150+ Ultimate list of handy Crypto tools & sites 2020

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Updated April 2020. Now with 150+ crypto tools, sites, and resources.

Here you go, the ultimate list of handy crypto tools, sites, links and useful resources. We have spent some time listing our favourite ones, we’ve asked the crypto community and scoured the web to find the best tools for the crypto community.

We have everything from tools for the crypto traders, popular forums, handy crypto tax tools, training and guides, trading bots, crypto ATMs, exchanges, wallets, and more

NOTE: This is not a paid list or advertising for any specific project. Just a list of tools we think could be useful for the community. There is no ranking in the list order it is all randomly selected 🙂

#Table of contents
1.Forums and user generated content sites
2.Popular Reddits for cryptocurrencies
3.Crypto news sites
4.Crypto price trackers
5.Blockchain explorers
6.Crypto guides sites
7.Hardware wallets
8.Software wallets
9.Crypto exchanges
10.Decentralised crypto exchanges
11.Crypto lending services
12.Ethereum links and tools
13.Bitcoin links and tools
14.Crypto trading tools and sites
15.Crypto portfolios
16.Crypto trading bots
17.Crypto tax information
18.Guides to spending crypto & Bitcoin irl and ATMs
19.Crypto scams, hacks and other bad stuff information
20.ICO / IEO / STO, etc (seed funding models for crypto startups)
21.Crypto training and guides
22.Crypto calendars
23.Crypto news aggregators
24.Crypto job sites
25.Facebook groups
26.General crypto tools

1 ) Forums and user-generated content sites

  1. Reddit – There are a bunch of different subreddit pages, dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The biggest subreddit in the world for this topic is CryptoCurrency. But besides that there are hundreds of pages, often the major cryptocurrency projects have their own subreddit page. So have a browse a Reddit once in a while to get new insights from fellow crypto fans.
  2. Bitcointalk – This is the original Bitcoin and cryptocurrency forum. Famous for being the first and biggest forum centred around this new emerging technology. It is still one of the biggest and most popular forums dedicated to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets. Learn about new crypto projects, get reviews and engage in discussion with the rest of the community here. Also it is founded by the same person (or group) that created Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.
  3. Telegram – Check out the telegram channels for your crypto-specific company. If you are a big fan of Ethereum, Cardano, NEO, VeChain, etc then join their Telegram channel.
  4. Medium – For example Hacker Noon can often be a great source of inspiration and insights. Often full of opinion pieces and fundamental technical and economic analyses.
  5. Steemit – A site similar like Medium where users controls the media flow and shares their own articles. It’s also a blockchain based media outlet where the cryptocurrency Steem is the used currency paid to authors

2 ) Popular Reddits for cryptocurrencies

  1. CryptoCurrency – The biggest subreddit for cryptocurrencies – where every crypto under the sun is discussed.
  2. r/bitcoin – The biggest in numbers but second in activity. And of course Bitcoin is the main topic of interest here. It is more pro Bitcoin (Core – the original)
  3. r/btc – Is open for all types of Bitcoin discussion, but it is more Bitcoin Cash pro vs Bitcoin (Core). Then to make it all a bit more confusing there’s also a subreddit for Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash SV all far too complex to delve into here.
  4. EthTrader – For Ethereum and ETH related discussions. With a focus on trading and memes vs r/Ethereum


3 ) Crypto news sites

  1. CoinDesk – Together with Cointelegraph probably one of the biggest news sources in the world for the crypto community. With a team full of freelance writers from the world giving us the community easy to digest and share news?
  2. Cointelegraph – Has similar numbers of readers like CoinDesk, and to be frank pretty much similar content too. The two might differ in what crypto affiliations they have compared to CoinDesk.
  3. CCN – A popular and frequent source for crypto news in the modern age of clickable articles and titles – see ‘breaking news’ segment. Recently announced that they were shutting down due to some updates to Google’s algorithm – but after just a few days later they were back up again
  4. Bitcoin Magazine – One of the early news sources for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Co-founded by Vitalik Buterin (founder of Ethereum).
  5. NewsBTC – Another crypto and blockchain news site with a decent readership. It finds itself between news – guides – referrals
  • Find more crypto news and blogs from this list from Feedspot

4 ) Crypto price trackers

  1. Coinmarketcap – One of the most well known and referred to crypto sources. Giving you prices, trading volume and market cap (find out more how market caps work) for all cryptocurrencies.
  2. CoinGecko – Pretty much the same as Coinmarketcap.com – gives you price info, converters and also links to exchanges and other
  3. Coin360 – Visualises changes in price over the last 24 hours for cryptocurrencies
  4. Go CryptoMarket – A price comparison site for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

5 ) Blockchain explorers

  1. Etherscan – A very useful crypto tool where you can check (ETH + Ethereum tokens – ERC-20) addresses and transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.
  2. CryptoID – Aggregate of different blockchains at one place – including Litecoin, DASH, Stratis, Pivx and many more
  3. Blockchain.info – Blockchain explorer for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. You can also create your own wallet to store


