How to buy Dogecoin (Doge) Guide – Buy Dogecoin instantly

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Ok, right now we are going to look into one of the more intriguing and unique cryptocurrencies out there. Namely Dogecoin

In this guide on how to buy Dogecoin, we will answer some of the most commonly asked questions from the crypto community, such as:

  • Where to buy Dogecoin?
  • How to buy Dogecoin with USD?
  • Is Dogecoin a good investment?
  • And buying Dogecoin with a bank transfer? And much more!

We will also look into what are some of the best cryptocurrency wallets for storing your DOGE.

And lastly, we will give you our views about this “fun internet currency” and if it is a smart investment or not?

Summary of the steps to buying Dogecoin:

Here are the steps to buying Dogecoin – easy peasy!

  1. Find a good wallet for storing your DOGE coins
  2. Find an exchange or site to buy DOGE at

What is Dogecoin?

What is Dogecoin?

Before we head into the buying-part of this guide to Dogecoin we thought it would make sense to provide a brief summary to:

  • What is Dogecoin?
  • Where did Dogecoin come from?
  • And why was it created in the first place?
  • And what might the future of Dogecoin look like?

Dogecoin is not (just) some internet joke. It is an open-source decentralised p2p currency, like Bitcoin and Litecoin.

But it has a mascot, in a Shiba Inu (the meme) dog that certainly set itself apart from the more ‘serious’-looking P2P cryptocurrencies.

In fact, today Doge has a market cap of over $280 million USD. It has a daily trading volume of $83 million USD. It is a cryptocurrency that actually works.

It is ranked in 32nd place in terms of the market cap when compared to other cryptocurrencies (source CMC).

And it does what it says on the box. As P2P-crypto it works. You can use it to pay for stuff, tip others online or store it to hope its value will increase over time

Dogecoin was initially perhaps created as a form of internet joke when launched back in 2013. But for maybe just those reasons it quickly grew to become very popular in the cryptocurrency community.

Both as fun internet money, but also the mascot has been seen in endless memes and jokes online.

Find a good Dogecoin wallet

Dogecoin wallet option #1 – Official wallet (desktop & mobile wallet)

Dogecoin mobile wallet

You can use the official Dogecoin wallet for storing your DOGEs. It is available for both desktop and mobile. With Windows, macOS, and Linux being available for desktop. And Android for mobile!

  • You can download all the versions of the official wallet here

Dogecoin wallet option #2 – Ledger Nano S (hardware wallet)

Ledger Nano S an excellent choice for storing your Litecoins

The other option that you could go for and something we would recommend is to use a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S.

On the Ledger Nano S, you can store most of the popular coins and tokens, including DOGE.

To store your DOGEs on the Ledger Nano S, you first need to buy it and download the Ledger Live application. Using a hardware wallet is definitely one of the better crypto wallets as they are often considered the safest!

  • Find out more about using Ledger Nano S for storing your DOGEs here
  • Buy the Ledger Nano S here
  • Download the Ledger Live application here

Dogecoin wallet option #3 – Ledger Nano X (hardware wallet)

Crypto hardware wallets like Ledger Nano X

This is the new and upgraded version of the popular hardware wallet from the Ledger team.

Overall it is similar to the Ledger Nano S, but it comes with a few upgrades.

It comes with Bluetooth and a bigger storage space. So that you can use it smoothly with your phone, and store more applications and cryptocurrencies on it.

To use the Ledger Nano X you also need to download the Ledger Live application. Or you can use both of the Ledger devices with other compatible Dogecoin wallets.

  • Find out more about using Ledger Nano S for storing your DOGEs here
  • Buy the Ledger Nano S here
  • Download the Ledger Live application here

Dogecoin wallet option #4 – Paper wallet

And finally we can also recommend that you use a paper wallet for storing your Dogecoins at. This is completely free and it is also a secure way of storing your DOGEs.

The obvious downside with a paper wallet is that it’s not that beginner-friendly. And you need to use another interface or Dogecoin wallet to actually access your DOGEs.

See a paper wallet as your safe. This is for when you want to store your cryptos for the long term and not use it that often. Paper wallets are not connected to the internet and therefore less exposed to risks such a wallet hacks.

