How to Buy Bitcoins with Cash – 6 Best & Validated Options 2020

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In today’s very digital world buying Bitcoin for the younger and more tech-savvy group of people is smooth and easy.

We are blessed with lots of great crypto exchanges and handy crypto brokers that let you buy Bitcoin instantly with your bank card. But another interesting area to explore is how to buy Bitcoins with cash?

Because not everyone can always have access to the digital means of buying Bitcoin via digital channels and sites. Not everyone has bank cards or digital bank accounts that they can easily use to buy Bitcoins digitally.

Or there are other instances where buying digitally is either not possible or not preferred.

So in this guide, I will uncover some of the current options for how to buy BTC with cash today.

6 Best options to use for buying Bitcoin with cash

These are the best options that are verified and trusted by other users now in 2020!

1 ) LocalCryptos

Buy Bitcoin with cash at LocalCryptos

Now LocalCryptos is another P2P marketplace site where buyers can meet with other sellers online and buy and sell Bitcoin to each other.

LocalCryptos is a site where you can buy both Bitcoin and Ether. And you can buy Bitcoin at LocalCryptos using a range of different payment methods.

One of those would be with cash of course!

You can buy BTC with cash at LocalCryptos by agreeing with the seller that you prefer cash payments. This could be cash in person, cash by mail, or perhaps a cash deposit into the seller’s bank account.

LocalCryptos use escrow service. So that you can use it with ease that you will get your Bitcoin when paying in cash and that the seller won’t just bail and scam you.

Sign up to LocalCryptos

How to use buy BTC with cash using LocalCryptos

In order to use LocalCryptos you need to sign up first. Follow this guide to using LocalCryptos to buy BTC with cash:

  1. First head over to LocalCryptos and register an account
  2. Then go to the marketplace and either look for current active sellers with offers up or put a bid up yourself
  3. You can search for sellers that accept cash payments
  4. Agree on terms with a seller and make the payment, the cash won’t be transferred to the seller’s account before they make the BTC transfer
  5. When both are done the escrow service will release the funds and you will get your BTC

Benefits of using LocalCryptos

  • There are a good amount of sellers and buyers on the platform. This is always the main concern using these p2p marketplaces. But LocalCryptos have a good volume of users
  • Lots of payment methods to use (cash, bank transfers, vouchers, etc)
  • It is very easy to use the site and with a nice clean UI
  • You can register using only your email and avoid lots of KYC or you can also connect via your cryptocurrency wallet straight away

2 ) LocalCoinSwap (Buy BTC with cash p2p marketplace)

Buy Bitcoin at LocalCoinSwap

This is another site similar to LocalBitcoins and LocalCryptos that you could use to buy Bitcoin with cash payments.

So if you have no luck at either of those two other sites, LocalBitcoins or LocalCryptos to find willing sellers then you could use LocalCoinSwap. It is up to you which site you’d use.

I would base my decision on the number of sellers available, the price offered by the sellers and my preferred payment method, cash for this instance

At LocalCoinSwap you can buy Bitcoin using a range of payment methods. From cash in person, cash deposit, vouchers, cards, etc.

You need to create an account with them to buy from other people. But again you can sign up using any email address.

Use LocalCoinSwap to buy Bitcoin with cash

How to use LocalCoinSwap to buy BTC with a cash payment

  1. First go to the site and sign up, then find a willing seller
  2. Agree on terms for price, and the payment method – cash
  3. Send the funds if cash deposit, otherwise if cash in person then you meetup and complete the transaction (paying in cash and receiving Bitcoins)
  4. Mark the transaction as complete
Sign up at LocalCoinSwap to buy BTC without ID

Benefits of using LocalCoinSwap

  • Lots of payment methods available, from cash in person, to cash deposit, cash by mail, etc (a card, vouchers, bank transfers)
  • No KYC is necessary. You can use this site and make sure you are protecting yourself and keeping your privacy when buying BTC
  • This seems like a marketplace that you can trust and they are doing their job to maintain strength in the case when others like LocalBitcoins are adding KYC by default and removing cash in-person option

3 ) LocalBitcoins

Buy Bitcoin with cash at LocalBitcoins

You can definitely use this popular p2p online marketplace to buy Bitcoin with cash.

