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Protecting our privacies, and keeping our Bitcoin transactions and wallets private is a highly desired feature.

Bitcoin is by default not anonymous. Did you know that every transaction on the Bitcoin network is broadcasted to a public ledger. And this ledger visible for anyone to inspect and also trace.

If you know the wallet address of someone you can then easily trace all their previous transactions and find out who they are transacting with. You could potentially even find their exchange wallet addresses.

This is of serious concerns for people that demand privacy and that wants to both transact confidently, but also keep their BTC wallets hidden from others.

Is it possible to protect your privacy and make your BTC transactions private?

Yes, through a Bitcoin mixer service this is possible. And one of the popular alternatives on the market for this is

To shed some light on how this exactly work, and to answer common concerns that newcomers might have, is legit? And is it safe to use? I decided to try this service out.

About BitMix.Biz

What BitMix.Biz and other mixer services do is perhaps not too hard to guess if you go by the name. They mix your coins together with other coins and send you back ‘clean’ coins. That have no previous trace back to you.

Basically a BTC mixer service is a cleaning service, used to remove any traces from your Bitcoins back to you.

Are they legal you might ask? Because it sound a lot like money laundering. Without being able to speak for every country’s view and regulations affecting Bitcoin mixers, they are yet legal in the US and in many other countries.

But we know that they’ve been under the focus from legal discussions, with talks about banning them in the US (read more). But nothing has yet come of those discussions.

This is how BitMix.Biz work

This is how BitMix.Biz work

So you would send your Bitcoins (or another cryptocurrency) to a given address by the mixing service. And then they would do their part, and later on you would receive back your coins ‘cleaned’, less the fees.

You need to provide the mixing service with a fresh BTC address, that has no trace back to you for this to work of course.

But that is the overall process of how it works.

Is it foolproof? I am not a analyst, nor experienced enough in tracing data and transactions to make that call. If enough resources and time maybe even the best of mixing services would fall short.

But yes, mixing services work and they can make what is otherwise public data and transactions private.

You can also use the private Tor browser that makes your entire browser sessions impossible to trace in combination with a mixing service. This will further help to protect your privacy online.

If you are concerned about what data and information they store about you, then you can rest assure that all logs from you using the service is deleted within 72 hours. data removal

Step by step guide to using BitMix.Biz

Now I am going to walk you through the service of BitMiz.Biz step by step, I will send some of my own BTC coins to illustrate how it works. And so that you can see for yourself it is safe to use and legit.

The overall process how BitMix.Bix works is:

  1. Fill out the form
  2. Send your BTCs to the given address
  3. Receive back new and clean BTCs

Step 1 form to fill out for mixing Bitcoins

First, you go to its website and click on the cryptocurrency you want to mix. They have Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash. I will use Bitcoin in this example.

After that you will see form to fill out.

Here you can/need to enter information such as a destination address (must), which is where you want your coins sent to after they’ve got mixed.

  • You can add several destination address if you want

And then you can enter a unique code, this is if you’ve used this service before. This way BitMix.Biz can make sure you don’t receive coins that you sent in the past.

You need to then set a delay. This is after how long your coins will sent to you, after they’ve been mixed. It is recommended to go above 1h at least.

Preferably longer than so to maximise your privacy potential.

And then you can also set the service fee used. Between 0.4% and 4%. BitMix.Biz says you get ‘cleaner’ coins the higher fee you set.

Depending on your inputs (delay + service fee) you will see a rating of how private your coins will get. It goes from a red average up to a green ‘best’ rating.

  • If you are unsure what to put in and you want maximum privacy I recommend you click on Auto adjust button and let BitMix sort it out for you.

When you are ready you click on start mixing

Step 2

Send BTC to Bitcoin mixer address to clean them

Then you will see a complete receipt of your order form, based on what you entered in the last page.

To complete the mixing part from your side you need to send your BTCs to the address provided by BitMix.Biz.

To complete this order you will have 2 days and 23 hours to complete the transaction. Otherwise, your order will fail.

If you entered some information wrong here, then you can cancel your order and start again.

This is how the order form looks like when you’ve started the mixing service.

If you want to use this mixer service again then I recommend that you save the Code given to you. Copy and save that somewhere safe. You can also screenshot this page if you like.

You can also keep this page up after your sent your BTCs, as it will show when the incoming transfers has been detected. order form

Step 3

Wait for your clean BTC to arrive. This is the last and final step on how to use

Depending on the delay you set in the first step, this is how long it will take for your to receive your new BTCs.

If you don’t trust this service yet, then you can request to get a letter of guarantee.

Find more information about it and how it works here in the FAQ section.

Why should I use a BTC mixer service?

Why would I ever use a mixing service? Isn’t it just something that criminals engage in? Yes I can speculate that such a service would attract people that are trying to hide from the law. But is that the only use case? No I bet it’s not.

As I said earlier all BTC transactions are stored on this public ledger, and that is permanent. If I knew your wallet address I could with the help of a block explorer trace all your previous transactions.

Now, why would that be a problem? For some it’s not, but for others it is. And not for any illegal reasons, but for reasons such as:

  • They want to protect their privacy, and not have their data and information shared with others
  • They want to maintain their holdings private. And not flash their BTC portfolio to the world
  • They want to keep their wallets secret. To avoid hackers and thieves to trace their wallets and holdings

Those are some of the reasons for why ordinary, non-criminals would prefer that their transactions and holdings were kept private.

I mean would you like someone to have access to view your bank account details. How much money you store there? Who you send money to, etc?

Probably not, so why would you want that when it comes to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Conclusion – should I use

Customer reviews about

Now, I don’t know your reasons for wanting to use a cryptocurrency mixer service.

But if we are hypothetically speaking about cleaning your BTCs, or other cryptocurrencies for legal reasons then I think offers a service that is easy to use and straightforward enough.

I found it to be easy to use, and my transaction came through to my destination address after my desired delay time.

Can I promise that will work forever? No, of course I can’t. But it did deliver this time for me. As always if you are unsure try sending smaller sums instead of one big transaction.

Another thing that I wasn’t sure of when using this mixing service is what the difference was between average – high – best ratings?

I think they could make that part clearer. And I guess it depends on your need for 100% privacy, or if you could sacrifice lesser privacy for smaller fees?

The smallest fee possible is 0.4% which seems fairly good.

You can use the BitMix.Biz in ten different languages. At the same time, API keys are available so that it can be embedded on your website for your customers.

There is also an affiliate program that allows everyone who wants to receive additional income from referring other users to this service.

For more information about Bitmix.Biz visit:



TOR (Recommended): http://bitmixbizymuphkc.onion

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