In this section we have gathered our cryptocurrency and Bitcoin related products. For example hardware wallets where you can safely store your cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins, to avoid exposing yourself to common risks like hacks, scams and thefts. Or cryptocurrency debit cards, which works like any other pre-paid debit card and it runs on traditional VISA or Mastercard technology.

We are also listing helpful tools that helps you do your cryptocurrency taxes, which are really useful when you have done a lot of trades.

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Cryptocurrency wallets

There are different types of wallets where you can store your cryptocurrencies at, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. It depends on your needs, like for example are you planning on holding onto those coins for a long while and not do much with them? Or are you planning to day-trade? Or perhaps use them to buy things with? Depending on what you want to do a different wallet will best suit your needs.

But broadly you can say that hardware wallets are definitely the most secure wallets and that’s where you should keep a majority of your holdings.


  1. Hardware wallets
  2. Paper wallets
  3. Web wallets
  4. Mobile wallets
  5. Desktop wallets

Find the right hardware wallet for you right here.


Cryptocurrency debit cards

Find the best cryptocurrency debit cards at Go CryptoWise. Everyday a new shop starts accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method. But there are still many shops and businesses that don’t accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as payment methods. So a great option would be to get a cryptocurrency debit card!

With cryptocurrency debit cards you can use your cryptos and spend them like any other debit cards on shops online and in physical shops.

Find the cryptocurrency debits card here.


Cryptocurrency tax tools

We have also listed some services below that can help you file you tax returns if you have for example traded cryptocurrencies on exchanges. Please if you have any questions, suggestions of other services or tips for Go CryptoWise let us here. But to repeat we are no financial or legal advisor or even experts on this topic but hopefully we can provide some help nonetheless.


Cryptocurrency tax products can be found here.

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