12 highly lucrative cryptocurrency affiliate programs

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A very popular method that can help cryptocurrency influencers, traders and content creators to earn some extra money is by using cryptocurrency affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs are nothing new. It exists in almost every online industry.

And it could be an excellent way of earning extra money as a side business or even as a full-time job.

Basically affiliate programs or referral programs are methods where you would refer a reader/viewer to purchase a product or join a cryptocurrency exchange and you would get a small percentage from that.

So if you are content creator within the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector this could be something you could utilise when you help your visitors, and earn a small cut from it.

I wanted to share to you a list of different affiliate programs for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that you could check out and maybe try out.

I myself am using cryptocurrency affiliate methods for Go CryptoWise, and it is something I open with. As always affiliate earnings doesn’t mean any extra costs for your visitors, but you get a cut from the site or company instead.

Some of the top crypto affiliate sites in 2021

50% commision

40-50% commision

10% commision

12-15% commision

12 best cryptocurrency affiliate programs list

Here is my list of the best cryptocurrency and Bitcoin affiliate programs that you should check out. It covers cryptocurrency exchanges, to crypto products and more.

1 ) Coinbase (exchange)

Coinbase affiliate program

Coinbase is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges or brokers in the world. It is used by millions of people all over the world. And it is also one of the most popular affiliate alternatives.

For Coinbase you have two options, you can either join their affiliate program. Which is more suited to content creators, such as website/blog owners, YouTube creators, etc.

You need to apply and be approved to join their affiliate program.

Or you can join their referral program, which is open for everyone with a Coinbase account.

When you refer a new customer to Coinbase, you’ll earn 50% of their fees for the first 3 months from the affiliate program. And for the referral option you can get $10 for every user that buys cryptocurrencies for more than $100 (read more here).

2 ) Binance (exchange)

Binance referral program

Binance like Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Here you can buy and sell most of the popular cryptocurrencies with traders all over the world. It is easy to see why Binance is so popular with it’s good trading volume, useful features and number of cryptos available.

So if you could promote Binance then it could be an excellent affiliate option. Binance has an open referral program that you can join instantly.

All you have to do is to sign up for your own Binance account and start sharing your referral link.

Every time your friends make a trade, you’ll share up to 40% commission in real time!

You can also join Binance’s affiliate program later on, this is one you need to apply for. And you need to have a good user base before applying.

3 ) PrimeXBT (exchange)

PrimeXBT's affiliate program

This is a fairly new but very popular trading platform. It has both cryptocurrency trading, but also forex trading, commodities and stock indices.

It is easy to see why PrimeXBT is a popular trading platform with its fast interface and attractive leverage options for Bitcoin and the rest of cryptocurrencies.

But it is also very popular amongst referral and affiliate people, because of its lucrative earning options.

With PrimeXBT you can Introduce clients and Get up to $1,250 for new customer sign ups (CPA). That is one of the best cryptocurrency affiliate options around.

  • Join PrimeXBT’s affiliate program here and earn 70% in RS (Revenue Share) and $1,250 in CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)

4 ) Paxful (exchange)

Paxful peer to peer cryptocurrency marketplace

Another exchange with a very generous affiliate program is Paxful. Here you can earn 50% of the escrow fee when your friends you bring on board and also 10% of the escrow fee when your friend’s affiliates.

Paxful has been around for about 5 years now and it is very popular peer to peer marketplace. Here you can buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with people all over the world.

A P2P marketplace gives you additional payment options and more freedom when purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies.

With that in mind you can easily promote Paxful to others and earn a good commission on all trades.

5 ) Changelly (exchange)

Changelly earn is the affiliate program

Changelly is a very popular ecxhange/broker site. Here people can instantly trade, or swap one cryptocurrency for another. It is extremely popular because it is fast but also super easy to use.

With Changelly you can trade cryptocurrencies much faster than at traditional cryptocurrency exchanges.

This is why Changelly has attracted millions of people from all over the world.

Changelly offers a very lucrative affiliate program with Revenue Share deals up to 50%. That means you can earn 50% of all the revenue Changelly makes from its users.