Blockchain.info screenshot


6 ) Crypto guides sites

  1. CryptoCompare – Guide to how mining works, different ROIs for different rigs to live prices, wallets, exchanges and news
  2. Coinsutra – One of the biggest crypto guides online, create by serial blog entrepreneur Harsh Agrawal
  3. Go CryptoWise – That’s us, yey 🙂 Insights, guides, interviews and reviews of crypto products, services, and some blockchain stuff

7 ) Hardware wallets

  1. Ledger Nano X
  2. Ledger Nano S
  3. Trezor Model T
  4. Trezor One
  5. Keepkey

8 ) Software wallets

  1. Exodus
  2. MyEtherWallet
  3. MyCrypto
  4. Blockchain.info
  5. Freewallet
  6. Bitcoin Core
  7. Electrum
  8. Jaxx

9 ) Crypto exchanges

  1. Binance
  2. OKEx
  3. eToro
  4. Kucoin
  5. Bit-Z
  6. Coinmama
  7. Changelly
  8. OceanEx
  9. Coinbase
  10. LAToken

Go to our comparison tool for crypto exchanges and find even more Coinmarketcap.


Binance website picture


10 ) Decentralised crypto exchanges

  1. Idex
  2. Paradex
  3. EtherDelta

11 ) Crypto lending services

  1. BlockFi – Borrow funds or lend out your cryptos to others and earn high-interest rates
  2. YouHOLDER
  3. Unchained Capital
  4. Nexo
  5. Celsius Network
  6. CoinLoan
  7. Salt Lending
  8. Bankera

12 ) Ethereum links and tools

  1. Amber Data – A block explorer and insights and analysis tool for Ethereum blockchain
  2. Bloxy – A insights platform for Ethereum and Ether. With insights to for example the flow ICO money in and out of the projects, Gas and transaction analysis and of course Crypto Kitties insights
  3. Flippening Watch  – Tracking the ‘flippening’ event where Ethereum overtakes Bitcoin’s market cap

13 ) Bitcoin links and tools

  1. The Halvening – A site dedicated to the upcoming halving event of Bitcoin. Where mining rewards will be halved
  2. Simple Bitcoin converter – Is a simple Bitcoin price converter to Fiat currencies…
  3. 1ML – Is a Lightning Network Search and Analysis Engine
  4. Bitnodes – Lists and maps all the active nodes in the Bitcoin network around the world
  5. Bitcoin Fee tool – A Bitcoin fee calculator and estimation tool
  6. TX Highway Cash – A fun Bitcoin car visualising tool/site between BTC and BCH
  7. Bitcoin Transaction Monitor – A Bitcoin tx visualisation tool
  8. 2020 Dickening – A site that shows the time left until John McAfee should have eaten his dick on national television if Bitcoin’s price doesn’t reach $1 million by end of 2020


Bitcoin Halving screenshot


14 ) Crypto trading tools and sites

  1. Investing.com – Trading insights and for cryptocurrencies (amongst others)
  2. Crypto Index – AI-powered Indexes & smart analytical tools for crypto traders
  3. Trading View – A trading chart platform – where you can view others and create your own charts
  4. Trading apps – A site that collects and review crypto trading apps
  5. Cryptospotlight – Get alerts when there’s a rise in buzz around your favourite coins, a very handy crypto tool

15 ) Crypto portfolios

  1. Blockfolio – A portfolio app for the crypto holders. During a bull run one of the most opened apps ever
  2. Delta – Similar to Blockfolio. Became popular amongst Reddit users because it had better UX than its compariot apparently.
  3. Gem – Another option for keeping track of your crypto portfolio
  4. Altpocket – A social crypto portfolio tracker with added community features

16 ) Crypto trading bots

  1. 3Commas – Remain one of the most recent crypto trading software in the market.
  2. Crypto Hopper is also a new digital asset trading software in the market. The touch of effectiveness and reliability of this bot have been a source of joy.
  3. Shrimpy – In the world of crypto trading bots, Shrimpy remains a leading system.
  4. CryptoTrader – is a popular trading bot in the cryptocurrency world. The traction of this software is a product of its operation in cloud technology.
  5. Haas Online – It is one of the best automation trading bots that you can find today.
  6. Zignaly – One thing is evident; this trading software will help you accumulate profits.
  7. LiveTrader – Offers the expected features an experienced trader needs, and it presents it in a seamless and nice looking dashboard.

