Popular CryptoKitties moves to new Flow blockchain

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Dapper Labs, known for being the creators of popular CryptoKitties is the team behind Flow blockchain

Flow is a blockchain primed for consumer-friendly dApps such as CryptoKitties. And now since its launch it has NBA Top Shot and Dapper Wallet active on it. 

NBA Top Shot is a blockchain-based official NBA collectible. Interestingly enough some of the investors in Dapper Labs are NBA stats Spencer Dinwiddie and Garrett Temple, the Miami Heat’s Andre Iguodala, the Los Angeles Lakers’ JaVale McGee and the Orlando Magic’s Aaron Gordon.

And now soon to join NBA Top Shot will be the then former Ethereum-based game CryptoKitties.

Flow has some serious investors backing it, for example Andreessen Horowitz’s crypto fund, Accomplice, AppWorks, Autonomous Partners, Fenbushi Digital, and Warner Music Group.

It is catching the attention not only for having some interesting live applications, but it has the rest of the lure of a modern, fast and developer-friendly blockchain. 

With Ethereum 2.0 being delayed, and only slowly making progress it will be interesting to see if Flow can build on its current momentum and vye for a top spot in the area of future ecosystem of interesting consumer and sport-friendly dApps such as the NFTs products and games. 

It might not be a direct challenger for Ethereum, but perhaps in a future where Ethereum fails to scale, other niche blockchains can take small pieces of its current cake. And Flow being one of them. 

With its current strong partnerships and investors in the bag there is a clear pathway for Flow to capitalise on its current popular applications and games. The market and scope of NFTs is huge. 

With the craze of in-game purchases of accessories, skins, weapons and other add-ons in the gaming industry being the prime evidence. The potential of this market combined with blockchain technology is vast. 

Beyond the realm of NFTs and other tokenized assets there could also be other opportunities available for Flow to venture into.

At the heart of Flow blockchain we find the FLOW token. It is currently being used for network usage, and participants can also earn more FLOW tokens for staking.

Right now there is a token offering for FLOW tokens live on Coinlist.

If you are looking for an alternative to Ethereum for building your next gen consumer-friendly app then it might be worth looking into building your next application on Flow instead. 

Like Ethereum and other blockchain platforms Flow supports smart contracts, combined with being highly scalable and fast. Making it a good fit for mass adoption applications.

Available to help developers get started easily there is a series of open-source tools like a backend-integration SDK, a JavaScript SDK and a ready-to-use GUI to test out the code in.

During current times when there’s been a huge rise in new DeFi projects, most with anonymised teams, I think it great to see an example of a new blockchain with some heavy hitter investors, a well-respected team behind it and some real-life working products on it.

In the current cryptocurrency market, there’s been a big increase in new DeFi projects surfacing. All trying to ride on the DeFi craze. Most of them launch with nothing but a short whitepaper and simple website. 

Therefore it’s positive to see something different here with Flow. It’s backed by some heavy hitters for investors, a real and experienced team behind it and now with a couple of applications that are live at this moment.

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