4 best Stratis wallets (STRAT) wallet guide 2020

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If you have bought the cryptocurrency STRAT, which is the native token from the Stratis Platform and you wanted to find out a bit more about which best Stratis wallet to use then this guide will be perfect for you.

In this guide, we will talk you through some of the most popular wallet options to use as your main STRAT wallet.

There is no question that the future of products and services will be hugely affected by blockchain. And at the heart of this, we can find several exciting blockchain projects. One of those is Stratis Platform.

4 of the top Stratis wallets in 2020

When it comes to storing and accessing our coins and tokens on the blockchain we use cryptocurrency wallets to interact with our cryptos. That is the case for all types of coins or tokens.

Whether you own your private keys and you have a secure offline hardware wallet.

To using a custodial wallet, for example, when you store your cryptos on an exchange wallet like Coinbase or Binance.

It is the same for all cryptocurrencies. They are stored on the blockchain.

With that in mind, we will now walk you through some of the different STRAT wallets that you could choose from.

1 ) Stratis Core

Stratis Core application and wallet

This is a full node wallet which not only lets you store your STRAT on the blockchain and use it to send and receive STRAT cryptos but also use it to stake your tokens.

Stratis uses a Proof of Stake algorithm so instead of mining, staking is used to secure the network and forge new tokens. And the Stratis Core is a key wallet used to stake your cryptos while connected to the Stratis blockchain.

Stratis Platform is a desktop app, and it is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

  • You can download the Stratis Core application here

2 ) Breeze wallet

Stratis Platform Breeze wallet

This is a light-weight wallet version. That means it doesn’t download a full copy of the blockchain. It instead connects to a few servers that instead runs a full version of the blockchain.

This way the wallet is much lighter and requires less computational power.

With the Breeze wallet, you can send and receive cryptos as usual but you can’t engage in staking your STRAT tokens.

Stratis Breeze is a desktop app, and it is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

  • Download the Breeze wallet here

3 ) Ledger Nano S (hardware wallet)

Ledger Nano S an excellent choice for storing your Litecoins

Another option that you could go for is to invest in a secure hardware wallet. And an option as good as any would be the Ledger Nano S.

This is the first hardware wallet from the Ledger team. And it came out in 2016 but it still today is one of the most popular and best hardware wallets to use. ¨

With a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S, your private keys are held on the device but they are never exposed to the internet and always kept offline. This adds another security layer to protect your cryptos from hacks or thefts.

To use the Ledger Nano S with Stratis you first need to download the Ledger Live application for your computer. And then you need to install the STRAT wallet app on Ledger Live.

You also need to install the Bitcoin app for your Ledger device in order for it to work with STRAT.

The advantage of using Ledger is that it is very safe but also because it is a multi-currency wallet. That means you can store many more coins and tokens on it. So no need to have multiple wallets for all your cryptos!

  • You can download Ledger Live for Windows, Mac and Linux here
  • You can learn more about using the Ledger Nano S as your main STRAT wallet here
  • And you can buy a Ledger Nano S here

4 ) Ledger Nano X (hardware wallet)

Ledger Nano X

The Ledger Nano X is the latest hardware wallet from the Ledger team and an upgraded version from the previous Ledger Nano S.

It comes with additional storage space so that you can download and install more crypto applications. And also it comes with Bluetooth support. That means you can now use your Ledger Nano X with mobile devices.

Otherwise, the Ledger Nano X comes with everything that made the S so popular and they work in a similar way.

You can either use 3rd party wallets or the main Ledger Live application to interact with your Ledger Nano X and your coins and tokens stored on the blockchain.

The Ledger Live app as mentioned is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux for desktop devices. And Android and iOS for mobile devices.

  • You can download Ledger Live for Windows, Mac, and Linux here
  • You can learn more about using the Ledger Nano X as your main STRAT wallet here
  • And you can buy a Ledger Nano X here

What is Stratis Platform?

Stratis Platform blockchain solutions

Stratis Platform provides many key features that are common for blockchain 3.0 projects. Such as smart contract technology, ICO platform, and blockchain side chains.

Stratis is focusing on enterprise-usage. and the core of this is, of course, their blockchain solutions. But also the in-house consultancy team.

The team specialises in crafting blockchain solutions for different enterprises. Stratis has realised that many businesses are interested in blockchain, but they are struggling to get started or going from interest to real-life usage.

What is STRAT cryptocurrency?

The native cryptocurrency of the Stratis Platform is the STRAT token. It is used to fuel everything on Stratis Platform.

The STRAT token fuels every smart contract and other types of data written onto the blockchain. And it is also used to hold value and transfer value between different parties.

Conclusion – best Stratis wallets

I hope that this guide to some of the top STRAT wallets to pick from was helpful.

And when it comes to storing our coins and tokens on the blockchain and choosing a good wallet we think it is important to first and foremost look at the security aspects.

  • Do you own the private keys to your wallet? Or does anyone else have access to them? If they are stored on a central server somewhere then it means they could be hacked for example
  • Are you using a wallet that remains partly offline – hardware wallets like the Ledger wallets keep your private keys offline even when using with 3rd part apps or Ledger Live

If there is anything that you are still unsure about or if you have any questions about what wallet to choose then feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back to you.

If you did like this guide to best STRAT wallets then make sure you share it with others!

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