Leading bank Union Bank in the Philippine launches cryptocurrency ATMs

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Leading bank Union Bank of the Philippines is one of the largest banks in the country.

And they have now announced that they are going to launch the country’s first two-way cryptocurrency ATM according to Philstar Global. Where you can buy and sell cryptos using these physical ATMs.

Leading bank Union Bank launch of cryptocurrency ATMs will provide the country’s resident with the opportunity to easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies, following all applicable regulations and making sure the country can more easily be part of the new digital wave.

“In the bank’s continued quest to cater to the evolving needs and tastes of customers, including clients who use virtual currency, the ATM will provide these clients an alternative channel to convert their pesos to virtual currency and vice versa”

It’s a very interesting move to allow Filipinos to follow the crypto trend, but also open up for it’s resident to store value using cryptocurrencies as another option to its own pesos.

Union Bank leading the digital financial wave in the Philippines

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Edwin Bautista, president and chief executive officer at Leading bank Union Bank, has optimistic views for 2019, that it can usher the third phase of the digital transformation journey by scaling up the touchpoints through enhanced features in the mobile app as well as the roll-out of more The Ark branches.

Which are the country’s first all digital branches. With no bank tellers, hardly any lines utilising digital tools to effectivise its operations, and completely paperless,

Leading bank Union Bank launched their first ARK branch back in 2017. It was used to test its potential and showcase to its users and the rest of Philippines that the future was digital.

Since then it’s been a great success and allowed Union Bank to lead the curve in many digital aspects.

“The ARK is the first of its kind demonstrating a transformation of space, people, and processes to deliver a suite of digital experiences, products, and transactions,” said Delgado, adding that the launch, in one way or another, pushes the frontiers of the banking industry in the country, which is often characterised by a slow acceptance and implementation of digital transformation and innovation”, says chief user experience officer Ana Delgado

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