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What is Keepkey?

This is another popular cryptocurrency wallet, or hardware wallet. Similar to Ledger and Trezor wallets you can use this device to store your coins and tokens on the blockchain and rest assure that you are doing your utmost to keep your cryptocurrencies safe from hacks, thefts and other risks (learn more about protecting your cryptos).

Keepkey hardware wallet came out in 2015 and is another popular choice amongst cryptocurrency holders.

You can store most of the major coins on it, it has a nice big screen giving you an easy overview while using it. It positions itself as the simple wallet option on the market. KeepKey supports 54 coins and tokens through one native Chrome app. It also allows the user to exchange selected coins and tokens via the built-in ShapeShift integration allowing for over 500+ unique trading pairs.

To stay safe and protect your Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies you need a hardware wallet and Keepkey is a good purchase if you’re looking for security and simplicity of use.

Adding handy portfolio features to their offerings. Keepkey has recently lowered the price of their device making it even more attractive. This is a top of the line crypto hardware wallet. With all the features that you need.


The Keepkey wallet feels a bit different from the Ledger and Trezor models. With a bigger design, it feels more robust and solid.

To get started takes about 5 minutes. And you need to use a Chrome or Brave browser, and then visit From there on you can easily do all your crypto needs straight from the browser.

Supported coins

KeepKey supports sending, receiving and hodling 54 coins and tokens through one native Chrome app.

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin Gold (in the KeepKey Client)
  • DASH
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • DigiByte (only on

And of course Keepkey also supports a great variety of ERC-20 tokens.

Keepkey ERC-20 crypyocurrency support

For the full list click here.

Keepkey features

These are some of the most important and useful features of the Keepkey wallet. These adds extra protection, and makes your wallet easier to use.

1 ) 12-word backup

With the passphrase you can easily restore your wallet from any device. That means if your device ever gets lost or stolen you can easily reset it again using those 12 words. So as long as you keep a safe backup of your 12-words passphrase you are good.

2 ) Nice screen display

Keepkey’s slightly larger device and larger screen makes it easier to use and interact with your device.

3 ) Built-in exchange.

Now you can not only use your device and the wallet software to safely store your coins on the blockchain but also buy more cryptocurrencies. A one-stop place for all your crypto needs.

4 ) Safe storage

The most important thing is how safe your cryptocurrencies are. And with this safe device you add extra protection by keeping you and your transaction always in an offline mode (fewer risks exposed to this way) and top grade security features and code makes this a perfect wallet for the holders.

Keepkey website screenshot

How to setup your Keepkey hardware wallet

Step 1 ) Go to ShapeShift platform

Using either Chrome or Brave enter and sign in

Step 2 ) Pair device

Now you need to pair your device with the online application.

Connect your wallet to begin and then pair device. You may next be prompted to update device. Do this if mentioned.

Step 3 ) Initialise device

Next you need to initiatilise your new Keepkey wallet. Add a label and choose a PIN code.

Step 4 ) Backup your 12-word code

Now you will get your new 12-word code, which is your secret backup code for your wallet. It is important that you don’t share this with anyone else and keep a safe backup of it.

With this code you can reset your wallet using any Keepkey wallet device.


Frequently asked questions about Keepkey wallet

  • How to I use the Keepkey wallet?

To use these hardware devices you need to (after you’ve bought one) connect them to a computer, and use the web wallet (https/ to log in (create your account first). Then you pair your device using the web wallet. Make surethe device is also fully updated. And follow the initialize process that is prompted by the screen and web wallet. ANd then you are in!

  • How safe is the Keepkey wallets?

Hardware wallets like Keepkey adds the benefit of making all transactions and maintaining your cryptocurrencies in an offline mode. This keeps them away from hacks and online thefts. And then you have the backup phrase and password to keep the device extra protected.

So make sure you keep a copy of your backup phrase and avoid bringing the device with you to other places and you will most likely be 100% safe with your cryptocurrencies.

  • Is the Keepkey better than Ledger or Trezor?

Hard question to answer. Without a full detailed looked into their difference security features and code I can’t fully answer that question. What I can say is that all of them are very safe and reliable wallets. So what will set them apart is:

  1. How much do they cost?
  2. What cryptocurrencies do they support?
  3. Which of the devices do you prefer, as in to operate, handle, use the web wallet, etc

You can also go on recommendations. But I’d look at those two top answers if you can’t get hold of a wallet in real life. And then see if it matches your need or not.

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