List of merchants who accept Ethereum in 2020

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One of the key benefits of cryptocurrencies is how quick and cheap they are to send to others. You can send Ethereum, or ETH across the globe in just a few minutes. That’s fascinating when you compare to using a bank transfer or similar which can take several days.

Now Ethereum blockchain is so much more than just for P2P digital payments. It the leading 2nd generation blockchain with smart contracts and decentralised applications at their core. At the heart of it all lies their cryptocurrency, Ether or ETH.

So if you want to get the answer to a popular question – “where can I spend Ethereum (ETH)” then you are at the right place!

And ETH can be used for several things, spending your ETH in shops and at merchants to buy things is definitely one of those. Why not?

It’s cheap, it’s fast and it helps to promote the use of ETH and Ethereum. Sending ETH is much cheaper and faster than sending Bitcoin, did you know that?

So to help you find a list of companies and merchants who accept Ethereum I decided to write an up to date list of interesting places for spending ETH and ERC20 tokens at.

Where to buy ETH?

If you don’t own Ether yet and want to get in then we have written this complete guide for you on how to buy ETH fast and cheap.

I can also recommend using:

  1. Binance
  2. Kraken
  3. Coinbase

Merchants who accept Ethereum (ETH) in 2020

Ok so here is a curated list of brands and companies that accept Ether payments. This list will not be a complete list and it is made for fun. If you have any suggestions for new additions then please let us know!

1 ) eGifter

eGifter is an online gift card platform that accepts Ethereum, or Ether as a payment method. This means you could spend your ETH here to buy gift cards for your friends and family.

There are over 250+ available brands and companies on the eGifter platform, a few examples are Uber, Amazon, Dunkin’ Donuts, App Store, Domino, and Home Depot. So spend your Ether on some pizza!

  • Find out more about eGifter and spending your ETH here

Buy gift cards with Ethereum at eGifter

2 ) Everywhere VISA is accepted with Coinbase Card

Did you know that you could in fact spend your ETH and other cryptocurrencies in every store where VISA cards are accepted? With the Coinbase Card this is possible!

So the Coinbase Card works exactly like your normal debit card. But instead of it being connected to your bank account this is connected to your Coinbase account.

So if you have some ETH available there you can then spend it at millions of locations around the world. Pay with contactless, withdraw cash and pay like normal.

  • Learn more about using Coinbase Card to spend your Ether here

Coinbase Card spend your Ethereum with it

3 ) CryptoKitties

Back in 2017, the Ethereum network came to hold almost. The entire network was getting stuck with the craze that was known as CryptoKitties. A set of collectible kittens that you could buy with your ETH.

Fast forward to 2020 and the craze is no longer that, a craze. But CryptoKitties are still around. So if you want to buy yourself a cute kitten with your Ether then why not!

  • Find out more about CryptoKitties here

4 ) CryptoPunks

This is another collectible game similar to the CryptoKitties. But instead of cute kittens, you can spend your Ethereum to buy cool modern CryptoArt characters. Called CryptoPunks.

These characters hare on display around the world in various art centres. With 10,000 unique characters created on the Ethereum blockchain, you should look into how you can get your own!

  • Find out more about the CryptoPunks here


5 ) CoinPayments

Spend your ETH at online eCommerce shops or gift cards with CoinPayments! CoinPayment is both a shopping cart plugin that merchants can add to their site so that their customers can pay with ETH.

But you can also purchase gift cards on their site to a range of companies and brands. For example Adidas, Applebees, American Airlines, Topshop, Argos and many more.

  • Find out more about CoinPayments here

6 ) Innogy Innovation Hub electric cars charging stations

In Germany, we could learn about a subdivision of RWE that was installing 100+ charging stations for electric cars across Germany. And that users could spend their Ethereum to refill their cars.

This is part of the Share&Charge network. Together with partners around the world, Share&Charge are working hard to create a new decentralised future where Ethereum very much lies at the heart of it.

With an Ethereum token called Mobility Tokens being used for the payments.

  • Learn more about Share&Charge here

Ethereum charging stations - Innogy Innovations in Germany

7 ) Anything on the open marketplace OpenBazaar

OpenBazaar is an online marketplace where anyone can register and set up their own shop. And you can sell anything you like at your own shop (that is legal of course). The marketplace site is free to use for buyers and sellers. And spending Ethereum on it is definitely possible.

Examples of available items and other things on the platform are, art, jewelry, books, local food, and beverages but also Bnbs and other short term rentals.

  • Find out more by visiting ther marketplace’s website

8 ) Cryptoart – buy (Bitcoin) art with ETH

Cryptoart is an online marketplace for art but with a Bitcoin twist. In the art pieces themselves a Bitcoin QR code is stored.

And These QR codes links to a wallet address on the blockchain. These labels with QR codes contain both the public address and private keys (latter is hidden and only available on the back).

It is CoinPayments that we mentioned above and their plugin that makes this possible. And you can buy these Bitcoin arts with Ether.

  • Find out more about Cryptoart by visiting their website

Cryptoart - buy (Bitcoin) art with ETH

9 ) Boatsters Black rent yachts with ETH

Boatsters black is a website where you can rent exclusive yachts and boats for your next dream holiday and pay with cryptocurrencies such as ETH!

