoption, Ethereum is the most preferred decentralized application creation platform with over seventy-two thousand, four hundreds and twenty-two individuals making use of its dApps.

Also, Ethereum is responsible for the emergence of smart contracts into the crypto-verse. Shortly, the platform will be transitioning into Ethereum 2.0 and will make use of the sharding technology to fix all of its scalability problems

Where to buy ETH: Binance, CoinBase, etc

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For some Chainlink is no ordinary altcoin. It comes with some lofty promises and ambitions. And it has one of the strongest communities with it.

Sergey Nazarov and Steve Ellis are the two people behind SmartContract.com and Chainlink.

They have set out to create the bridge between the blockchain world and the non-blockchain world.

For all its glory and potential blockchain products and services would be severely limited if they couldn’t work together with other products and services that exist outside of this bubble.

And for this to work Chainlink comes in. With its oracle product it connects the two worlds and makes them sign together harmoniously.

Unlike the others on this world Chainlinks is still in the hype and promise phase. It have several different rumoured partnerships that have been ongoing for some time. But it hasn’t launched its main products for global usage at this point.

So when investing in LINK you still invest in its promise and potential to a much higher degree than compared to VeChain or Ethereum for example.

Where to buy LINK: Binance, CoinBase, etc

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Tezos logo

6 ) Tezos (XTZ)

In the world of decentralised blockchain platforms Tezos is another highly promising one. It like Cardano have managed to go from whitepaper to working procuct.

It has been caught up in media and community attention due to its crazy big ICO where it managed to get in funds to the value of $232 million.

One of my favourite picks and crypto that I delegate and earn income from myself is Tezos and the XTZ token.

This open-source platform like many others emerge during the ICO craze, and is one of the stronger ones that have shown to go from promise to real-world usage.

Companies and organisations over the world are currently building out new decentralised products and services on the Tezos blockchain.

And with this increased investment interest in Tezos I think you ought to look into it.

It like Cardano, VeChain and soon Ethereum can be staked for passive income. Which is another factor for why I am a believer of Tezos and have named it on my investment list.

Where to buy XTZ: Binance, CoinBase, etc

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basic attention token logo

7 ) Basic Attention Token (BAT)

This is a virtual currency that has been structured to bring in newer ways of sponsorship to the web. We are all aware that the internet is most of the time based on advertisements that are paid for.

Whenever you open a website, you are sure to come across lots of ads. Differing from Ripple and Bitcoin, BAT is a virtual coin that is still trying to make a mark in the crypto-verse.

Its volatility level is above average. However, we can say that it has managed to generate some very impressive returns.

It is through the dependence on add revenues and monetization of contents via ads that makes BAT the ideal candidate for your investment. The coin’s value increased from January to April. This increase was from $0.14 to $0.44 for each coin.

Although the coin has gone through a small dip, its rise has been stated to be quite impressive. You can purchase this coin on Binance, CoinBase, and a host of other virtual top currency exchanges.

It is imperative that you note that the people behind BAT greatly envision a world of sponsorship where we all make the sole decision to support all of our best creators. This was why the BAT coin was created and merged into its BRAVE browser.

As it stands, there are more than 1.3 billion BAT coins that are in circulation. Its daily trading volume is about $108.6 million, and its current market capitalization is four hundred and sixty-six million dollars.

Though all of these numbers are smaller when compared to that of Ripple and Bitcoin, bear in mind that BAT is still on the rise and has lots of prospects.  It may as well be said to be ideal for risk-tolerant individuals and investors.

Where to buy BAT: Binance, CoinBase

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Ripple logo

8 ) Ripple (XRP)

Before we begin, bear in mind that Ripple has continuously remained a low-risk investment. And, this aids in making it a very safe place, although, it gives room to make little profits if a bull market is hanging around the corner.

Nonetheless, if you plan on maximizing all of your profits, we think that ripple is the ideal coin to invest in. The coin has established itself as being rated among the most sense able coins in the industry.

Asides from Bitcoin, ripple has greatly enjoyed all of the highly predictable price shifts. Since the digital coin experiences over eight hundred million dollars in its daily trading volume, this has made it be rated among some of the most liquid digital coins.

Additionally, the company that is behind this virtual coin is creating a huge foreign network that has lots of members running into hundreds.

Ripple has gone further to develop a technology that is capable of revolutionizing how payments are carried out. Note that, Ripple can actually be an option for the popular SWIFT system that is being used for foreign money transfers.

The company is working very hard to get some more companies to make use of their technology, and this will result in its coin’s price rising significantly. Ripple’s XRP can be bought on exchanges like CoinBase, Binance, KuCoin, and so many others.

Meanwhile, Ripple has exceeded its twelve billion market cap, and it will amaze you to know that it is very affordable to buy a distinct XRP. Most people are still adopting the coin, and it has been rated as a safe investment by Weiss ratings.

Also, it is riskier than Bitcoin. But, overall, XRP is a Cryptocurrency you will enjoy investing in.

Where to buy XRP: Binance, CoinBase, etc

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Ethereum coin

Why people are investing in new and upcoming cryptocurrencies

Maybe you are looking for undervalued cryptocurrencies, with a lot of potential for growth? The next hot ICO or IEO? No matter what, this list can hopefully help you find the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021.

I get it.

Did you follow Bitcoin’s amazing journey, from just a few cents to over $20,000 USD? That was an incredible journey and for the strong-handed few a great reward for patiently believing in this new digital gold.

Well here we are again, BTC is priced around $50-60k, who could have thought that? Not many perhaps that were burned at the previous bear market. The important thing is to understand the market dynamics. With the bear and bull cycles, and then invest in the cryptos that has the right fundamentals.

For us crypto investors we all want to find the next gem, the next Bitcoin.

But as there are more than 2000 listed cryptos on Coinmarketcap.com you, of course, have to narrow down the search to a shortlist of perhaps 10-15 cryptos.

Another very smart thing is to balance your crypto portfolio with little known gems with perhaps a greater potential, with the safer and more established coins.

trading for the best cryptos to invest in screen

To Wrap It Up

If you were confused about the ideal cryptocurrency to invest in earlier, now you at least have my thinking around this. And potentially there’s a new crypto from my list that has caught your attention.

My list is a mix of the major coins, and some altcoins with a lot of potential but also that have shown to be secure enough.

Although cryptos are still very much in their formative era, newbies to the crypto-verse can invest only their risk capital and proceed to create their portfolio of vastly traded digital coins.

These are some of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in currently. Do not miss out on it. As always do your own research, only invest what you can afford and consult an investment professional for investment guidance.

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