To make sure you are minimising risks I recommend that you download the wallet software and generate a new wallet locally on your computer, and in offline mode. It is not recommended to generate a new paper wallet online at any website. No matter how legit it seems, you can’t know if its been hacked/phished.

  • You can find paper wallets by researching yourself, but one option is from this site

Where to buy Dogecoin – best sites & exchanges in 2021

How to buy Dogecoin wide version image

So when it comes to actually buy some DOGE coin for yourself then there are few different options available. We will talk you through some of the most popular options. And using a range of different payment methods. So that you can pick the right option for yourself.

Whether you are buying DOGE for fun, as an investment or to use it it doesn’t matter. This guide will help you buy Dogecoin quick and easy!

We are including a range of different options to purchase DOGE with different payment methods. So that you have multiple ways to buy it with!

How to buy Dogecoin (DOGE) with a credit card or debit card

If you want to buy DOGE fast and easy then buying it with a credit card or debit card is the way to go! It is almost instant, often really easy process and it works with all the major VISA and Mastercard cards.

It does sometimes have higher fees than if using a bank transfer.

Here we have listed the best options to buy DOGE with a credit card or debit in 2021.

Buy DOGE with a card at Changelly

Changelly Crypto Exchange

Changelly is an online cryptocurrency broker site. Where you can both change (or swap) a cryptocurrency for another. Lets say some BTC for some DOGE.

Or you can buy cryptos with your credit card or debit card at Changelly too.

So when it comes to how to buy Dogecoin with USD you can see in the image here below that is possible at Changelly using a credit card or debit card!

In this guide below we will walk you through how to buy Dogecoin with credit card or debit card at Changelly:

Buy Dogecoin with a credit card or debit card at Changelly

  1. First, go to and click on Buy crypto VISA
  2. Select Dogecoin from the list, enter the amount in Fiat currency you want to buy for and enter your DOGE wallet address (so it is important that you have a DOGE wallet before completing this step)
  3. Proceed through the next steps – entering your card details and any personal details required by Changelly and their KYC and AML process (what is KYC and AML click here)
  4. Done!

That is how you buy Dogecoin using a credit card or debit card at Changelly! The DOGEs should be in your crypto wallet within the next 30 minutes max!

Buy BTC/ETH first at Coinbase Dogecoin with a card at then swap at Shapeshift or Changelly

Coinbase photo

Another option that you have is to buy another cryptocurrency at popular site Coinbase, like Bitcoin or Ether. And then swap them for some DOGE at Shapeshift or Changelly!

This involves an extra step but it should be that much extra work.

We would recommend using Ether (ETH), the native cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain as it is a bit faster to send than Bitcoin. But using Bitcoin also works. You could use Ripple or Litecoin also if you prefer!

For this guide to exemplify the step by step process we will use ETH!

To buy ETH/BTC, etc with a card at Coinbase – the steps are as follows:

So you can indirectly buy Dogecoin with credit card or debit card at Coinbase by first buying another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ether. And then send those to a cryptocurrency exchange that trades DOGE (like Binance or Kraken).

Coinbase website get started / sign in

  1. First head to and create an account – click on Get started
  2. When you are logged in you need to add your credit card or debit card to your account (link it) – click on Settings and Linked accounts to do it
  3. After that has been done you can buy ETH (or another cryptocurrency) and confirm the amount that you want to buy for in your Fiat currency (USD, GBP or EUR)
  4. Now you have bought some ETH and you can move on to the next step of this guide – swap them at Shapeshift or Changelly for some DOGE!

To swap those ETH/BTC, etc at Shapeshift the steps are as follows:

Swap cryptocurrencies for DOGE at Shapeshift

  1. Head on over to and select the swap pair that you want to use, for example, ETH – DOGE and if you want a quick or precise swap (quick then it will go faster but not set rates – precise will give you the exact rates
  2. Then you need to create an account with Shapeshift to continue – add your personal information and identity information
  3. Add the DOGE address you want to send the Dogecoins to and then Shapeshift will provide you with an address to send your ETH to
  4. Go back to Coinbase and find the ETH/BTC, etc in your account and make the transaction from your Coinbase account to the wallet address that Shapeshift gave you

That is it! After you have completed the transaction it should take maximum 1-2 hours for the DOGE to arrive in your Dogecoin wallet. It is usually quicker than so but it depends on network volume!

