12 Best Ethereum Wallets for 2021 – Comprehensive Guide

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Ethereum or Ether is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world right now. After Bitcoin, it is the biggest cryptocurrency in the world when it comes to crypto market cap (learn more about market cap here).

That means it is a huge interest in Ethereum right now. And that means it is needed for beginners to experts alike to make sure they are storing their Ethereum (ETH) at a safe and reliable Ethereum wallet.

I myself own ETH and I have done my own research into where I can safely store my ETH in a secure, reliable and easy to use ETH wallet.

To help you select a good wallet for ETH I would base my decision on:

  1. Is security the most important thing? Go for a hardware wallet?
  2. Is features and UX most important? Then a new modern mobile or desktop wallet?
  3. After that most of these wallet are multicurrency wallets. So you can use them with ETH but many other cryptocurrencies too!

But I wanted for this article to do some additional research and give you all a list of the of 12 best Ethereum wallets to use for storing ETH + Ethereum tokens in 2021.


The 12 top Ethereum wallets explored

1 ) The Ledger Nano X (Hardware)

Ledger Nano X is a hardware wallet so that means it stores your Ethereum safely as a ‘cold’ wallet. That means they are not connected to the internet and therefore less exposed to risks of hacks or thefts.

The private keys for your Ledger Nano X are also not stored on the device. Which makes it all safer to use for storing your Ether.

Ledger Nano X

To use the Ledger Nano X you have the physical hardware wallet that you connect either your computer or your mobile phone and the Ledger Live (learn more about Ledger Live here) application.

From the Ledger Live application, you can access your Ethereum. Check the balance, send ETH to other people or receive new Ethers in your Ethereum wallet.

I definitely think that the Ledger Nano X is an excellent choice to use as your Ethereum wallet. It is secure, easy to use and reliable.

So putting the Ledger Nano X on this list of best Ethereum wallets is a given.

  • Learn more about storing your Litecoins on a Ledger device here
  • You can download Ledger Live app here
  • You can buy the Ledger Nano X here

2 ) The Ledger Nano S (Hardware)

One of the most well-known crypto wallet brands in the crypto space definitely has to be the Ledger Nano crypto wallets.

The Ledger Nano S was the first wallet created and it is still today one of the most commonly used hardware wallets for storing ETH.

Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet so that means it stores your Ethereum safely like the Ledger Nano X cold.

And you are in charge of keeping your private keys secure and away out of harm’s way.

Again using a reliable Ledger wallet for Ethereum is a great choice.

Ledger Nano S leading Crypto Hardware Wallets

  • Learn more about storing your Litecoins on a Ledger device here
  • You can download Ledger Live app here
  • You can buy the Ledger Nano S here

3 ) The Trezor Model T (Hardware)

The Trezor models have been around since 2014, with the One model as their primary one. And later on, this new and more premium version added to the mix. The Model T as the other cryptocurrency hardware wallets on this list does the job of storing your Ethereum safe and secure.

Trezor Model T pack

The Trezor Model T has some interesting features with the magnetic dock added. So you can put your T-wallet nicely and safely stored in more hidden places. In case of a break-in and theft.

When first bought the Model T comes with a sticker seal on it. So that you can easily see if the model has been tampered with before you use it.

If you are considering buying a hardware wallet to secure your Ethereum, then buying a Trezor Model T will definitely be a smart choice.

It is easy to use and comfortable, but first and foremost for a secure Ethereum wallet, there is hardly any better option on the market.

4 ) The Trezor One (Hardware)

The Trezor wallet is also one of the most popular choices, with the Ledger Nano S. The Trezor One is cheaper than Trezor model T but it still very much does the job to keep your ETH safe.

For the cheaper price that is about $60-70 today the Trezor Model One is a great and cheap option to use as your Ether wallet.

Trezor One - one of the oldest crypto hardware wallets

A difference between the two models is that Trezor One does not have a touch screen, and it’s made of plastic so it has a lighter (cheaper?) feel to it. And the lack of a touchscreen means that the PIN code has to be entered using a computer.

So if you are looking for a secure hardware wallet for your ETH but you want to spend a bit less then definitely look into the Model One.