Crypto Tax Girl website screenshot

17 ) Crypto tax information

  1. Crypto Tax Girl – A CPA and cryptocurrency tax specialist that has become a popular figure for the tax fretting crypto community and is a prominent figure on Twitter (check out our interview with Crypto Tax Girl)
  2. Cointracker is another service that can help you compile your trades, and automatically create your tax reports.
  3. Cointracking Does the same job as Cointracker. Helps users navigate and sort their crypto taxes
  4. Cryptotrader Another crypto tax tool that helps you sort your crypto taxes easily
  5. Bitcoin.tax Lastly does what the three above does – crypto + trades + taxes
  6. Guide to crypto taxes 2019 – A guide that exemplifies the various scenarios when you need to pay tax on crypto and difference between different countries tax laws – from us (Go CryptoWise)



18 ) Guides to spending crypto & Bitcoin IRL and ATMs

  1. Coinmap – An interactive map of all the (some of them) places in the world that accepts Bitcoin and crypto as a payment method
  2. Use Bitcoins – A list with added categories of shops, brands, and websites that wants us to pay with crypto
  3. Where to Spend Bitcoins UK – A directory of shops, pubs, websites and other places in the UK that accept bitcoins.
  4. Coin ATM Radar – List and map of Bitcoin ATMs around the world
  5. Where you can spend Bitcoin – A curated guide to restaurants, hotels, shops, and brands that accepts Bitcoin as a payment method – from us (Go CryptoWise)
  6. Where you can spend ETH – List of merchants that accepts ETH and Ethererum tokens around the world


19 ) Crypto scams, hacks and other bad stuff

  1. Bad Bitcoin – This crypto tool contains information about previous crypto scams
  2. Dead Coins – A list of all the dead coins so far – either hacked, scams, failed or in other ways no longer active
  3. How to protect your crypto – Guide on tips to protect yourself and your coins from hacks, scams, and thefts (from Go CryptoWise)

20 ) ICO / IEO / STO, etc (seed funding models for crypto startups)

  1. ICOSTATS – Gives you stats on previous ICOs and their ROI over time
  2. ICORating – Lists upcoming ICOs and IEOs. With added ‘hype factor’ and information about each crypto startup
  3. ICOAlert – Which was previously a big list of upcoming ICOs with some added analysis and review .is now a more consultancy and advisory based service.
  4. Crush Crypto – Became popular as a source of insights into new ICOs coming to the market
  5. STO Scope – Focus on upcoming STOs with lists and information about the companies behind them


ICO Rating screenshot


21 ) Crypto training and guides

  1. Bitcoin Wiki – A Wikipedia for Bitcoin information
  2. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency courses – Courses on crypto, training, and blockchain technology by Princeton University
  3. Udemy – Online courses with some offering training and education for crypto and blockchain
  4. The Complete Guide to Staking cryptocurrencies – Guide to how Proof of Stake blockchain works and how to get started staking cryptos at home
  5. The best way to investing in cryptocurrency – A guide for beginners to get started with trading / investing in cryptocurrencies
  6. The best Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallets – A guide into the different types of crypto wallets
  7. How to invest in Bitcoin the beginner guide – A beginners guide to Bitcoin and how / where to buy it
  8. How to sell Bitcoin for cash – A guide for how to sell your Bitcoins for cash

22 ) Crypto calendars

  1. CoinMarketCal – A crypto-related calendar for upcoming events, roadmap launches, and other alerts
  2. Coindar – Another crypto calendar with upcoming and past crypto events
  3. Coins Calendar – With upcoming crypto events listed and alert features


23 ) Crypto news aggregators

  1. Berminal
  2. CryptoPanic
  3. Coinna
  4. Ccowl
  5. Today On Chain

24 ) Crypto job sites

  1. Crypto.Jobs – Find jobs in the crypto space
  2. Coinality – Find jobs in the crypto space
  3. CryptoGrind – Find Bitcoin freelance jobs
  4. BlockTribe – Find blockchain jobs

25 ) Facebook groups

  1. The Crypto Corner
  2. The Crypto Club

The crypto club Facebook group

26 ) General crypto tools

  1. Crypto 51 – Gives you insights into what the cost would be to do a 51% attack on the different blockchains
  2. Crypto fear and greed index – An interesting crypto tool that tracks and analyses the sentiments and emotions from investors in a model to describe how the outlook from investors are
  3. The Stablecoin Index – Insights into the price, trading volume and market cap for the different stablecoins
  4. GitHub – An open-sourced code hosting repository where development teams in and outside the crypto world. Crypto community like to use it to check how ‘active’ a team is
  5. Messari – Crypto curated content and insights platforms – you can for example view and create boards related to different cryptocurrencies
  6. Cryptalerts – Set up your own alerts for the cryptocurrencies you are following
  7. John McAfee bet prediction site – John famously predicted that Bitcoin would be valued at $1 million by the end of 2020
  8. MtGox Cold Wallet Monitor – Keeps track of the movement of Mt Gox’s cold wallets and see if any Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash gets moved
  9. All crypto whitepapers – A huge database of over 3000 crypto Whitepapers and ever-growing daily.


Crypto fear & greed index screenshot


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