How to buy Tron Easily – 5 Ways to Buy TRX Instantly

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In this guide on how to buy Tron coin, we will walk you through the different steps you need to take for buying the cryptocurrency (TRX). We will talk about the different options that are available so that you can easily make a decision which suits you the best.

We will also briefly explain what Tron is, how it works and why it might be worth investing in.

The steps for buying Tron coin are not that hard and with this guide, we will make it even easier for you to buy it. We will go through all the steps, the payment methods and where you can easily buy Tron in no-time.

How to buy Tron TRX guide

How to buy Tron options

  1. Buying Tron with a Credit Card or Debit Card
  2. Buying Tron with Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer
  3. Buy Tron at a crypto exchange
  4. Buying Tron with PayPal
  5. Buying Tron with Skrill and Neteller

Tron is popularly known as a decentralized platform that has been structured to streamline the spread of multimedia content and apps between consumers and creators.

Similar to coins like DragonCoin and Ethereum, Tron is being powered by prominent blockchain technology, and it backs up both decentralized applications and smart contracts.

Tron - Decentralize the web screenshot

What Is Tron?

The native virtual currency of Tron is also known as Tronix and it is structured to be utilized for executing transactions on the Blockchain. But, it can also be used for other things asides from transactions just like Bitcoin.

Although, so many Blockchain projects focus on virtual currency transactions, Tron is also built to host media content. As well as,  distribute this same media to consumers and also, operate dApps.

Nevertheless, it is a very ambitious Blockchain project that is formally aiming to switch into:

  • A decentralized internet
  • A virtual content store
  • An app store, and;
  • A virtual currency store.
Tron blockchain features

Furthermore, the formal code of Tron that is being used in diverse trading platforms is TRX and, it is usually referred to as either Tron or Tron Coin.

Tron has gathered a lot of attention in recent years. Much due to its founder Justin Sun. Who we can easily say has a bit of a love or hate relationship from the crypto community.

The fact remains that, they are more than likely talking about the Tronix virtual currency and not the Blockchain this time around

You can always make use of the Exodus wallet. Note that Exodus is its most recent offering, and it is ideal for person to person distribution and the storage of contents.

Bear in mind that Exodus does not make use of Blockchain technology currently, but it makes use of a unique web-based file system protocol that backs a distributed file system.

Furthermore, it will be making use of a plan known as Odyssey, and it will be leveraging on the power of Blockchain. It will also comprise of financial incentives in a bid to promote the creation and the hosting of content on Tron.

Tron logo

Where To Buy Tron

In buying Tron, the steps involved include:

1 ) Select a Tron wallet

You should note that the Tron wallet actually used to be an ERC-20 token, and this means that it was kept in Ethereum’s wallet.

However, you can make use of the ledger hardware wallet that enables users to store their TRX safely offline. It is a multi-currency wallet that is compatible with roughly one thousand different assets.

2 ) Locate your TRX address

After getting your wallet, the next step is to get the Tron address. The Tron address is actually a long, strong comprising of numbers and letters that begins with a T.

3 ) Buy Tron on a Cryptocurrency exchange or crypto broker site

Even though TRX has a market capitalization that is running into billions of dollars, the trading pairs for TRX are actually with coins like Bitcoin and ether.

However, if you are wondering where to buy TRX with a Fiat currency, you have just two good options, which include buying Tron via Binance.

Nevertheless, you can purchase Tron on various exchanges such as:

  1. Hubi
  2. Binance
  3. Biki

Or you can buy Tron at a crypto broker site with your credit card or debit card, for example:

  1. Changelly
  2. Bitpanda

Finally, the last step involves withdrawing the TRX to your own wallet. This is because storing your coins in a crypto exchange is not safe. They are susceptible to hacks or can even close down completely.

Buy Tron with a card

How To Buy Tron With Debit Card And Credit Card

You have two good options if you want to buy Tron with a credit card or debit card directly. The benefit of buying TRX with a card is that the purchase is instant.

Using either of these two sites are very similar.

  1. You first select TRX and the fiat currency you want to buy with (for example if you want to buy Tron with USD, EUR, GBP)
  2. Select the amount and then proceed through – provide your details (ID, bank card, etc)
  3. Enter your TRX wallet address (it is important that you have a Tron wallet before you make the purchase)
  4. Complete the purchase and your TRX will be sent to the address that you gave

These are the two crypto broker sites that you could use to buy with a card:

  1. Changelly
  2. Bitpanda

Buy Tron With A Bank Transfer Or Wireless Transfer

You can’t buy TRX directly with a bank transfer. So what you have to do is to first buy BTC or ETH at an exchange like Coinbase or Kraken. And then send those BTC/ETHs to another exchange that trades TRX and buy it there!

Don’t worry it is not that complicated and we will guide you through it here below!

In a bid to purchase Tron with either a bank transfer or a wireless transfer, you will need to, first of all, buy Ethereum or Bitcoin.

These are the steps to buy TRX with a bank transfer (ACH, wire, SEPA, etc):

  1. First, register at Kraken or Coinbase (you will get $10 BTC for free when buying for a minimum of $100 at Coinbase using this link)
  2. Then buy BTC or ETH
  3. Send those BTC or ETH to a crypto exchange that trades TRX (find examples below here)
  4. Buy TRX with BTC or ETH
  5. Send TRX to your Tron wallet address

For U.S readers, you can buy TRX with USD at both Kraken or Coinbase. Using either a card or bank transfer.

Buy Tron at a cryptocurrency exchange

When it comes to buying altcoins people usually use a crypto exchange to buy them. That means that you first need to buy another cryptocurrency like BTC or ETH. And then with those BTC or ETHs, you can buy TRX.

Here are some good examples of exchanges that trades TRX with good trading volume:


Buy TRX with Paypal

You can surely buy Tron with PayPal but, it demands that you purchase Bitcoin or Ether on either LocalBitcoins or LocalCryptos first of all with your PayPal balance. Next is to send the Bitcoin to any exchange you want to buy TRX from like Binance or Changelly.

So the steps to buy TRX with PayPal are the following:

  1. First, you go to either LocalBitcoins to buy Bitcoin, or LocalCryptos to buy Bitcoin or Ether with your PayPal balance
  2. Then you send those BTC/ETH to a crypto exchange that trades TRX, like Binance
  3. Then you can buy TRX at Binance using your BTC/ETH
  4. Then send your TRX to a good Tron wallet

Buying TRX With Skrill And Neteller

As expected, you can only buy Tron by, first of all, purchasing Ethereum or Bitcoin. They can be bought with Skrill and Neteller om Bitpanda.

When you purchase any of the virtual currencies, i.e., Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can send them to Changelly, Binance, or Huobi to buy TRX finally.

Where to store your Tron TRX

After buying some TRX you should look into storing it somewhere safe. Storing them on a cryptocurrency exchange is not recommended for the long-term.

You can more safely store your TRX at both Tron developed wallets or community developed wallets, find out more here.

You can also store Tron on Ledger wallet, learn more about it here.


Tron has always been able to capture the interest of lots of virtual currency investors. Although, it still does not show similar signs of acceptance like Bitcoin or Ethereum. So, the currency still has quite a long way to go.

Note that, it is still among the hardest altcoins to purchase because most of the prominent wallets are not in support of it yet.

You can learn more about Tron at their website, or over at Tron TRX Reddit page here.

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