5 ) Keepkey (Hardware)

Another hardware wallet option for storing your Etherum is Keepkey. It positions itself as the simple cryptocurrency wallet option on the market. KeepKey was in 2017 acquired by the Shapeshift company. And later in 2018, the Shapeshift team added Bitfract to their company portfolio.

Storing your Ethereum in Keepkey means that you are adding additional security layers to protecting your ETH. This is extremely important in today’s crypto market. With the risks of hacks, thefts or accidents protecting your ETH should always be your top priority.

Keepkey Ethereum wallet

I definitely think that you should consider using Keepkey as your go-to Ethereum wallet.

6 ) MyEtherwallet (Web)

The MyEtherWallet is actually just a wallet interface, that allows you to easily interact with your Ether stored on the blockchain. But you can also use MyEtherWallet to create your own Ethereum wallet.

You can use MyEtherWallet to create your own secure Ethereum paper wallet. In which you own the private keys and you can print the wallet keys in a handy paper wallet for securely storing.

And this is completely free of charge.

MyEthereumWallet is one of the oldest Ethereum wallets on the market. And the website used by millions around the world. Here on MyEthereumWallet you can connect with your Ether safely stored on the blockchain.

You can use it to send ETH, check the balance and receive new Ethers.

I definitely think you should look into using MEW and use it as your standard Ethreum wallet. It is free, easy to use and supports ETH + ERC-20 tokens.

MyEtherWallet - one of the oldest Ethereum wallets on the market

7 ) MyCrypto Wallet (Web)

Another very popular free Ethereum wallet to use is MyCrypto. It is an open-source wallet for storing and using for your Ether or Ethereum tokens.

MyCrypto is an online wallet interface like MyEtherWallet that lets you connect with your Ethereum wallet on the blockchain. But you can also create your first Ethereum wallet using MyCrypto. Like with MEW you can create your own offline Ethereum paper wallet with your own secure private keys stored offline.

But with MyCrypto, you can use other wallets, like hardware wallets to safely access your Etherum cryptocurrency and ERC-20 tokens.

So you can use My Crypto to comfortably check your balance and send and receive your cryptocurrencies to and from other Ethereum wallets.

MyCrypto like MyEtherWallet is free to use and free to create a new Ethereum wallet.

  • Start using MyCrypto wallet here

My Crypto a popular Ethereum based online wallet interface

8 ) Jaxx Liberty (Desktop & Mobile)

Jaxx Liberty is another free wallet that is very popular amongst crypto holders. It has support for more than 80+ cryptocurrencies, including ETH and ERC-20 tokens.

Jaxx Liberty has built-in 3rd party apps like ShapeShift so that you can easily swap or buy more cryptocurrencies straight from the app itself.

Jaxx is a nice-looking app in which you can easily track prices of your balance, transact with other cryptocurrency and Ethereum wallets and also follow trends and news straight from the app.

  • To get started using the Jaxx Liberty wallet for storing your ETH click on this link.

Jaxx Liberty wallet for storing your crypto and Ether

9 ) Atomic (Desktop & Mobile)

Atomic wallet is a multi-currency wallet in which you can securely store your Ethereum cryptocurrencies and Ethereum based tokens. It is a very popular cryptocurrency wallet amongst crypto and Ethereum holders.

You can use the Atomic wallet from both your computer (Mac and Windows, and Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora) to your mobile device, with apps available for both iOS and Android.

With the Atomic wallet, you can have one of the best Ethereum wallets to use for transactions, but also checking balance and even buying cryptocurrencies straight from the wallet application interface.

Atomic wallet for Ethereum

  • Get started with the Atomic wallet for storing your ETH here.

10 ) Exodus (Desktop & Mobile)

Exodus is another popular wallet for storing ETH and other cryptocurrencies. It has a slick interface and is available on desktop and mobile. You can also use to connect with your crypto hardware wallets.

So you can use with hardware wallets like the Ledger, Trezor, and Keepkey wallets.

Exodus like the Jaxx Liberty and Atomic wallet also has a built-in exchange. That means you can also use the Exodus wallet to buy additional cryptocurrencies.

It also shows good promise for being a top Ethereum wallet with dedicated 24/7 customer support and being a multi-currency wallet with support for more than 100+ cryptocurrencies. Including Ethereum and Ethereum based tokens of course.

