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With the emergence of blockchain technology not only have we seen a rise in new exciting technologies and applications being built, but we’ve also seen a shift in the economy.

With the launch of online crowdfunding through ICOs and IEOs new blockchain startups could now attract funding for their lofty ambitions.

These online funding campaigns attracted mind-boggling amounts of funds to certain projects (EOS, Tezos, to name a few).

For some these ICOs were a way to get in early and then sell with a profit. Of course very similar to how VCs work, and other non-crypto funding campaigns.

But there was a big difference. With these ICOs anyone with a smartphone, internet connection and a cryptocurrency wallet could now participate.

Not only were these new blockchain startups building the decentralised applications for the future, they were also receiving the funds and backings in a much more open-to-all scene.

And the next step after ICOs, IEOs, STOs, etc can now perhaps be seen with Degen Labs (or DegenVC).

DegenVC replacing VCs

A new type of blockchain startup that wants to provide a platform for both the startups and the investors to invest and get the funding.

With the rise of DeFi in the past few years, we have seen a fair few examples of new financial platforms and applications all vying for the top spot. Degen Labs is trying to claim its own spot here too.

I like with most DeFi projects aim cautiously intrigued but also wary. And it is not one trying to compete in the yearn finance space. No this is something different, and in that, there is hope and promise.

Would you like to your startup launched on Degen Labs? Get in touch with us at Go CryptoWise to learn more.

Visit Degen Labs/VC’s website to find out more.

To get yourself some future airdropped tokens you need to invest in DGVC tokens. And then pool these with some ETH using Uniswap.

Join the DGVC LP to get future airdrops from platform launches via Degen Labs

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