At LocalBitcoins you connect with sellers online, agree terms of price and payment method – cash and then proceed through the steps online.

LocalBitcoins operates in nearly every country. The amount of buyers and sellers where you live determines its liquidity. To get started with LocalBitcoins click on this link.

(You can’t use the cash in person option anymore on LocalBitcoins. Also there is a KYC requirement for all transactions now on the site too)

How to buy Bitcoins with cash on LocalBitcoins

Below are the steps to be taken to buy Bitcoin on LocalBitcoins with cash:

  1. Locate a seller who accepts cash in your area.
  2. Choose the amount of Bitcoin you need and place your order.
  3. Collect the seller’s account number directly from the seller.
  4. Pay cash deposit cash into the account given to you.
  5. Upload the receipt for the seller to confirm the payment.
  6. Receive your Bitcoins directly in your LocalBitcoins wallet.

Benefits of Buying Bitcoin on LocalBitcoins Using Cash

  • It’s fast; your Bitcoin will generally be delivered in about 1 hour.
  • As an in-person trade, cash transactions don’t require personal information or physical contact.
  • The process is easy and straight-forward.
  • Buying and selling Bitcoin using cash on LocalBitcoins don’t have any imposed limits.

Read our full review of LocalBitcoins here.

4 ) BitQuick

BitQuick buy Bitcoin with cash

BitQuick is another popular option for buying Bitcoin with cash. Cash is the most accepted payment method in this exchange. The exchange connects you with sellers who desire to exchange their Bitcoin for cash.

However, BitQuick is available in the United States only. It, in fact, doesn’t work in New York because of the BitLicense issue. But the service is excellent in the other 49 states without any issue.

Though it was hacked in 2016, it has come back stronger and taken the lesson to operations.

How to buy Bitcoins with cash on BitQuick

  1. Log in to the BitQuick website to find a seller.
  2. Once the site directs to a seller who needs cash, you start negotiating and till you agree to a price and the amount of Bitcoins available.
  3. Make a cash deposit to the seller’s bank account supplied by the seller directly on the BitQuick website.
  4. Upload payment receipt as proof of payment.
  5. When the seller confirms the receipt of the deposit, he will release the Bitcoin.
  6. Receive the Bitcoin from the escrow into your wallet, latest in two hours. But in most cases, it is less than one hour.

How to buy Bitcoins with cash on BitQuick

Benefits of Buying Bitcoin on BitQuick Using Cash

  • Speed: It is one of the fastest ways to get Bitcoins. You can receive your Bitcoin within one hour of the transfer. 
  • Security: It’s much physically safer than other cash payment process. The buyer pays directly into the account of the seller through a bank teller.
  • High Privacy: There’s no physical contact between the buyer and a seller. And no sensitive personal data other than ID verification is required to be submitted on the website before the transfer is made.
  • Fees: Its fees are average. It’s just 2% in most cases. Those who benefit more from this rate are the sellers.
  • Customer support: This is another great plus as the customer support is available through social media platforms.

5 ) Wall of Coins

Wall of Coins an option to buy Bitcoin with cash

This Bitcoin exchange is a P2P exchange that makes it easy for you to buy and sell you Bitcoin using a variety of payment methods. Wall of Coins, however, gives priority to cash deposit as the main payment method.

Wall of Bitcoins is available in the United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Latvia, Mexico, Poland, Philippines, and Romania.

It has not stopped extending its reach. It has over 100,000 locations in the United States alone.

How to buy Bitcoins with cash on Wall of Coins

Here are simple steps to buy Bitcoins with cash on the Wall of Coins:

Wall of Coins - buying BTC with cash steps
  1. Click on “Buy” on the exchange website.
  2. Click on “Find My Location” or enter your zip code. The exchange uses this information to help you locate the payment destinations nearest to you where you will make a cash deposit.
  3. Supply your Bitcoin address (or do that later).
  4. Enter the amount you wish to spend on buying Bitcoin and proceed
  5. Enter your email so that you could be contacted if necessary and enter your password. If that’s your first time on the exchange, you have to create an account.
  6. You will receive a 5-character Purchase Code from Wall of Coins which you will enter into the website
  7. Proceed to complete your payment. This must be done within two hours. Otherwise, you have to cancel or create new orders later.
  8. Visit the local payment destination to make your payment as you have been instructed to do
  9. You will receive your Bitcoin after Wall of Coins has contacted the seller to verify your payment. You should receive your Bitcoin within 15 minutes after your payment is verified.
Buy Bitcoin at Wall of Cash - find my location feature

