3 best methods to buy Ethereum with PayPal

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PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods across the world. Since its launch in 1998, it has spread globally and is used to send money between family and friends, to workers getting paid with it and yeah for buying and selling cryptos.

And Ethereum, on the other hand, is probably the second most popular blockchain project with its cryptocurrency Ether at the heart of it.

So naturally, people are wondering can I buy Ethereum with PayPal?

  • Buying Ether with PayPal is quick
  • It also gives you the opportunity to buy Ether with PayPal from people all over the world

And it is a common question that doesn’t give you as many options compared to buying ETH with a credit card or debit card, which would bring up more options.

But don’t worry we have done the research and found X options where you can buy Ethereum with PayPal.

Buy Ethereum with PayPal at these 3 sites

So let’s get to it, let us explore the x best methods for buying ETH with PayPal!

1 ) Buy Ethereum with PayPal at LocalCryptos

Buy ETH with PayPal at LocalCryptos

The first option on our list is previously named online marketplace called LocalEthereum and now goes by the name of LocalCryptos.

It is a site that connects ETH-sellers with ETH-buyers. And it is Ethereum and Bitcoin-only. LocalCryptos draws on the previously successful LocalBitcoin site/marketplace.

What makes LocalCryptos unique similar to LocalBitcoins is that there are so many payment options available for both buyers and sellers.

Some of the current payment methods listed on LocalCryptos are:

  • Buy ETH with PayPal
  • Buy ETH with AdvCash,
  • Buy ETH with cash
  • Buy ETH with bank transfer
  • Buy ETH with Transferwise
  • Buy ETH with Venmo, and many, many more

So in order to buy ETH with PayPal at LocalCryptos select PayPal as your wanted payment method and then you can either select your country, but as PayPal is a digital payment method countries aren’t necessarily of importance.

  • Another benefit of using LocalCryptos to buy ETH with PayPal is that you can select the Fiat currency you want to send. This gives you the advantage of paying in your local currency.
  • Also if you don’t find any sellers wanting to sell their ETH for PayPal you could either contact the sellers to ask them if they’d be open for selling for a PayPal transfer
  • Or you can put up a buy-order on LocalCryptos saying that you want to buy some ETH with PayPal yourself and wait for sellers to contact you!

2 ) Buy Ethereum with PayPal at eToro

Buy Ethereum with PayPal at eToro

The second option to buy ETH with PayPal is eToro.

eToro is a multi-investment platform where you can obviously buy cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP, etc. But it is not only a cryptocurrency investment platform, but you can also invest in stocks and commodities (gold, silver, oil, copper, etc).

eToro has become an extremely popular investment platform, and a big reason for that is the numerous different payment methods available.

For example at eToro you can:

  • Buy ETH with PayPal
  • Buy ETH with a credit card or debit card
  • Buy ETH with a bank transfer
  • Buy ETH with Skrill
  • Buy ETH with Neteller

What makes eToro unique, besides the possibility to invest in cryptos, stocks and commodities are that it has some great social trading features. Such as:

  • Follow other traders and learn from them
  • and you can even copy their trades or portfolios
  • forum and chats where you can discuss trades and trading tips with others

This has made eToro become one of the most popular trading platforms for a younger generation.

3 ) Buy Ethereum with PayPal using LocalBitcoins

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal at LocalBitcoins.com

Hold on, can I buy Etherum with PayPal at LocalBitcoins? No, you can’t today buy Ether directly from LocalBitcoins as you could with LocalCryptos.

But you could buy Bitcoin with PayPal at LocalBitcoins and then you can use another cryptocurrency exchange site to convert your BTC to ETH instantly.

So we decided to list LocalBitcoins on the guide page also as it gives you another option to choose from when you want to buy Ether with PayPal. Who knows maybe LocalCryptos goes down, or you can’t find a seller that accepts PayPal that quickly.

So with that in mind, we thought it would make sense to add another addition.

Now the process of buying Bitcoin at LocalEthereum to, later on, convert your BTC to ETH is very much of a similar process.

You have a look on LocalBitcoins and select PayPal as your payment option. You will then find a list of sellers that accept PayPal.

  • Remember you don’t necessarily need to buy Bitcoin with PayPal from someone in the same country as you. As PayPal is a digital payment method used between people all over the world
  • You can also put up a buy-order on LocalBitcoins if you can’t find any sellers available on the site

Bonus – Best cryptocurrency exchanges to buy ETH at

Finally, we wanted to mention a few cryptocurrency exchanges that you could use to buy ETH at.

This will be of importance of course to those of you that decided to use LocalBitcoins to buy Bitcoin first at then looking to find a crypto exchange that trades ETH.

Recommended exchanges with BTC/ETH trading pairs

  • Buy ETH at Binance – with ETH/BTC trading pairs

One of the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency trading sites is Binance. There is currently Binance, Binance Jersey and Binance US. And you can use all three to convert your BTC for ETH.

  • Buy ETH at Kraken – with ETH/BTC trading pairs

Another popular and rising cryptocurrency exchange is Kraken. This is one of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges in the world and it is becoming one of the most popular sites to buy popular cryptos like ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP.

And you can buy cryptos at Kraken with other cryptos, or deposit funds from your bank account.

You can naturally convert your BTC for ETH at Kraken in no time!

Conclusion – Best ways to buy ETH with PayPal

I hope that this guide was clear and helpful. And that you by now know more about what your options are to buying Ethereum (ETH) with PayPal.

There aren’t as many options but the ones listed here are trusted by us and many other investors.

When it comes to buying ETH at either LocalCryptos or LocalBitcoins then the funds will sit in escrow when you buy from a seller. So that helps to remove any unease you might have. And they both have been around for some time now and been trusted by many other buyers and sellers.

But as with anything I’d recommend to do what you can to protect yourself and your funds. For example, go with trusted buyers and sellers. Potentially start with smaller amounts if you are still a bit unsure.

If you are unsure about anything when it comes to using LocalCryptos, eToro or LocalBitcoins or the other cryptocurrency exchanges then feel free to leave a comment. And we will then get back to you!

If you are looking for other ways to buy ETH then check this guide out! It covers the fastest way to buy ETH + the cheapest way to buy ETH!

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