How to buy Bitcoin Cash – A beginner’s guide to purchasing BCH

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Are you looking for guidance for how and where to buy Bitcoin Cash?

I will in this guide provide you with a clear overview of the different ways you could buy Bitcoin Cash.

I will try to give you my thoughts and recommendations on where to best buy BCH.

And I will include a set of recommendations based on what type of payment method you want to use.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash logo

Bitcoin Cash is one of the leading forks of Bitcoin. There are in fact numerous so-called Bitcoin forks. But Bitcoin Cash or BCH is the leading challenger/alternative to Bitcoin.

With open-source blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, anyone can duplicate these and create their own version. And this is what happened with Bitcoin that lead to Bitcoin Cash.

The background was the long unresolved internal discussions about Bitcoin’s future. Where one group who were adamant on seeing BTC become a successful global p2p coin, very much like a digital fiat currency.

And they were growing tired of the slowness of the Bitcoin network and the higher fees. And with differences of opinions on how to best scalability and congestions issues it eventually lead to a hard fork of Bitcoin in August 2017.

After that Bitcoin Cash emerged. With two very strong and separate camps, believing that their Bitcoin is the best one.

How to buy Bitcoin Cash summary:

  1. Find a good exchange to buy BCH from (Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, OKEX)
  2. Get a secure BCH wallet (Ledger, Trezor, Electron Cash, Neutrino,
  3. Copy your BCH wallet address
  4. Send your BCHs to that copied address (from the exchange)

Why you should buy Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash investor

Because you believe in it. Either as a peer-to-peer digital currency. That could be sent quickly across the world with little fees. Or if you believe that as a technology and movement BCH also represents a valuable investment for the future.

Whatever way that BCH attracts you and for you to invest in is up to yourself. We want to provide information on different ways you could go about it. Please consider all cryptocurrency investment as a high-risk investment.

Where you can buy Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. In fact, it is currently ranked in the 5th position when we look into the world’s cryptocurrencies by market cap.

That means you will have much more options available when you want to purchase Bitcoin Cash.

That’s good because the more options = the more likelihood there are good cryptocurrency exchanges available and more payment methods available too.

I will in this guide cover how you can buy Bitcoin Cash with a bank transfer, with a credit/debit card, and how to buy BCH with another cryptocurrency.

This is where you can buy Bitcoin Cash (recommended by me):

Where to buy Bitcoin Cash



Payment methods

Get started

1. Great trading volume
2. Lots of useful features
3. Easy to trade/buy via

1. Cryptocurrency trading
2. Card purchases
3. Bank transfer

1. Super user-friendly
2. Very secure
3. Lots of payment methods

1. Cryptocurrency trading
2. Card purchases
3. Bank transfer

1. Great trading volume
2. Easy to use
3. Secure

1. Cryptocurrency trading
2. Card purchases

1. Decent trading volume
2. . Easy to use
3. Secure

1. Cryptocurrency trading
2. Bank transfer

This is how you buy Bitcoin Cash from a cryptocurrency exchange:

Bitcoin Cash mobile wallet

1 ) Join the exchange

Most, if not all cryptocurrency exchanges requires you to sign up. Some but not all requires KYC information about yourself.

2a ) Deposit money and then purchase BCH if buying with a bank transfer

If you want to buy BCH via a bank transfer then you need to then deposit money from your account.

After the deposit have been confirmed you can move on to purchasing BCH

2b) If buying with a card you can purchase directly

If you prefer to buy Bitcoin Cash with a card, then you can do so immediately after joining the exchange. You might need to verify your identity before though.

3 ) Send your BCH to a wallet you own

After you have purchased BCH at a cryptocurrency exchange we recommend you to get your own BCH wallet. This is the most secure way to store your Bitcoin Cash coins.

Which wallets to use when storing BCH

Best Bitcoin Cash wallets by Go CryptoWise

After you have purchased Bitcoin Cash your next step should be to get a BCH wallet.

With BCH and other cryptocurrencies you store your coins and tokens actually on the blockchain itself, i.e. like written code.

A Bitcoin Cash wallet address is what you need to use to store your BCH on the blockchain. Or use to send your BCH to someone else.

The wallet address is much like your bank account details.

In a way to differentiate BCH from BTC the developers behind BCH implemented a unique address format called CashAddr.

This new format can help people to more easily distinguish an BHC address from a BTC address (read more).

But all CashAddr addresses also has a legacy BCH address. So see the CashAddr address as an alternative add-on that you can use.

You can use a block explorer for BCH and click on to a transaction id to see the CashAddr address and the legacy address, as shown in the example below.

Bitcoin Cash CashAddr address and legacy address shown here in the transaction id information (from

And to be able to interact with your cryptocurrencies you need to use a cryptocurrency wallet, which works like an interface to interact with the blockchain and your cryptos.

I have in the past reviewed and listed in my eyes the top Bitcoin Cash wallets here.

Like with the cryptocurrency exchanges there are lots of useful and secure BCH wallets to choose from. Check out that article, or go with one of the popular BCH wallets that I have listed in this table below.

Best Bitcoin Cash wallets



Supported devices

Get started

1. Extremely secure
2. Very useful Ledger Live app
3. Great cryptocurrency support

1. Mobile
2. Desktop

1. Extremely secure
2. Good cryptocurrency support

1. Desktop

1. Lightweight and fast
2. Safe and secure
3. Trusted by the community

1. Desktop

1. Lightweight and fast
2. Modern and easy to use
3. Privacy-focused

1. Mobile

1. Lightweight and fast
2. Popular in the BCH community

1. Mobile

Frequently Asked Questions about purchasing Bitcoin Cash

1 ) Where can I buy Bitcoin Cash in insert country (Canada, USA, Australia, etc)

If you live in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Spain or whatever and you want to purchase Bitcoin Cash then you should know that most of these cryptocurrency exchanges I listed are open to all those countries.

Binance is no longer open to the USA, but instead you can use Binance US to purchase Bitcoin Cash from the USA.

Otherwise most exchanges are open globally, but they can have certain local restrictions. These are based on your country’s regulations.

Check the website of the exchanges for more information about country restrictions.

2 ) Which is the best exchange to buy Bitcoin Cash from?

In my world there is no perfect, or best cryptocurrency exchange. At least not if you think about it from a perspective of buying all cryptocurrencies from.

Some are better for Bitcoin Cash, some are better for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.

But the things that I look for in a good cryptocurrency exchange are:

  1. Good trading volume and liquidity = means it will be more buyers and sellers and therefore easier to buy and sell
  2. Good fees, preferably low fees if possible
  3. Very secure and with a good reputation
  4. Easy to use

What I feel is an easy-to-use exchange might differ from you. But we should agree on what is a good exchange based on trading volume and fees.

You can use either Coinmarketcap, Coingecko or Go CryptoMarket to find out more about the exchanges that trades BCH.

Find a cryptocurrency exchange to buy Bitcoin Cash from via Go CryptoMarket

3 ) Is Bitcoin Cash the same as Bitcoin?

No, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin are two different cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Cash has BCH as a ticker and Bitcoin has BTC.

Bitcoin Cash is a fork of Bitcoin, meaning it is a copy of Bitcoin but with some modifications. Such as a bigger block size, 8MB instead of BTC’s 1MB (learn more about the difference).


That’s the end of this guide to how to purchase Bitcoin Cash, and which exchanges and wallets to use when doing so.

I hope thes guide was easy to understand and with clear guidance. I wanted to write this guide for beginners in mind, but I think it should be useful for people with more experience too.

If there is anything that you might be wondering about that I haven’t answered in this guide then leave a comment and I will get back to you!

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