Blockchain strategist stands behind the tech but questions crypto trading

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In this brand new interview series we explore the ins and outs of the crypto scene with a range of guests from the industry.

Uncovering new exciting crypto projects, speculating on where the market is heading and looking into where blockchain technology can really add value.

Our third person in our Crypto interviews series is Niharika Singh, a young blockchain strategist and digital talent with a keen interest in new tech, fintech and blockchain of course.

She’s got great belief in what blockchain can accomplish and it’s interesting listening to what she thinks about the crypto and blockchain space.

Niharika Singh

blockchain has the potential to change the ENTIRE DIGITAL landscape. It is here to empower us all!”

Tell us a bit about yourself and your interest in this space crypto/blockchain?

Who I am? I’m a digital strategist who strives to make an impact by changing the ground reality. I am still pursuing my engineering bachelor degree in information technology, alongside which I am constantly diving deep into emerging tech; primarily blockchain and also machine learning, internet of things, TechFin.

“Everyday I try to be better, more informed than I was yesterday. I have had the opportunities to work with leading blockchain projects”.

I started to explore the crypto/blockchain sphere in 2015. Since then, everyday I try to be better, more informed than I was yesterday. I have had the opportunities to work with leading blockchain projects. Currently, I am with EY as a digital strategist intern.

Each day, I am assured that blockchain tech is here to stay. It has the potential to change the landscape of the way we see ourselves digitally. It is here to empower us all!

What are you most looking forward to see in the crypto space 2019?

For me I can only see blockchain moving forward when it comes to its core engineering aspects.

After that, I see blockchain scaling. As an effect greater adoption of blockchain happens. Followed by more jobs getting created. And thus a greater number of tech-entrepreneurs emerge. I see a thriving economy. I see a brighter future!

Which industry do you think could benefit the most of blockchain?

Believe it or not, each and every industry would be magnificently affected by blockchain technology sooner or later.

Although, I think blockchain will affect entertainment industry and FS (Financial Services) industry massively. Appreciating the creator, and transparency are two principles which may completely disrupt these industries.

The basic reasoning of blockchain align with these two industries the most at the moment.

What are some bad examples of where cryptocurrencies are being implemented?

It’s the people who are wrong, not the tech.

In tech sphere, there are no bad examples, only abuse of technology.

The same technology can be used to create green fuel and same technology can be used to wipe out the humanity.

It all narrows down to one thing: what are the intentions. It’s wrong to blame blockchain for all the ill deeds. It’s the people who are wrong, not the tech.

What’s your general thoughts about this bear market we are currently seeing in the crypto?

Crypto trading is a short-lived adventure. Cryptocurrencies wasn’t created to be traded. For me it carries a much much deeper significance than trading.

I don’t think that Satoshi would be happy about the way bitcoin is being used at the moment. With time, the volatility of crypto will subside.

Personally, I do not want crypto to be regulated by any authority. First we need to solve the scalability issues.

Then we will see a more bullish market. Solved scalability would enforce better businesses in the space. Better businesses would have better projects. Better projects will have wider adoption. That’s how, I think, blockchain will go mainstream.

Big thanks to the our latest addition in Crypto interviews blockchain strategist Niharika Singh who’s positive outlook for the future is something we admire.

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