How to buy Basic Attention Token (BAT) beginners guide (2021)

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Here I will take you through a step by step guide on how to buy Basic Attention Token, or BAT.

If you are wondering how and where to buy BAT then you are at the right place. I will take you through the steps you need to take to successfully buy BAT and which wallet to use for your tokens.

What is Basic Attention Token and Brave?

BAT, or Basic Attention Token is the native token of the blockchain-based advertising platform of Brave.

At the heart of it you can find the Brave Browser an already functioning quality internet browser that is changing the way publishers, advertisers and users interact and get paid online.

The Basic Attention Token is used to pay publishers and content producers for the work they are doing. And by removing many of the middlemen they can get paid more for their work.

And then you have the users that are tired of seeing ads flood their experience and getting nothing back in return. So now they can get paid for viewing ads. But also help to support great content producers via tips and using their sites and channels.

A great way of removing the uses of ad blockers.

And finally, you have the advertisers that are growing tired of existing advertising platforms and paying for ad space that goes to the wrong users and also overpaying for it.

So the solution to all of these problems is the Brave Browser and BAT.

Summary of the steps on for buying Basic Attention Token (BAT):

We wanted to make a summary of the key steps on buying BAT for beginners in this space.

  1. Part 1 – Choose a wallet to use with BAT
  2. Part 2 – Decide where to buy BAT
  3. Part 3 – Send your BATs to your wallet

Choose a wallet for Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Best wallets for Basic Attention Token

We want to convey a message as well as help you select a good cryptocurrency wallet.

In the world of crypto, you are your own bank. Or at least that’s the common message that experienced holders try to tell beginners.

And that means you manage the personal bank account for your cryptocurrencies with a cryptocurrency wallet.

That means you should look for a cryptocurrency wallet where you have full control of the private keys to your wallet. You wouldn’t want to share access to your bank account so why to your crypto wallet?

Basic Attention Token is an Ethereum token (ERC-20), so you can use any ERC-20 crypto wallet.

So here are a few good options that you can use for your BATs:

1 ) Brave wallet (desktop and mobile wallet)

Brave cryptocurrency wallet

Of course, you can go with the official crypto wallet from Brave. This is a wallet and browser all in one.

And it allows you to take control of your cryptocurrencies with controlling your private keys. Make sure you keep a safe backup. You can use this wallet with hardware wallets from Trezor and Ledger too!

2 ) Ledger Nano S (hardware wallet)

This is the first hardware wallet from Ledger (Ledger Nano S) and you connect it to your computer to use it. It is safe and an easy to use wallet. It costs about $60.

3 ) Ledger Nano X (hardware wallet)

Ledger Nano X

This is the next-gen wallet from Ledger (Ledger Nano X). With support for mobile devices and bigger storage space. And definitely one of the best hardware wallets to use.

It costs about $120.

4 ) Trezor One (hardware wallet)

And if you preferred to use on of the wallets from SatoshiLabs then you can go for the Trezor wallets. Trezor One is the first model and still a great wallet to use.

5 ) Trezor Model T (hardware wallet)

Trezor Model T

And the next-gen model from SatoshiLabs is Trezor Model T. It comes with upgraded hardware and software. More space, touchscreen, faster processor and added support for more cryptocurrencies.

Part 2 – Where to buy Basic Attention Token (BAT)

How to buy Basic Attention Token step by step guide

Ok, there are plenty of sites and cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy BAT at today. Which is great.

And to make it super easy for you I will go through a few different options where you can buy Basic Attention Token at by using different payment methods.

So that there is something for everyone here!

You will be able to find a guide for how you can:

  1. Buy BAT with your card
  2. Buy BAT with a bank transfer
  3. Buy BAT at a cryptocurrency exchange

Buy BAT with a credit card or debit card

Coinbase exchange photo

If you prefer to buy with your card because it’s faster and easier then we can recommend a few different options. These recommended options are sites and exchanges that I trust, and many others in the crypto space to.

You can buy BAT with a card at for example:

  1. Coinbase (get $10 for free when signing up and buying for a minimum of $100)
  2. Changelly
  3. Bitpanda

The steps to buying at these three sites are fairly similar. I will show you a step by step guide for buying at Coinbase.

Buy BAT at Coinbase with a credit card or debit card

1 Sign up at Coinbase

Sign up at Coinbase

Go to and create your own account.

This is easy and it just takes a few minutes. Verify your account and email and pass through the KYC process.

2 Link your card to Coinbase

Link your card to your Coinbase account

Before you can use Coinbase and buy cryptocurrencies you first need to link your card with your Coinbase account.

Head over to settings to complete this step.

3 Buy BAT with your card

Buy BAT at Coinbase with your card

And the last step after your card has been verified to your Coinbase account is to buy BAT. Head over to your portfolio and buy it with your card.

