10 best Neo wallets to pick from in 2020 + Store GAS

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If you have already invested in the popular cryptocurrency NEO, or you are planning to buy NEO and you want to find out what are some of the best wallets for NEO then you are at the right place.

I myself hold NEO and I have asked the exact same question which led to me various post and comments about what NEO wallets to pick. And I thought I could take my research and compile it to a useful post about the best Neo wallets.

Ever since Neo launched rebranded from Antshares in the middle of 2017 it saw a cometic rise to the surface and being branded as one of the most exciting blockchains and cryptocurrencies to invest in after Ethereum.

Since then the entire cryptocurrency market had a big dip and so did Neo like the rest. Now there is regained interest in cryptocurrencies again and so in Neo.

10 of my favourite NEO wallets list


Wallet type


Ledger Nano X

Hardware wallet


The most secure + feature-rich

Ledger Nano S

Hardware wallet

Second best choice - for security reasons


Desktop wallet

Official wallet + modern with lots of features


Desktop wallet

For full-node users


Desktop wallet

For full-node users + developers


Mobile + desktop wallet

Modern wallet + closely tied to Neo 

Atomic wallet

Mobile + desktop wallet

Multicurrency wallet + support for multiple devices & OS

Neo tracker

Web wallet

Simple web wallet + added block explorer features

Neo wallet

Web wallet

Simple web wallet 

Ansy paper wallet

Paper wallet

Offline paper wallet generator

1 ) Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X

If you want to use a secure hardware wallet like the Ledger wallets then you can use it together with the NEON wallet. This will help you secure your cryptocurrencies and still claim NEO/GAS.

The Ledger Nano X is the top of the pack of hardware wallets together with Trezor Model T. But the latter lacks support for Neo at this point in time.

So if you are looking for the most secure and best wallets for NEO then I can say hands down there is no better alternative than the Ledger wallets.

It comes with Bluetooth, additional storage space, and hardware upgrades from the previous excellent model the Nano S.

To receive GAS and use your Ledger device with NEO (same for Ledger Nano X and S) you will need to download NEON wallet also. This is how it works together.

You basically need to install the Neo app on your ledger device in the Ledger Live app, (follow the guide here for more information) and then download the NEON wallet to your desktop.

Install Neo wallet app on your Ledger devices

NEON screenshot

When you have downloaded the NEON wallet you can simply connect using your Ledger device to access your cryptocurrencies and to send/receive new Neo blockchain tokens.

  • Note that NEO/GAS and all other Neo blockchain tokens are available on the NEON wallet

2 ) Ledger Nano S (hardware)

Ledger Nano S device

The second option for hardware wallet that you can use with Neo is the slightly cheaper and original model from Ledger, and it is the Ledger Nano S.

Like with the Ledger Nano X you need to use your device together with the NEON wallet to make use of your wallet fully and claim your GAS.

It is one I’ve used together with Nano X for a long time and it is extremely good wallet.

The main differences between choosing the Ledger Nano X over the S model is if you want to use mobile device (need Bluetooth) or if you want to use more than 4-5 apps on your device at the same time.

Meaning if you have 5 separate blockchain apps installed. Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens don’t need more than one app.

But otherwise I would say that the Ledger Nano S does as good of a job to secure your Neo holdings which is the most important part of the equation.

3 ) NEON wallet (desktop)

NEON wallet desktop app

Here is the NEON wallet. I have already mentioned it above in conjunction with my recommendation to use the Ledger devices.

But on its own NEON wallet is a fine and one of the best NEO wallets around. It is an open-source wallet developed by the team City of Zion a core NEO development group and node runner.

So these guys are heavily focused on the development and flourishment of Neo blockchain.

The wallet itself is slick and with all the features wanted from a modern cryptocurrency wallet.

Here you can do anything from a modern cryptocurrency wallet and claim your GAS earned from your Neo holdings.

4 ) Neo GUI (desktop)

Neo GUI wallet

This is a full-node wallet alternative for Neo. That means you download the full Neo blockchain and can participate by running your own node on the Neo blockchain.

This gives you full control and access to the entire blockchain and all transactions. Without relying on another 3rd party node or server.

This is the right Neo wallet for the ones with technical experience and an interest in participating fully as a Neo user. Either as a node runner or just by getting full access to the blockchain and not through any other party.

5 ) Neo CLI (desktop)

Neo CLI wallet

Neo CLI This is another full-node wallet for Neo.

And this is a CLI (Comman Line client). This can provide access to APIs for developers to build on, make use of for Neo-based features and widgets.

