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The Ledger Nano S is one of the more if not most popular hardware wallets for your average crypto holder. I mean the average holder that values the security of their crypto. We all know or we should know about the hazards of keeping your crypto at an exchange. No matter how ‘safu’ we’re told our funds are at certain exchanges.

The Ledger Nano S costs about €69, and it can be one of your smartest decisions you can make to make sure your funds doesn’t get stolen or lost. It’s easy to operate with two buttons and one screen. It’s also password protected and it comes with a interesting features where it allows you to login to a ‘dummy’ account using a separate password. For the money it costs it might be one of your best decisions for keeping your crypto safe.


Starting from: €69

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Supported coins

The Ledger Nano S supports most of the popular cryptocurrencies, including many alt coins, allowing you to manage multiple assets with the same hardware wallet.

  • Bitcoin
  • XRP
  • Ethereum
  • Stellar
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • EOS – Tether
  • Litecoin
  • VeChain
  • Monero
  • Tron
  • IOTA
  • Binance Coin
  • Dash
  • Neo
  • Zcash

For the full list click here

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Product specification

Dimension & weight

Size: 98mm x 18mm x 9mm.

Weight: 16.2g.


Brushed stainless steel and plastic.

No battery required.

Microcontrollers & connector

Connector: USB Type Micro-B.

Certification level: CC EAL5+.

Chips: ST31H320 (secure) + STM32F042.


64-bit Windows (8+), 64-bit Mac OS (10.8+) or 64-bit Linux. Requires one USB port to connect your Ledger Nano S.

Cryptographic support

Message Digest: RIPEMD160, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, SHA3, SHA3-XOF, KECCAK

Cryptography Key, with key generation:

DES (64, 128,192 bits), AES (128 bits),

ECC (256 bits), RSA (1024, 2048, 3072,4096 bits) RSA encryption with PKCS1 v1.5, PKCS1 OEAP, NOPAD schemes HMAC Signature: HMAC-SHA256, HMAC-SHA512 RSA Signature with PKCS1 v1.5, PKCS1 PSS schemes Elliptic Curve Signature: ECDSA/EC-Schnorr (SECP256K1, SECP256R1, Brainpool256R1, Brainpool256T1), EdDSA (Ed25519) Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman: ECDH (SECP256K1, SECP256R1,

Brainpool256R1, Brainpool256T1, Curve25519) Symmetric Cryptography: DES, Triple-DES, AES with ISO9797M1,

ISO9797M2, NOPAD schemes Random Number Generation: RND, Prime RND (hardware support TRNG)

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See a review and how it works video by Boxmining here below


Ledger has recently added their “all in one companion” application for the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet called Ledger Live find out more about how it works here

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