Make it rain scammer arrested again

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Back in December 16 last year Wong Ching-kit was arrested in Hong Kong for throwing cash out from a roof top and handing it out on the streets to happy residents. It was part of a public stunt, as Wong Ching-kit had it all filmed live-streamed to Facebook. As it was seen that he was clearly happy when the police confronted him and eventually arrested him for causing public disorder.

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FileCoin – a mining pyramid scheme?

Wong Ching-kit aka “make it rain” scammer, was later in January this year again arrested by police, as he had been allegedly selling FileCoin mining equipment promising huge returns in almost no time. Nothing new in the cryptocurrency space?

Since then there’s been several complaints filed against him, and FileCoin. Wong himself denies any wrongdoing. And we can’t say for sure yet that FileCoin is a definite scam. But it’s not looking promising. The sub-Reddit for FileCoin still has some activity, but also some posts asking if it’s a scam or not.

“Wong is not a Bitcoin millionaire but a known scammer”

Wong has publicly called himself a Bitcoin millionaire. And someone with good motives, that is trying to promote cryptocurrencies and help others. But back in 2017 he was involved with another pyramid scheme scandal called “London gold trading scams”. Where reportedly 10 ‘sweet-talking’ brokers were arrested promoting a gold trading syndicate which left 33 men about HK$19 million (US$2.4 million) out of pocket, Hong Kong police revealed.

Leonhard Weese, the president of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong, has repeatedly tried to inform the press and the public about Wong’s intentions. And that he’s a known scammer and not a Bitcoin millionaire trying to help others. So it’s not a surprise that the “make it rain” scammer is once again arrested. The question is for how long?

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