Once a transaction is complete, 50% of the transaction fee will go to you, read more how it works here.

6 ) Ledger (cryptocurrency wallets)

Ledger's affiliate program

Another interesting option that could help you to earn some extra money would be by promoting one of the most popular hardware wallets available, the Ledger Nano wallets.

This is the leading hardware wallet producer. I myself own a couple of Ledger Nano S and X wallets and I love them.

So if you could promote Ledger wallets to others then you could earn a cut from the purchases made by your visitors.

For every sale you will earn 10% referral commission.

7 ) Trezor (cryptocurrency wallets)

Trezor affiliate wallet program

Trezor like Ledger is one of the most popular hardware wallet companies in the cryptocurrency space. It is actually the producer of the first-ever hardware wallet, the Trezor One model.

If you are a looking for a trusted product that has been around for years and that cryptocurrency holders love then look no further. Trezor now have two popular hardware wallet options.

You still have the Trezor One model, which still is an excellent wallet. But you also have the newer version, Trezor Model T. Which is one of the best wallet options on the market.

If you wanted to promote the Trezor wallets then you could earn 12-15% in commission on all sales.

8 ) CryptoHopper (cryptocurrency trading bot)

CryptoHopper trading bot affiliate program

This is one of the leading cryptocurrency trading bots. And it has one of the most popular affiliate schemes for crypto content creators.

Join CryptoHopper’s affiliate program together with more than 10,000 other affiliates.

For every recommended users that joins CryptoHopper and subscribes you can earn commission up to 15%.

To become a CryptoHopper affiliate you need to apply to its program.

9 ) 3Commas (cryptocurrency trading bot)

3Commas cryptocurrency trading bot website

Another highly popular cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading bot is 3Commas. And they also have a referral option available for all registered users.

This referral program is available for everyone so no need to apply, just create your own 3Commas account and start referring users to this popular trading bot option.

Cryptocurrency trading bots are very popular amongst traders, you can here set the bot to trade your favourite coins and tokens for you.

By automating trades with 3Commas you can trade faster and in greater volumes to make trading more lucrative.

  • Join 3Commas here and use that link to get a 10% discount for all subscription models

10 ) Shrimpy (cryptocurrency trading bot)

Shrimpy cryptocurrency trading bot

Another trading bot option that you should look into is Shrimpy.

With Shrimpy you can earn up to $30 per referral! Receive a 50% commission for each of the first 3 months on payments made by people you refer.

It is becoming together with 3Commas and CryptoHopper one of the most used trading bots in the world.

So if you wanted to promote Shrimpy you can do so confidently knowing it is trusted and used by traders all over the world.

To promote Shrimpy all you need to do is to sign up for a free account and start sharing your own referral link to others. Nothing more than that.

11 ) BlockFi (cryptocurrency lending)

BlockFi cryptocurrency lending platforms affiliate program

Popular cryptocurrency and Bitcoin lending platform BlockFi offers a very lucrative affiliate program.

Here you can refer new crypto loans and earn up to $500 in referral bonuses. This is a very good offer that deserves your attention.

Cryptocurrency lending platforms are becoming extremely popular and BlockFi is one of the biggest platforms around. So you can confidently refer new users to them.

12 ) YouHolder (cryptocurrency lending)

YouHolder cryptocurrency lending affiliate program

This is another cryptocurrency lending platform that has an affiliate program.

With high payouts CPA models available YouHolder is attracting a lot of popular crypto YouTubers to website owners.

You need to apply to become a YouHolder affiliate member. And when you’e joined you can then promote this lending platform and earn up to $100 for every users that joins and plenty of other interesting offers.


Earning extra funds is something we all are interested in. And if you are a content creator with an interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies then I would definitely recommend you to look into these cryptocurrency affiliate programs.

It could be a great source of extra income on the side, to become your next full-time job if you have enough reach and following.

When promoting any affiliate or referral program you should always be transparent that you sometimes can make a commission. Creating trust with your followers is the most important thing as a affiliate.

So check out these linked option above and see if they could be something you could use to earn extra money from.

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