How to buy Cosmos (ATOM) – Exchanges + Card + Bank transfer

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In this guide I will provide you with clear alternatives and instructions on how and where you can you buy ATOM, the popular rising altcoin from the Cosmos blockchain.

ATOM like other new cryptocurrencies can be bought using either from trading with another cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin. Or you can purchase it directly with your credit/debit card, or a bank transfer.

I will show you all the current options available, and provide you with step by step instructions for the different alternatives. This guide will be perfect for any newcomers that want to invest in Cosmos (ATOM).

Where to buy ATOM

Where to buy ATOM



Payment methods

Available in the US?

1. Great trading volume
2. Lots of useful features
3. Easy to trade/buy via

1. Credit/Debit card
2. Bank transfer
3. Cryptocurrency trading


1. Great trading volume
2. Lots of useful features
3. Easy to trade/buy via

1. Credit/Debit card
2. Bank transfer
3. Cryptocurrency trading


1. Super user-friendly
2. Very secure
3. Lots of payment methods

1. Credit/Debit card
2. Bank transfer
3. Cryptocurrency trading


Get $10 BTC for free

1. Decent trading volume
2. Easy to use
3. Secure

1. Cryptocurrency trading
2. Bank transfer


1. Lots of payment options
2. Possible to stake cryptos to high interest rates

1. Credit/Debit card
2. Bank transfer
3. Cryptocurrency trading


Get $50 for free

1. Lots of payment options
2. Possible to buy cryptos instantly

1. Credit/Debit card
2. Bank transfer
3. Cryptocurrency trading


1. Good trading volumes
2. Easy to use
3. Secure

1. Cryptocurrency trading
2. Card purchases


I will get right to, where to buy ATOM cryptocurrency.

I will list some different options depending on how you want to purchase ATOM; with a credit card/debit card, with a bank transfer, with another cryptocurrency.

How to buy ATOM with credit/debit card

How to buy ATOM with a credit/debit card

I can understand if you want to purchase ATOM directly with your card. It is one of the fastest ways you could get hold of some ATOMs with. That is a big plus if you want to get in fast and not waste any time.

The downside to using a card is that it can rack up higher fees compared to a bank transfer (which is slower).

Anyways, I will list here some of the options you have for buying Cosmos with a credit/debit card:

  1. Binance
  2. Binance US
  3. Coinbase (Get $10 for free when purchasing $100 with a card)
  4. (Get $50 for free – enter referral code:8f7kuvcdqu)

If you like to get special deals with Coinbase and then you can enter my referral code, but that is up to you ;).

This is how you buy ATOM at Binance with a credit card or debit card:

  1. Register an account and verify your identity
  2. Go to buy crypto – credit/debit card
  3. Purchase BTC with the fiat currency of your choice
  4. Trade BTC for ATOM via the cryptocurrency exchange
  5. Go to spot trading – classic version and find BTC/ATOM trading pairs
  6. Trade your BTC for ATOMs

Buy BTC with a credit/debit card at Binance

How to buy ATOM with a bank transfer

How to buy ATOM with a bank transfer

If you don’t mind waiting 1-2 days (usually at least) for you to complete the purchase then I would also recommend you to use a bank transfer.

This way you will save on fees a bit. I myself usually use bank transfers for most of my cryptocurrency purchases.

If you prefer to use a bank transfer, i.e. ACH/SEPA/Swift/Wire transfer then I’d recommend any of these sites:

  1. Binance – buy a stablecoin via linked providers / SEPA available
  2. Coinbase (Get $10 BTC for free)
  3. Binance US – For US users
  4. Kraken
  5. (Get $50 for free – enter referral code:8f7kuvcdqu)

This is how you buy ATOM at Coinbase with a bank transfer:

Coinbase exchange photo

  1. Register an account + verify your identity
  2. Add your bank account to your Coinbase page
  3. Make the bank transfer to the provided bank account details from Coinbase
  4. Wait 1-3 days
  5. When the funds have arrived buy ATOM with USD/EUR/GBP that your deposited

That’s it!

There are probably more options available for where to buy Cosmos both with a card or a bank transfer. But these are sites that I know myself and that are highly popular with other people.

How to buy ATOM with another cryptocurrency

Finally, I also want to add this option, which is how to buy Cosmos (ATOM) with another cryptocurrency. I.e. by trading ATOM with for example BTC/ETH at a cryptocurrency exchange.

This is most the common way that people like you and me would buy ATOM. But this requires you to first buy another cryptocurrency, or already hold one.

I will try and explain how cryptocurrency trading works on an overview level. For more details check this page out.