There are listed yachts with their own crews available for hiring across the world offering their services on the Boatsters website.

You can on the marketplace rent your next yacht holiday with crew and chef, catering to your every need as you discover some of the dreamy locations around the world.

  • Find out more about how to rent a yacht with Ethereum here

10 ) Trippki hotel booking site

Trippki is an online travel booking site for the new tech generation and digital nomads who want to explore the world and pay with crypto.

Most major cryptocurrencies such as Ether is available to pay with on the platform.

The Trippki booking platform gives you access to over 1.6 million hotels worldwide. With exclusive Trippki club and discounts available.

  • Learn more about Trippki here

11 ) Xceltrip – travel booking platform

Another travel booking platform is Xceltrip, and these guys also have a wide selection of hotels (1.5 million +) but you can also book flight tickets on the platform.

You can book all of these stays and flights with most major cryptocurrencies. Including Ethereum.

Users can also use the platform to list their own properties. This includes everything from hotels, to yachts, b&bs, guest houses, cottages, and many more options.

So if you want to not only spend ETH but potentially earn some ETH then check out Xceltrip!

  • Learn more about booking trips and stays with Xceltrip here

Xceltrip - travel booking platform

12 ) 1000 EcoFarms – marketplace for local and natural food

1000 EcoFarms is a site where you can find and buy locally produced and natural food products.

Here sellers and buyers with a keen interest in food that’s good for the environment are connected.

There are sellers available across the world. From sellers in the U.S to Europe, Asia, and Africa.

1000 EcoFarms mission is to create a vibrant local food network for better food standards and less stress on the environment.

Some of the sellers accept Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, but it depends on what the buyer agrees on.

  • Learn more about buying locally sourced and natural food with Ethereum here

13 ) Chicago Gem Shop – Buy jewelry with Ethereum

This online jewelry shop sells gems and minerals in both smaller quantities and in bulk for users that want something nice and pay with crypto. So buy yourself or your loved ones something nice and pay with Ethereum.

  • Find some beautiful jewelry for yourself or loves ones here

Chicago Gem Shop - Buy jewelry with Ethereum

14 ) Snel – Get cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server) with ETH

Get yourself some online hosting for both small and big businesses using

Snel offers everything from cloud hosting, dedicated hosting and custom server setups.

With Snel you can both pay for hosting with Ether but also set up your own Ethereum VPS servers so that you can run your own node or Ethereum based service.

  • Find out more about Snel’s services here

Set up your own Ethereum VPS with Snel

15 ) Amagi Metals a global eCommerce metals dealer

At Amagi Metals you can buy gold, silver, platinum, copper in the form of coins and bars for example.

There are also certain collectibles and accessories for sale.

So if you are into the physical gold and want to pay with digital gold (Bitcoin) and Ether then check out Amagi Metals.

You can pay with a range of cryptocurrencies and that includes ETH!

  • Find out which metals they have for sale on their website

16 ) Ujomusic – music platform

At Ujomusic artists can connect with fans from around the world to share their music.

Fans can enjoy the music on the platform and pay for songs and other things and the artists can take home a much larger cut by cutting out the middlemen.

So if you are a music lover and you want to help the artists earn more from their work then check Ujo out. You can of course pay (some) of them using Ether!

  • Learn more about the available artist by visiting their website

Ujomusic - music platform

17 ) Skinny Eric’s Cycleworks

Apparently a cycle shop in trendy Hackney in East London who accepts Ethereum and also Bitcoin. But clearly the shop owner prefers to be paid in Ethereum (ETH) rather than BTC!

So if you ever are in the hip parts of London for a flat white coffee then make sure to check out Skinny Eric’s Cycleworks to see if they still accept payments in ETH today!

Skinny Eric's Cycleworks in East London accepts Ethereum

18 ) 1000+ dApps on the Ethereum blockchain

And last but definitely not least for this list of great places where you can spend your Ether at is, of course, one of the many cool decentralised applications built on the Ethereum blockchain.

This one is a given, but it deserves to be mentioned on any list of places where we can spend our ETH at!

There are apps for numerous things, such as lending, investing, trading, digital identity, and credit scoring, p2p marketplaces, digital advertising, gaming, hotel booking, sports events and much much more.

So according to us, these decentralised applications are the future of blockchains and the real reason why Ethereum exists. So there is no better place on a list for places that accept Ethereum than those applications right there!

State of the dapps website which gathers and filters 1000+ dapps on the Ethereum blockchain


I hope you liked this curated list of merchants, brands and companies who accept Ethereum as a payment method (the cryptocurrency ETH or Ether, or ERC20 tokens).

As I mentioned in the top this not an exhaustive list, but it contains some of my favourite picks for places where you can buy stuff with Ethereum.

For a more extensive list of brands and shops where you can spend your Ethereum at check out this site.

So if you want to spend your ETH to further the adoption for Ethereum, or just because it is fun then make sure you check out some of these listed places.

Maybe there is something worthwhile in there for you!

If you want to find out about some of the brands, companies, and merchants that accept Bitcoin as a payment method then click here.

If you have any suggestions for new additions for this list then get in touch with us – leave a comment below. If you liked this article then make sure you share it!

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