This wallet is therefore not really something I can recommend for everyday Neo holders.

Rather download the GUI alternative if you want a Neo full-node wallet alternative.

6 ) O3 (mobile wallet and desktop wallet)

O3 mobile wallet and desktop wallet

O3 is a very popular Neo mobile wallet. It comes available for desktop too. It is a Neo-friendly or focused cryptocurrency wallet.

Here you can make use of everything you need from a quality mobile wallet in a lightweight format.

You can also buy more Neo or other cryptocurrencies directly from the wallet, plus the option to trade with Swithneo’s DEX inside the wallet.

Additionally you can get important updates or news concerning Neo directly in the app.

Another good thing is that this is an open-source project, so the code is available for anyone to inspect.

And overall O3 have worked hard to create a secure and development-friendly wallet that will last for a long time into the future.

7 ) Atomic wallet (multi-currency + multi-device wallet)

Atomic wallet

I wanted to include a multi-currency and multi-device Neo wallet alternative. And I’ve choose to include Atomic wallet.

With Atomic wallet you can access your Neos via a desktop wallet or mobile wallet. And it is available for most OS. Android, iOS, Windows. macOS and Linux.

With the ATomic wallet you can store your Neos on the blockchain and access them together with all your other cryptocurrencies. They have support for most cryptocurrencies. All the major blockchains and their tokens.

Check out the full list of compatible assets here

Atomic wallet device and OS support

8 ) Neo Tracker (web wallet)

Neo Tracker a web wallet

This is a Neo web wallet version. But Neo Tracker is not only a web wallet but also a blockchain tracker for Neo.

Here you can track transactions, wallets, Neo holders, node runners and other assets on the Neo blockchain.

The web wallet can be created and opened with a Keystore file. Private keys and encrypted private keys.

I recommend that you never enter your private keys in online environments.

Meaning on websites or apps if possible.

So consider using a secure hardware wallet where the private keys never leave your device. Or use applications and softwares in an offline capacity.

9 ) Neo Wallet (web wallet)

Neo Wallet a web wallet

This is another web wallet version that you could use. You can create your own new Neo wallet here, or import an already existing wallet with wallet key file or your private keys.

With this web wallet you get the basic package of sending, receiving tokens, claiming GAS, etc.

As with any Neo wallet created make sure you keep a safe backup of your private keys. With those you can then again restore and access your wallet from additional sites.

10 ) Ansy (Neo paper wallet)

Ansy Neo paper wallet

Ansy is a paper wallet generator site.

Here you can can generate a new Neo paper wallet by creating a whole new wallet, or by importing your private keys.

You will then get a bunch of QR codes and keys that you can print out and store as an actual paper wallet.

For those interested in securing their Neo tokens and not interacting with them often then a Neo paper wallet could be an excellent choice. This will help to protect your funds from hackers and thieves since they are not stored in an online capacity.

Obviously you need to keep your paper copies somewhere safe and where they won’t get lost or stolen.

How to pick a good wallet for NEO

NEO logo on a computer screen with a magnifying glass

In order for me to share a list of Neo wallets that is helpful and for you to decide which one to go for we need to consider a couple of main things.

  1. NEO and GAS – which wallets generate GAS?
  2. Which wallets are legit and the most secure?
  3. What wallet options are there (mobile, web, hardware, etc)?

If you didn’t know about GAS then I think it’s important that you know realise that on the Neo blockchain there are two main native cryptocurrencies. One is NEO and the other one is called GAS.

And you generate GAS by holding NEO in a staking compatible wallet. This is important to remember that not all wallets can generate GAS for you.

So it’s important to find one that does.

Other important aspects when deciding which wallet to pick is to find one that is secure and not a scam. So I am only sharing wallets here that I would use for my NEOs.

Where to buy NEO

If you haven’t bought NEO yet and you wanted some suggestion for safe exchanges to use then I would recommend these:

  1. Binance
  2. OKEx

Conclusion – Best Neo wallet?

Neo smart economy logo

So how do you pick the best Neo wallet to use? It should depend on what’s important to you?

Would you very much need to check and transact with your NEO, GAS and other tokens daily? Then a mobile wallet makes sense.

Is security and ease of mind more important? Then I would definitely recommend investing in a safe Ledger wallet for Neo!

Or are you planning to make use or get involved more closely with the Neo blockchain then a full-node alternative for Neo would be the right choice.

So go with the wallet that fits your need. But don’t forget to think about security. Whether that being buying a hardware wallet or keeping safe backups of your private keys.

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