Where you can spend your Bitcoins

How can you today spend your Bitcoins? It’s been called digital gold. A new type of paradigm in the digital age. It has no boundaries. It has no owner. And whoever the creator of Bitcoin is a mystery. But the question is how to spend your Bitcoins?

Here we will take you through some of the most interesting places, shops and brands in the world where you can spend your Bitcoins. It is not an exhaustive list of places that accepts Bitcoin, but if you want to suggest a place to us then please let us know here.

Here is where you can spend your Bitcoins

Accommodations and hotels

Hotel Dolder in Zurich, Switzerland

The Swiss luxury hotel recently announced that they are now accepting payments in Bitcoin. The beautiful hotel that was built in 1899 and located in on Adlisberg hill and overlooks Lake Zurich is a great option where you can spend your Bitcoins. There might be worse places where you can spend your Bitcoins than a luxury hotel.

More information about the news can be found here
More information about how to spend your Bitcoins at the hotel here

Hotel Dolder in Zurich, Switzerland

Mistica Andina in Sacred Valley, Peru

Mistica Andina the ‘mountain gardens B&B’ in Peru prides itself of being one of the first(?) B&Bs in Peru that accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment method. The B&B and micro-farm offers their guest tranquility, yoga, high-altitude lodging and Bitcoin payments.

Mistica Andina website found here

El Tiburon Hotel in Andalucia, Spain

The 4 start Spanish hotel located south of Malaga and prime location to the beaches and local restaurants were guests and visitors can spend their Bitcoins.

More information about how to spend your Bitcoins can be found here

Hotel van Walsum in Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Dutch hotel located in the southern parts of Netherland, with a strong port history has a hotel called the Hotel van Walsum, which is the first hotel in the the country to accept Bitcoins.

More information about how to spend your Bitcoins can be found here

Tribe Theory – global crypto hostels

Tribe Theory is a new kind of type of global hostels. Located in Singapore, Bali, Hong Kong, Bangalore and Yangon. They are joining the new age wave of layback hostels. And they are giving their guests the chance to pay in Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.

Find out more on Tribe Theory website here

Kauai Shores Hotel in Kauai, Hawaii

The beachfront hotel located on Kauai’s Royal Coconut Coast is another hotel that accepts Bitcoin. The Hawaiian hotel prides itself with it’s Aloha welcome and digital payment methods. So beaches, tropical drinks and the amazing landscapes of Hawaiian islands sounds like a good options for where you can spend your Bitcoins at.

More information about how to spend your Bitcoins can be found here

Hawaii beach

CryptoCribs – the crypto version of Airbnb

The crypto startup was launched in 2017 at the beginning of the crypto and Bitcoin bull run as a decentralised alternative to the lodging giant Airbnb. So if you are traveling the world and want to stay in the perfect locations then CryptoCribs might be a perfect option for you and where you can spend your Bitcoins.

Find out more on their website here

Cryptocribs logo



Back in 2014 the global phenomenon Wikipedia started accepting donations in Bitcoin too. And since then it’s been a stable part of who Wikipedia (and Wikimedia) is, what it stands for and the new digital age it represents.

“Currently, we accept 13 different payment methods enabling donations from nearly every country in the world, and today, we’re adding one more: bitcoin”

Wikimedia chief revenue officer Lisa Gruwell

Find out more about how to spend your Bitcoins for Wikimedia (Wikipedia) here
Time’s article on Wikipedia’s addition of Bitcoin donations possible from 2014 here


Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a “non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more” (description on their website). It is also famous for saving millions of websites yearly for the kind preservation of modern history in the making. Also known as the ‘Wayback Machine‘. The fascinating project was created by the Internet Archive founders Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat launched 2001 to save old web pages from being deleted when breaking down. Today it includes social media posts and it has stored more than 351 billion web pages.

Wikipedia article on the Internet Archive here
Wikipedia article on the Wayback Machine here
Information about how to spend your Bitcoins at Internet Archive here


Overstock online retailer

The American online retailer has become one of the more well known brands in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency communities in the past years. As they not only accepts Bitcoin as payment method on their website they also last year used Bitcoin to pay its taxes in Ohio state (Cointelegraph article).

Overstock article on how to spend your Bitcoins with Overstock can be found here
Overstock page on blockchain technology here

Overstock BTC

Lush UK, online cosmetics

The global cosmetics brands announced back in 2017 that they they are going into the crypto friendly space. A good option for yourself or as a gift if you’re looking for options on where you can spend your Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

“Accepting Bitcoin is very exciting for Lush. Cryptocurrencies are the future of global trade and we want to ensure that we are prepared to move into this new digital era.”

Finance Manager Mike West explains

Find out more at this article from their website


The online pet shops is a pure crypto and Bitcoin only pet store. Buy a whole range of toys, accessories, beds, treats and more for your beloved pets and family friends.

