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Liberstad in Norway is designed to be a private city. That is free from Government authorities that according to the founder of Liberstad puts obstacles on societies today.


And to support this vision they have launched their own cryptocurrency and blockchain. The blockchain is called City chain and it will be used for:

  • Property registration
  • Vehicle registration
  • Identification system
  • Smart contracts
  • Business registry
  • Insurance
  • Certifications
  • Subscriptions

They will also have their own cryptocurrency. Called City coin (CITY) running on the City chain blockchain. The Government free city thinks that cryptocurrencies and blockchain is the perfect answer in their quest to bring back power to the people. Power by decentrilisation and

The City Chain is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain, making it more accessible to people without the need for hardware investments for mining. As a staker, you provide a service to the community and the network, and receive staking award in the form of new coins for every block you are selected to stake.

Liberstad - city. Land plot and houses

The vision of Liberstad is to bring back power to the people essentially. Abolishing Government in the support of anarchism.

A big part of Liberstad according to their website is also to provide the people with cheaper housing.

Where prices today in Norway and across Scandinavia in the bigger cities are getting increasing by a lot. And creates unsustainable prices for people in the lower scales of financial reach.

Like pensioners, students and families with children.

Liberstad you will be able to live without high mortgage or rent, and without any direct and indirect taxes.

About Liberstad – the Government free city

Liberstad was officially established June 1st 2017, with the help of over 100 investors from 27 different countries. The project will be realised at Tjelland in Marnadal municipality in Norway. Find out more at their website.

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