To swap those ETH/BTC, etc at Changelly the steps are as follows:

Swap cryptos like ETH for DOGE at Changelly

  1. Head on over to and select the swap pair that you want to use, for example, ETH – DOGE
  2. Now you can choose a fixed-rate transaction so that you know how much you’ll get. Or you can go with a flexible rate
  3. Enter the DOGE address that you want to receive your Dogecoins at and continue
  4. You will see a confirmation of the swap purchase – now you need to create an account with Changelly to continue
  5. When that’s done you will then see the wallet address that you need to send your ETHs to.
  6. Go back to Coinbase and send the ETH (or the other crypto that you are using) to the address and then it is done

That’s how you swap a cryptocurrency for DOGE over at Changelly. It should take about 30 minutes. But give it up to 1-2 hours just in case!

So indirectly you can use Coinbase and then either Shapeshift or Changelly to buy Dogecoin with USD.

Buy DOGE at Changelly by swapping Dogecoin with another cryptocurrency

Buy BTC/ETH, etc with a bank transfer and then buy DOGE

Buy Bitcoin or Ether with a bank account and then buy Dogecoin

One of our favourite options when it comes to buying cryptocurrencies is to use a Fiat gateway site or exchange with bank transfer option. Meaning somewhere we can buy cryptocurrencies using our bank account.

This way we will save on fees! And it actually doesn’t need to be that complicated.

And to make it really easy for you guys here we will walk you through all the steps of this way of doing it. Including photos.

And the two options that we will use in this guide to buy Dogecoin with your bank account is Coinbase and Kraken!

With Kraken, you can buy Dogecoin directly from their exchange!

But with Coinbase you need to first buy another cryptocurrency, like BTC, ETH, XRP or LTC. And then send those cryptos to another cryptocurrency exchange that has DOGE.

You can find out which exchanges have DOGE here. But we will later down in this guide walk you through how to use Binance to buy Dogecoin!

How to buy DOGE at Kraken with a bank transfer

Kraken website

Kraken is a very popular cryptocurrency exchange. You can both trades cryptos for others, but also deposit funds from your bank account to Kraken. This will help you save on fees, but it is still a very easy process.

To make it even easier we have documented every step of the process and with added images for you.

Follow these steps to buy DOGE with a bank transfer at Kraken:

Create an account with Kraken

To find out how you deposit funds from your bank and buy XRP follow these steps below:

  1. Go to and create a new account
  2. Go to the funding page when logged in and select deposit and the deposit option (bank transfers only)
  3. When the deposit is done you can then buy DOGE directly from Kraken Pro (a pro-version of Kraken) using either DOGE/USD or DOGE/EUR – the other trading pair for DOGE at Kraken is DOGE/BTC (Bitcoin)
  4. Complete the trade and then your account will be instantly credited with your DOGEs

Dogecoin trading pairs at Kraken Pro

That’s how easy it is to use Kraken to buy Dogecoin. Of course the part of depositing funds from your bank account might take 1-2 days. But using this option will save you on fees compares to buying Dogecoin with a card!

Another option to buy DOGE with USD here shown at Kraken!

How to buy BTC/ETH at Coinbase with a bank transfer and then DOGE at a cryptocurrency exchange (Binance)

The second option that you could use to deposit funds from your bank account and save on fees is to use Coinbase.

We talked about using Coinbase before, but then it was for using it to buy a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ether with your credit card or debit card. Here it is about buying them using a bank transfer.

As mentioned previously, if you choose to use Coinbase then you have to send those ETH/BTC to another cryptocurrency exchange to actually buy yourself some DOGE!

We will guide you through both parts, starting with how you buy BTC/ETH at Coinbase with a bank account.

Buy Bitcoin with a bank account at Coinbase

Using ETH might be a bit quicker than using BTC. And ETH is more or less as common as BTC for being the base trading pair (DOGE/ETH).

  1. First head to and create an account – click on Get started
  2. When you are logged in you need to add your bank account to your account (link it) – click on Settings and Linked accounts to do it
  3. After that has been done simply click on buy ETH or BTC – proceed through the steps with the instructions from Coinbase
  4. Make sure you copy the reference number correctly and use when you make the transfer from your bank to Coinbase’s bank account
  5. Done – now you can transfer those ETH/BTC to another exchange to buy DOGE – we will use Binance as an example

After you have made the transfer from your bank to Coinbase it should take no more than 1-2 days for it to complete. It can take much less time than so. For me, it has sometimes been done within 1-2 hours.

