Denver piloting blockchain for election with criticized partner

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Denver has become the latest jurisdiction in the U.S to adapt blockchain to their upcoming municipal elections in May and June 2019.

The pilot is a collaboration between the City and County of Denver, mobile voting platform Voatz, Tusk Philanthropies, Tusk Philanthropies, and the National Cybersecurity Center.

Eligible voters will be able to participate in the upcoming election by opting in to vote electronically on their smartphones.

Denver, Colorado

Denver’s partners with heavily criticized Voatz

There’s been a lot of questions around Voatz, the mobile voting platform that Denver City is partnering for their upcoming elections.

Vanity Fair’s Maya Kosoff wrote a scathing article about the voting startup, it came from the back off some strong criticism from Joseph Lorenzo Hall, the chief technologist at the Center for Democracy & Technology, who called Voatz a “horrifically bad idea” .

Much of the criticism centred around the security of the votes, and keeping them anonymised in the future. Voatz have defended themselves from the criticism. Calling it incorrect and questioned the motives from the people criticizing them.

And in the meantime Voatz have continued their journey with several new cases of adoption around the U.S initially. Recently the founder and CEO of Voatz, Nimit Sawhney told StateScoop that they are seeing an increased amount of interest in their product

“Hopefully in the next few months there should be some announcements”.

Founder and CEO of Voatz

Colorado – aims to be a leading blockchain state in the U.S

“Colorado is open for business, blockchain companies,”

This is what Colorado Governor Jared Polis said to a crowd of around 100 on Blockchain Day at the State Capitol (Crypto Briefing). And it’s encouraging to see that the state of Colorado is standing firmly behind the development of emerging technologies like blockchain.

“In many ways, blockchain is a solution. We don’t have to trust big business; we don’t have to trust big government. We can trust ourselves through distributed ledger technology.”

Colorado Governor Jared Polis

Last year we could also see that Denver was ranked 10th in the country for blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs, according to a report released by Crypto Fund Research. The results were based on the amount of jobs available, funding alternatives for startups and overall status for the job market.

If you live in the area you can find more information around blockchain focused activities and Meetups from Colorado Blockchain.

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