Donaid public beta is live – more positive news for Request!

Donaid is a service built on Request to make it super easy for anyone to start accepting cryptocurrency donations.

Cryptocurrency donations, for everyone

Earlier in January this year we wrote an article on free tools to get you started with accepting donations on your website in no time, and we mentioned Donaid being in development. And it seems that they have launched their product.

Guide on accepting crypto donations on your website or blog

The website itself looks very slick and it was easy enough to register an account. From the start you need to use an Ethereum address for your designated donations wallet.

Seamless integrations with Twitch, Youtube and Streamlabs

They have also created seamless integrations with some of the most popular channels available, like Twitch, Youtube and Streamlabs. Where you can easily link your account to Donaid to have donations quickly plugged into your already existing channels. See full list of integrations here.

Can Donaid is help a struggling Request

That Donaid is launching their public beta product is not only good for producers of content around the world, but also for Request. Which is the platform Donaid is building the product on. Request has perhaps been hit much harder than many other crypto projects in this past year with the bear market plunging the price of the REQ token from over $1 dollar to about $0.02 cents. And the overall sentiment for the project has taken as big of a hit from the crypto community.

But the Request team itself has been working hard to continue their startup progression and they recently launched their V2 Protocol and whole new re-branding of the Request brand.

So yes during bear markets the falls are harder and the misstakes can be seen as worse than they are. But overall community sentiment is nothing you can completely ignore when you’re trying to build a successful product. But neither let the over amplifications of such things influence you too much. It will be an interesting year for Request and many other crypto projects.

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