But the 1-2 days is just in case and so you don’t get worried.

Lastly, you can also use Coinbase to buy Dogecoin with USD using now both a card or here shown by using your bank account!

Add bank account to Coinbase

How to buy Dogecoin at Binance

You can also use a cryptocurrency exchange to trade another cryptocurrency for Dogecoin. In fact, this is the most common method used by cryptocurrency traders and holders.

This requires you to be a bit more comfortable using online sites to buy and sell cryptos than compared to using Changelly, Shapeshift or Coinbase.

But it really isn’t that complex. It might look more confusing that it actually is. And with our help here in the step by step process of buying Dogecoin on Binance it will be easier than ever.

So to buy DOGE at Binance follow this guide below:

  1. If you don’t have an account with Binance yet then create one over at
  2. To buy DOGE at Binance you first need to deposit some other cryptocurrency, like BTC or ETH
  3. Find your BTC or ETH wallet address
  4. Send BTC or ETH to the address at Binance
  5. Then when that’s done go to the exchange part of Binance
  6. Find BTC/DOGE or ETH/DOGE trading pairs
  7. Enter the sum you want to buy for and make the trade

That is a step by step process of buying Dogecoin at Binance crypto exchange.

See photos below for further instructions

Deposit Bitcoin to your Binance account
Deposit Ether to your Binance account
Buy Dogecoin at Binance by trading DOG

Frequently asked questions about buying Dogecoin

Frequently Asked Questions about Dogecoin

Should I buy Dogecoin?

Now, do I believe that Dogecoin will be the leading cryptocurrency in the world in the future? No, I don’t. But does that mean that I don’t believe at all in Dogecoin? No, it doesn’t.

If you are wondering about, is Dogecoin a good investment or not? Then we are firm believers that any coin (almost) could be a good investment opportunity. At least for a short term profit.

I myself would perhaps be more inclined to buy Dogecoin coin for any short term profits rather than my strong belief in its long term future. But you might think differently!

And I don’t just think it’s an internet joke currency anymore. It has grown from to become so much more. It means something special in this new area full of cryptos that deserves less attention than DOGE.

But only you can decide if you should buy some DOGE or not. Our advice is to everyone after you have read up on Dogecoin and you think it represents a good investment opportunity then why not?

Sure you can also buy DOGE for it being fun!

How do I buy Dogecoin with USD?

Buy Dogecoin with USD

We have shown you a number of different ways to buy Dogecoin with USD. Either by using your card at Changelly directly. Or at Coinbase by first buying BTC or ETH and then a crypto exchange like Binance.

Or via Coinbase or Kraken and a bank transfer (with Kraken it is directly from bank transfer to buying Dogecoin DOGE/USD).

Is it safe to buy Dogecoin?

It is as safe to buy DOGE as any other cryptocurrency. It is not riskier to buy it than buying ETH or BTC!

The process of buying DOGE at an exchange can mean that you expose yourself to certain risks. Therefore we recommend that you use the trusted and more popular exchanges and sites that we have recommended in this guide.

And if DOGE is a safe investment, meaning do you risk losing your money if you buy it? Then we’d like to say that investing in any cryptocurrency means you are potentially risking to lose all your money.

Cryptos are a riskier investment than others many think. What I think is that they can be more volatile than other investments. And therefore feel a bit riskier.

But then there are also a lot of bad cryptocurrencies out there. Mixed with some that aren’t bad but might just fail.


I hope that this guide on how to buy Dogecoin was easy to follow and that it gave you all the answers that you wanted.

We have in this guide to buying DOGE walked you through how to buy Dogecoin with a credit card or debit, with a bank transfer or using another cryptocurrency exchange. Showing that you can buy it using different payment methods!

We have also listed some of the popular cryptocurrency wallets that you can use to store your DOGEs!

If there is anything else that you wanted to find out about buying or storing Dogecoin that is not mentioned in this guide, if you have any questions then leave a comment below.

If you liked this article then make sure you share it with other Dogecoin fans!

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