How to buy QTUM

In this guide on how to buy Qtum, we will walk you through the different steps you need to take for buying the cryptocurrency Qtum (QTUM). We will talk about the different options that are available so that you can easily make a decision which suits you the best. We will also briefly explain what Qtum is, how it works and why it might be worth investing in.

The steps for buying Qtum are not that hard and with this guide, we will make it even easier for you to buy it. We will go through all the steps, the payment methods and where you can easily buy Qtum in no-time.

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How to buy QTUM options

  1. Buying QTUM On Poloniex and Bit-Z
  2. Buying QTUM with a Credit Card or Debit Card
  3. Buying QTUM with Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer
  4. Buying QTUM with PayPal
  5. Buying QTUM with Skrill and Neteller

First and foremost, you must know Qtum was structured as a Blockchain that is business-minded and ready.

Having a powerful team and really strong support, Qtum can be thought of as an amazing hybrid between Ethereum and Bitcoin. The virtual currency has managed to take on the best parts of both of them successfully.

Qtum blockchain for businesses

What Is Qtum?

On a general note, Qtum majorly features a team that is being led by Patrick Dai, and the currency was acknowledged at a time as China’s 30 under 30 to look out for.

Beyond the ICO of Qtum, the virtual currency is supported by a local agent and private investors situated in China. As a rare occurrence in the Blockchain universe, Qtum is known to be backward compatible with contracts of Ethereum and Bitcoin gateways.

This has enabled it to have a simple platform acceptance and a plug and play methodology that leans towards the same space as all other technologies.

Note that, the Cryptocurrency is headed towards a huge push to build a flexible technology.

This flexibility is more than enough to allow smart contracts on mobile devices as well as plan to broaden deeply into IoT, internet of things devices.

Furthermore, in the nearest future, Qtum has made promises to bring out a mechanism known as iPoS, Incentivized Proof of Stake. This mechanism will give incentives to its participants.

Also, Qtum has made claims on being the first virtual currency to bring smart contracts together from Ethereum. Also, transaction models are brought straight from Bitcoin, and finally, the crypto will make use of PoS as a medium to maintain its Blockchain.

Meanwhile, Qtum borrows structural codes from both the transaction model of Bitcoin and the virtual machine and smart contract of Ethereum. They have all served the crypto so well.

Also, this setup has enabled smart contracts on mobile devices via lite wallets. And, some features like the QR code that can be utilized in easily moving funds from one address to yet another.

Qtum unique values

Where To Buy Qtum

You do not have to bother about how to buy Qtum or where to get Qtum as it is being purchased and traded on some prominent Cryptocurrency exchanges such as:

  1. Changelly
  2. Huobi
  3. Kraken
  4. Binance
  5. OKEx
  6. LBank
  7. Coinmama

How To Buy Qtum From Binance

For those who have been searching for where to buy Qtum, you can make use of Binance. All you need to know about Binance is that it is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world right now. That includes the top selection of coins, high trading volume, and great security features. Such as the SAFU fund.

Binance - Exchange to buy Bitcoin

How To Buy Qtum From Changelly

You can also super easily buy Qtum via the swap features at Changelly. This feature makes it super easy to buy QTUM amongst other cryptos. All you need is to have another crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

At Changelly, you can exchange other virtual coins for Qtum with the following steps. They include:

  • Firstly, get a Qtum address ready. This is where you will be receiving the Qtum token.
  • Next is to have some bitcoins or any other altcoins that you want to exchange for Qtum.
  • Go to Changelly and open an account, thereby easily clicking on the free sign button situated at the top right-hand side of the homepage. Fill in all your information
  • Next is to deposit funds into your wallet address when you are set to transfer and even receive your desired currency. Select any of the preferred payment methods you want. It includes debit, credit, or even bank transfers.
  • Finally, you can simply select the Bitcoin you want to exchange on the left. It is what will be sent into Qtum, which is situated on the right-hand side. All you have to do next is to click on exchange.
  • Once done, check on the amount and ensure that all the transfer details are correct and simply click on next. Ensure that you are certain on the Qtum wallet address and hit next once more.
  • Next is to scan through every detail of the conversion and hit on confirm then make your payments.
Changelly Crypto Exchange

How To Buy Qtum With Credit Card Or Debit Card

To do this, you can make use of CoinMama. Easily sign up with this crypto exchange and create your account on time. It may take minutes; however, a confirmation link will be sent to the email address that you provide.

To verify your account as, without it, you cannot purchase Qtum coins, you will have to upload your passport, national identity document, and some other documents.

Once they are processed, approved, and eventually cleared, you can purchase Qtum coins for about fifteen thousand dollars with either your debit or credit card.

To place your Qtum order, you can log into your already created account on Qtum, input your wallet address, fill the form placed before you, and purchase your Qtum coins.

Be it payment with your debit card or your credit card; it is advised that the card you are making use of actually belongs to you.

QTUM - Defining the blockchain economy

How To Buy Qtum With Bank Transfer Or Wire Transfer

Since some people may be interested in purchasing Qtum but do not have either Bitcoin or ether. They can pay with the aid of their bank accounts. Also, some exchanges allow this purchase.

What needs to be done includes going through an authentic account and identity validation because, at this point, you have already chosen to make your trade-in Fiat.

Once the validation is done, you can send the Fiat currency down to any of the listed exchanges above that you are making use of.


How To Buy Qtum With PayPal

Like all other altcoins, you will not be able to purchase Qtum directly from PayPal. What this means is that you will have to buy Bitcoin or ether first.

After purchasing the coin, you will need to select an exchange that has a hold on Qtum, such as Binance. From here, you can quickly transfer the currency from CoinBase to the exchange of your choice by utilizing a deposit address.

Whenever it gets there, you can select the ideal trading pair of your choice. It can be BTC/Qtum or Eth/Qtum.

How To Buy Qtum With Skrill And Neteller

As an altcoin like we have mentioned above already, Qtum cannot be directly bought from Skrill and Neteller without users buying Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can make use of the process above to get Qtum on Skrill and Neteller also.


Qtum is an EVM based platform that has the core of Bitcoin and makes use of Unspent transaction output. Also, it provides affordable transactions that are similar to what Ethereum has to offer.

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