Benefits of Buying Bitcoin on Wall of Coins Using Cash

  • There are no official buying limits. You can buy as small as $5 worth of Bitcoin on Wall of Coins.
  • It ensures the privacy of the transaction. The phone number and your location are the only personal information you have to supply. This is for transactional purposes.
  • Speed: You will get you Bitcoin delivered less than 1 hour; usually within 15 minutes.
  • Fees are generally low; they are about 1-2%.
  • Excellent customer support is guaranteed as there is a live chatbox on their website where you can readily receive help with any transaction issues that come up during the buying process.
  • It enjoys a good reputation, so you can trade with rest of mind.
  • It is widely available locally and internationally.

6 ) Bitcoin ATMs (Buy Bitcoin with cash worldwide)

Bitcoin ATM

A little known fact amongst Bitcoin traders during this digital age is that there are tons of Bitcoin ATMs spread out around the globe.

And you could use some of these Bitcoin ATMs and buy with cash.

So you can check a map like this from Coinatmradar to find out if there are Bitcoin ATMs in your nearby area. And then after that, you can look into what brands and operators there are for these Bitcoin ATMs to find out if you can buy BTC with cash at one of them.

This can depend on operator, brand or jurisdiction (where you live).

So this question for buying Bitcoin with cash using a Bitcoin ATM is a bit tricky to answer without knowing where you live. There are definitely Bitcoin ATMs that accept cash payments but you have to check with the ones that are near you.

You can check out these sites to try and find local Bitcoin ATMs and then either contact the operators or head over to one and see how they work. It doesn’t hurt testing on out! And see if they accept cash payments or not.

How to use a Bitcoin ATM to buy BTC with cash

  1. You will first need to locate Bitcoin ATM, using of those links above
  2. Either there are a few in your area that you can visit to check if they accept cash payments or you call the operators to find out more
  3. Go to the Bitcoin ATM and start initiating the BTC purchase
  4. Pay in cash and enter BTC address you want the Bitcoins to get sent to

That’s it more or less, it will be obvious how to use one when you interact with it.

how to use Bitcoin ATM

Benefits of using a Bitcoin ATM

  • It is instant, you will pay in cash and get your BTC immediately to your Bitcoin wallet address
  • It can be KYC free up to certain upper limits. So you can maintain your privacy when using one
  • It is fairly easy to use, most of us who are a bit older have used ATMs so we are used to them. But even for younger people living in cashless societies, they can figure out how to use one

Buying Bitcoin digitally

Why should I buy Bitcoin with cash?

Buying Bitcoin not only digitally but with cash

Why is it still interesting for so many people across the world to buy Bitcoin with cash?

  • Well, one obvious reason is that cash is still the most prominent payment method in many countries around the world. So it is just something a lot of us deal with daily
  • Another reason is that big parts of the world today don’t have their own bank accounts. But they have money. In the form of cash. And they also deserve to buy Bitcoin
  • Another reason might be that people wish to stay anonymous when buying BTC, and you could use some of these options to buy BTC with cash and without the need for KYC and ID verification

But unfortunately buying Bitcoin with cash today is not that easy. It is much easier to buy BTC with a card or bank transfer. There are many more options available for those payment methods.

But it is not impossible!

And in this guide, I will help you find out how and where to buy Bitcoin with cash!


This is another great option to increase your investment in Bitcoin. Avail yourself of any of the options to purchase the number one digital currency using cash.

As Bitcoin is still the by far the most popular cryptocurrency in the world there will be more options to buy it using either cash, card or in another way.

As more cryptocurrencies become more popular these features and options to buy them using varied payment methods will increase.

I hope that this guide to how to buy Bitcoins with cash was helpful.

As always, if you are still wondering about something when it comes to buying BTC with cash payments then feel free to leave a comment below. Or get in touch with us via this page.

If you one day want to buy Bitcoin using digital means. Then I have written several guides on this matter.

For example how to buy Bitcoin using PayPal, to how you can buy Bitcoin with a bank account and also how to buy Bitcoin using your bank card (i.e. credit card or debit card).

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