If you preferred to use Changelly to buy BAT with your card then simply follow these steps below:

Buy BAT at Changelly with your card

  1. Go to and click on buy crypto VISA
  2. Select BAT and the amount in USD, EUR or GBP that you want to buy for
  3. Enter your BAT wallet address (you need this to complete this process at Changelly)
  4. Complete the steps by adding your card and ID details

That is it.

And if you want to buy at Bitpanda you can follow these steps:

Buy Basic Attention Token at Bitpanda with a card

  1. Head over to and create your account
  2. When logged in click on trade and buy to use your card (you need to verify your account before you can trade at Bitpanda)
  3. Go through the steps and enter your card details
  4. Enter your BAT wallet address and complete the purchase

Buying Basic Attention Token with a bank transfer

Kraken cryptocurrency exchange website

Another option that you have is to do a bank transfer to a crypto site/exchange and then buy BAT.

By using a bank transfer you can save on fees that usually comes when using a card.

It will take 1-2 days usually to complete the purchase, but it saves on fees and it is very easy to do.

Here are a few good places where you can buy Basic Attention Token using a bank transfer:

  1. Kraken
  2. Coinbase

Here below we thought it would make sense to highlight the steps to buy Kraken with a bank transfer first.

Step 1 Sign up at Kraken

Create an account at Kraken

Step 2 Verify your account at Kraken

Verify your account at Kraken

Step 3 Make a bank deposit

Make a bank deposit to your Kraken account

Step 4 Buy BAT at Kraken Pro

Buy BAT at Kraken Pro

Lastly, we can buy ourselves some Basic Attention Tokens! We now use the Fiat money that we deposited:

  • Buy BAT with USD
  • Buy BAT with EUR

Now we are the proud owners of some BATs and should send them to our secure cryptocurrency wallet that we went for (recommend hardware wallets).

Coinbase app on phone screen

Ok, the other recommended option to buy Basic Attention Token with a bank transfer is to use Coinbase.

We showed that you could use Coinbasr to buy BAT with your card. But you can also buy cryptocurrencies using a bank transfer at Coinbase too.

Instead of linking your card you link your bank account, we will walk you through the steps below.

  1. First, you head over to Coinbase and create an account/sign up
  2. Go to settings and linked accounts and add your bank account
  3. And then proceed to make a bank deposit by clicking on trade and fund your account
  4. Make sure you are using the reference number Coinbase gave you with your bank transfer
  5. Then it takes 1-2 days for the money to show up in your account
  6. Finally when the money’s in you can buy BAT via your portfolio or dashboard page

Add bank account to Coinbase

Buy BAT at a cryptocurrency exchange

Binance cryptocurrency exchange photo

And finally, we can use another option and that is to use a cryptocurrency exchange to buy at.

This is the most common thing that traders and investors do. And sure Kraken and Coinbase exchange, but there are plenty of others out there too.

  • By using a cryptocurrency exchange you can save on fees but also find better prices when buying cryptocurrencies

So without going into to much detail we wanted to mention a few of the popular and recommended crypto exchanges that you could use to purchase BAT at.

How to buy BAT cheaply via Go CryptoMarket

Use Go CryptoMarket to buy cryptos cheaper!

You can find what exchanges trade BAT here too and compare prices for them in real-time. You can also set price alerts for any cryptocurrency there.

Part 3 – Send your tokens to your BAT wallet

And the final step is to send your tokens to the wallet that you decided to go for in part 1.

To make this transfer you need to find a wallet address for BAT.

Since Basic Attention Token is an Ethereum token it means you can send your tokens to any Ethereum or ERC-20 address in a wallet that you own (this might not be the same on exchanges as they can set up their wallets differently).

So what you need to do is:

  1. Find the Ethereum/ERC-20 address – it starts with 0x
  2. Make the transfer from the exchange/where you bought BAT and send it to that 0x address
  3. That’s it! 🙂

Here is an example of an Ethereum and ERC-20 address (do not send any tokens to this address):


  • If you are using a Ledger device then you can use it with Ledger Live and install the BAT application and then it will give you the wallet address
  • If you are using a Trezor then open for example BETA wallet from Trezor and find any Ethereum (and ERC-20 address) and use that
  • You can also use a Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet with MEW or MyCrypto and find an ERC-20 address for your tokens and send it to that address


That’s the end of this guide to where and how to buy Basic Attention Token. I hope you found it useful.

Ok, which option should I go for if I want to invest in Basic Attention Token?

That depends on what level of experience you have with investing and what’s important to you.

  • If you go for a bank transfer you could save on fees but it takes a bit longer and one more step is required
  • If you wanted to use a card payment then it is instant and super easy to do
  • If you prefer to use a crypto exchange then you’d have more options and could get the best price

So base your decision on those factors. But remember prices are pretty much always the same for most high volume trading exchanges. If you are a beginner I’d recommend you use Coinbase (Get $10 for free when buying for $100).

If you are more experienced then perhaps Kraken, and or Binance.

If there is anything that you are not sure about when it comes to investing in BAT then leave a comment or get in touch with us. We are ready to help if you want!

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