  • To get started using Exodus for storing your Ether click on this link here.

Exodus wallet for storing your Ether

11 ) Lumi wallet (Desktop & Mobile)

Another new but popular rising cryptocurrency wallet that you can use for storing your Ether is the Lumi wallet. It is also free to use.

The Lumi wallet is a multi-currency wallet with support for more than 1000+ tokens and coins.

The Lumi wallet is easy to use and with a nice interface.

Like many other of the top pick Ethereum wallets on this list, you can also buy more ETH or other cryptocurrencies straight from the Lumi wallet app. The Lumi wallet is available as a mobile app on iOS and Android.

  • Download the wallet here and use it as your main Ethereum wallet

Lumi wallet for storing ETH

12 ) Jwallet by Jibrel Network (Mobile)

Last on this list of best Ethereum wallet is the Jwallet. It is another pick for storing your Ether and Ethereum tokens.

The Jwallet is created by the Jibrel Network blockchain team. The Jibrel Network which is creating its own cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain has also created a slick and useful Ethereum and ERC-20 wallet.

The Jibrel team which is working hard to create new exciting financial products that can help traditional financial institutes to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology have worked hard to create their own Ethereum based wallet, called Jwallet.

With Jwallet you can rest assured that your private keys are never shared with anyone, including Jibrel and the Jwallet itself. This is of huge importance in securing your ETH and your wallet

  • You can get started creating your own Jwallet for storing your Ether here.

Jwallet by Jibrel Network

How to pick a good Ethereum wallet

To help you understand why a wallet was picked for this top list of ETH wallets I used these key areas to guide me:

  1. How easy to use the wallet is
  2. How safe and secure the wallet is for protecting my ETH
  3. How compatible is the wallet with devices, operating systems, etc
  4. How strong is the team working on the wallet
  5. If you can use it for Ethereum tokens such as ERC-20 tokens

What is also of high interest amongst Ethereum investors is if the Ethereum wallet can store your Ethereum tokens also. This is a given for almost every Ethereum wallets these days. But something of value that you should also consider when deciding on which ETH wallet to go for.

(Learn more about Ethereum and its tokens here.)

And based on those key areas I narrowed down the list to these X great Ethereum wallets below. And now I will walk you through each of these Ether wallets so that you can learn more about each and pick which one to use yourself.

If you haven’t invested in Ethereum (ETH) yet, but you are planning to then I can recommend that you find a suitable cryptocurrency exchange first to buy ETH.

Here below are some of our favourite cryptocurrency exchanges to help you buy Ethereum easily:

  1. Coinbase – easy to use site and app, with lots of payment options for both buying and selling cryptos
  2. Binance – one of the most popular crypto exchanges, has plenty of coins and is very secure
  3. KuCoin – an exchange with a great UI, lots of exciting features such as staking cryptos and plenty of coins

I have also written this guide on where to buy ETH – check it out!

Conclusion – Best Ethereum wallets

I hope that this list will help you find a well suitable wallet for storing your Ethers with.

There are many great wallets out there right now for storing ETH and other cryptocurrencies in 2021. So it is more a matter of picking a wallet that suits your needs the most.

Finding and picking the best Ethereum wallet is a decision you need to make by yourself. But there are plenty of good wallets out there, many covered in this list.

So I am sure that you should be able to find a suitable wallet by using this guide.

Remember also that you can use a hardware wallet like the Ledger, Trezor or Keepkey and connect it to other wallet applications.

How do I pick the best Ether wallet for?

  • If you want security and you don’t plan on moving or using your ETH too often – then I recommend a hardware wallet
  • Are you a trader and need to have it accessible often then a mobile wallet, desktop wallet or using a web wallet could be useful. Even a hardware wallet would fit here too
  • Do you plan to use your Ether to buy stuff or have it with you? Then a mobile wallet makes sense

Although the three of those hardware wallets themselves already have their own Apps to use for transacting and checking your balance.

Our final tips are to make sure you are properly securing your Ethereum cryptocurrencies. And you can do this by using a secure wallet. Storing the private keys for your ETH wallet in a secure place. And with additional backups also.

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