Tezos join Ethereum with domain names – simplifying the crypto experience

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In a recent blog post shared by Miroslav Bodeček it was announced that Tezos will join Ethereum in creating domain names for Tezos. This is meant to simplify the user experience for managing cryptocurrency wallets and transactions.

How will Tezos Domains work?

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I think most of can agree that cryptocurrency addresses are impossible to remember, and that the addresses together with the crypto manta be your own bank can make cryptocurrencies a bit confusing for new users.

As an effort to reduce some of the complexity around how blockchain and cryptocurrencies work domain names were introduced a while ago with Ethereum Name Services.

Similar to how domain names work with website addresses where simplified website names like gocryptowise.com is linked to an IP address, these blockchain domain names will do the same thing for cryptocurrency addresses and wallets.

So in the future, a Tezos domain name could be gocryptowise.tezos, which would be linked to us as an owner and with all our linked addresses.

This is still in production for Tezos but it is exciting news nonetheless. User experience has often been the main complaint amongst new cryptocurrency investors and from businesses exploring blockchain development.

In the Medium post, Miroslav explains a bit more how these Tezos Domains will work. They will be powered by smart contract technology and a dApp. There will be an open auction where anyone can bid for a specific domain name.

There is already an existing successful version of domain names working on the Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum Name Service.

Which works with popular wallets like Edge, Browers, MetaMask, Enjin, etc

Blockchain domain names aren’t completely new, and as mentioned there are working examples running on the Etheruem blockchain with ENS.

Another previous example is Handshake, an open-source decentralised naming protocol, and Portal Network a domain name service for several other blockchains like Wanchain, ICON, Qtum, Neo and others.

To corporate examples from IBM and Alibaba

It is exciting to see what future developments we will see happen next. I think we all can agree that domain names is a great example of how the focus has been on the user experience.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency might have a long way still to go but it feels like we are working hard on getting there.

Do you have any other interesting examples of how great UX/UI is helping to make blockchain and crypto more user-friendly? Please share it with us and we it could be something we might write about next.

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