Visit their website to find out more here

CryptoPet Cryptocurrency pet store


Newegg is an online retailer of items including computer hardware and consumer electronics. The online retailer has its base in California, U.S, but has since expanded with additional local presence worldwide. And they are today another global retailer where you can spend your Bitcoins.

Find out more information at their website here



The popular gaming console’s store allows for Bitcoin payments. Gamers can pay with the digital currency in the Xbox Store. A fun way to spend your Bitcoins at!

Read article from Microsoft about it here

Xbox player - Xbox Store spend your Bitcoins



The online gift shop site where you can buy gift cards for a wide range of shops and brands also accepts Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments.

Find out more how to spend your Bitcoins for gift cards on their website here

Spend your Bitcoins at eGifter



Users can also pay with Bitcoin in Windows Store, similar to with Xbox Store. You can buy new apps and tools with it.

Read article from Microsoft about it here


PureVPN operates a 2000+ servers in 140+ countries. Providing instant access to your favourite content. Pure VPN gives you to access everything on the interne and securely. And they are keen promoters of Bitcoin as a payment method.

Read more on their website


Surf Air

Surf Air is a private air travel club that offers a fly as much you can (only in the West Coast of the U.S) service through a monthly membership model. Arrive in style 15 minutes before your flight and pay with Bitcoin. Surf Air calls the themselves the future of air travel so it fits well with the future of money being included as a payment method.

Find out more on their website here about how to spend your Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for luxury air travel.

Surf air travel company where you can spend your Bitcoins


The Latvian airline has been flying around the world since 1995 are hoping to fly long with Bitcoin by their side. The airline offers low fare tickets across Europe, Russia and the Middle East mainly.

Read more on their website here


You can book your next holiday with Bitcoin.travel. The online travel site is a great shout for your next holiday where you can spend your Bitcoins at, both for flights and hotel bookings.

Bitcoin.travel website found here

Restaurants & Bars

Hungry.dk – online restaurant aggregator

Danish online site that connects hungry Danes with local restaurants are apparently utilising sales via Bitcoin. As reported over 1500+ restaurants across Denmark are accepting Bitcoin as payment method.

Bitcoinist article found here, Hungry.dk website

Pembury Tavern in London, UK

The pub located in trendy Hackney in London is a nice boozer where you can get some delicious pizzas and trendy local beers and pay with Bitcoin.
Update: They have been taken over by brewery Five Points not sure if they still accept Bitcoin?

Pembury Tavern spend your Bitcoins for a pint of lager

The Gaspar’s in Vilnius, Lithuania

The Lithuanian fine dining restaurants offers a high quality Indian fused with western meals and Bitcoin enabled bill payments.

Facebook link to Gaspar’s here

The Gaspar's restaurant in Vilnius, Lithuania

Real estate

Bitcoin Real Estate

The online real estate platform is utilising real estate sales across the world with Bitcoin. The Canada based company is trying to provide cryptocurrency fans across the world an opportunity to buy their next dream home using Bitcoins.

Find out more on their website here

Antalaya Homes

The Turkish realtor has an online and physical store across Turkey offering homes for sales for both international residents and Turkish citizens. And they are not only providing their services in more than 9 languages, but also accepts Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments.

Read more about how to spend your Bitcoins on their website here

Bitcoin Antalya Homes Where you can spend your Bitcoins to buy your dream homes

Universities & Schools

University of Nicosia, Cyprus

The biggest university in the mediterranean island boasts about being the first university to have a cryptocurrency course and being one of the top universities with courses on blockchain education. Obviously they are a school where you can spend your Bitcoins for tuition fees and other costs.

Find out more information about their Bitcoin and cryptocurrency areas here, website link here

Next Academy, Malaysia

Malaysia based coding and digital school Next Academy are now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method from their students. After receiving Bitcoin payments they exchange it Fiat straigh away, but might be open for change if the tax landscape for cryptocurrencies change in the future.

“We may in future choose to keep some bitcoin as a form of investment once the IRB (Inland Revenue Board) has better clarification on how cryptocurrency investments are taxed”

Josh Teng, CEO of NEXT Academy

Find out more on their website here

Next Academy, Malaysia - Where you can spend your Bitcoins

The Montessori schools of Flat Iron, SoHo, New York City

If you’re open to Montessory schools then being open to paying for your kids pre-schools fees in Bitcoin might not sound so crazy. So if you don’t mind paying a whooping $33,000 for your toddler’s education then check out these schools for your children.

Find out more on their website here, Cointelegraph article about it here

Find other places where you can spend your Bitcoins

Find more Bitcoin accepting venues on:

  1. Coinmap – coinmap.org
  2. Use Bitcoins – usebitcoins.info
  3. Where to Spend Bitcoins UK – wheretospendbitcoins.co.uk

We hope you liked this guide on where you can spend your Bitcoins 2019. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below. Otherwise please share the article if you enjoyed it.

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