Here are some options for cryptocurrency exchanges that I trust and have used myself quite a bit that also has ATOM:

  1. Binance
  2. Coinbase Pro
  3. Kraken
  4. Bit-Z
  5. OKEx (Get $10 for free when purchasing $100 with a card)
  6. Huobi

To find additional cryptocurrency exchanges that trade ATOM I’d check out either Coingecko or Go CryptoMarket. With Go CryptoMarket you can compare prices between exchanges to find the one with the cheapest price, which is quite useful.

Find exchanges and compare prices for ATOM at Go CryptoMarket

This is how you use a cryptocurrency exchange to trade:

  1. First you register an account
  2. Then you need to deposit funds, either fiat money (USD, EUR, GBP, etc) or another cryptocurrency. The latter is the more common option
  3. Then with those funds you need to find the right trading pairs. BTC and ETH are the most common trading pair options. Meaning if you want ATOM then you might deposit BTC to trade BTC/ATOM
  4. If you deposited BTC then trade BTC/ATOM, if you deposited ETH then ETH/ATOM, USD – USD/ATOM, etc
  5. Trade X/ATOM with a market order which means you will buy ATOM for the current market price
  6. Trade X/ATOM with a limit oder, this means you set a specific target price and your order will get filled when someone accepts that price

How to buy ATOM for US users

If you are based in the US and you want to buy ATOM then either of these sites would be a good option to start at. These all are open for US based users:

  1. Binance US
  2. Coinbase (Get $10 BTC for free)
  3. Kraken
  4. (Get $50 for free – enter referral code:8f7kuvcdqu)

Buy ATOM at available for US users

At any of these sites, you can either buy ATOM with your card directly (besides Kraken) or use a bank transfer to deposit funds. And then wait for that deposit to arrive in your account and then move on to purchasing Cosmos.

Where to store ATOM

After you have purchased ATOMs you will need to store your cryptocurrencies somewhere. You can store them at most cryptocurrency exchanges, but there are risks to storing your cryptos at an exchange.

There have been numerous cryptocurrency exchanges hacks, which are unfortunate but a reality.

To avoid this I would recommend that you stored your cryptos with a wallet that you own. And not relying on a third-party if possible.

Here are a couple of Cosmos wallet that you could use, I recommend a hardware wallet as they are the most secure

  1. Ledger Nano S – the original version, available for purchase at about $60
  2. Ledger Nano X – the latest version available for purchase at about $120
  3. Cosmostation – a mobile (iOS + Android) and web wallet version (open-source code)
  4. Trust Wallet – a multicurrency wallet for Cosmos and many other cryptocurrencies (desktop – Windows, macOs, Linux + mobile – iOS and Android)
  5. Atomic Wallet – another multicurrency wallet with support for Cosmos (desktop – Windows, macOs, Linux + mobile – iOS and Android)

Use a Ledger device to store your Cosmos (ATOMs) safely

What it Cosmos and ATOM?

Cosmos Internet of blockchains website screenshot

This internet of blockchain cryptocurrency that is also available for staking.

Cosmos is trying to build an ecosystem for multiple blockchains and dApps (decentralised applications) to co-exist in a more fluid and cooperative way.

It is also a highly popular staking option coin. Cosmos like other interesting blockchains like Tezos focuses much on interoperability, flexibility and scalability.

And with lots of technological developments and features in place Cosmos is showing to have some genuine potential. Hence the strong interest in its cryptocurrency ATOM.

ATOM like Tezos is a form of delegated PoS crypto. You can delegate your ATOMs and start earning extra income like a form of a dividend.

You can earn an ROI of about 8-9% – read more about staking ATOM here.

Useful tips

1 ) Stake your ATOMs and earn 8-9% interest rate

You can stake ATOMs and earn a nice passive income. Either you run a node, or you delegate your coins to another node holder. Both ways will provide you with a staking reward, but the latter is much easier.

2 ) Backup your passwords – seeds and private keys

Always keep a backup of any password, seed phrase, private key or anything else that is important. Make sure you also try to keep these either offline, or in a way where it is really hard for anyone to hack them.

You can learn even more about Cosmos, ATOM and relevant stuff here and do chat with other Cosmos fans on Reddit or Telegram


That is the end of this guide about where and how to buy Cosmos (ATOM).

I added a couple of different options depending on if you want to purchase it with a card, bank transfer or a cryptocurrency.

I also want to remind you to don’t skip out on the part of securing your ATOMs. No point buying some cryptocurrencies for then to forget about them, or forgetting how to open your wallet again.

If you lose your private keys or passwords then you will not be able to open your wallet again. That’s why it is so important to keep backups.

Otherwise have fun and I hope you learned something.

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